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    Warm: EVGA 3080 12 Gb in stock at $1249- $1299 Scroll to the bottom. there are a couple of models available.
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    Question for the Hive regarding Secret Labs

    So i did some research after being fed up with this undersized, poor quality amd overpriced gaming chair made by Dowinx. I settled on Secret Labs Titan 2022 and placed an order. Today I get this message in the mail (see below) and then see below my response. My question is , am I just being a...
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    What is a fair price for Seasonic Prime 750W Gold

    Hey guys, I am upgrading to from my 8700K to a 10700k and decided to move to a Seasonic 850 for a litte more head room for when I enventually come up in the setp up Que for my 3080. I do not have my ear to the ground on power supplies these days and knowing about shortages I do not want to end...
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    Is the Step Up Program Transferrable?

    I am considering selling my 2070 Super XC Ultra rather than step up since I am in the purchase que for the 3080 successor. Is the step up transferrable for added value? I already have it in the step up que but i am tired of waiting and I figure I will get the purchase notification before I ever...
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    Warm: Dell Direct- 24" GSYNC Monitor - S2417DG $349.99 Free shipping

    Dell Direct Price Match S2417DG $349.99 with Free Shipping. I just picked one up from: Sales rep: Khushbu Patel ‌(800) 456-3355 Ext:4160421 3% back as a gift...
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    Fair Price for an EVGA 1070 Founder's addition

    I Have been out of the loop for awhile guys. What is a fair asking price for a 1070 FE these days? I am thinking about going 1080 even though the card does an admirable job with 4k. I am curious about the performance delta between the two models.
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    Windows 10 and Realtek

    So I plan on doing a clean install however I thought that I would linger on the 8.1 to 10 upgrade for a bit. I had only two issues with the upgrade that I am aware of so far. The first was my GTX970 did not come up in dual screen mode even though I had installed the win10 driver in advance. That...
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    Been out of the loop for awhile.

    I currently have an EVGA GTX760 2GB ACS and just obtained a LG 34UM65 with a native resolution of 2560x 1080. The 760 does a pretty good Job with BF4 however I am interested in upgrading to a 4 GB card for future games. What says the hive regarding a recommendation for a card that would be...
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    Windows 8.1 student discounts?

    Hey guys, anybody hear of any deals yet if you have a .edu email?
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    GTX 760 -Artifacts in Splinter Cell Black List

    Hey guys, Been out of the loop for awhile and just added a GTX 760 with ACX cooler. Temps look good yet after I play Splinter Cell for more than half an hour, I start getting artifacts. Black and green triangle and flickering to name a few. Granted I have things on ultra. Is artifacts video...
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    Looking for Nokia Care Suite

    Hey guys and gals, I am trying to bring a Lumina 920 back to life after it bricked during a reset. I cannot seem to find a website that is not malicious that has it. It is nowhere to be found on the Nokia site. I need version nokia_care_suite_5.0_2012.45.4.5 or later. Any help would be...
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    Dumb Question

    Hey guys, been a long time . I am considering a GTX 560TI. they show dual Dvi and one mini HDMI I currenty have three monitors, will be gaming on my 1680x1050 unit but want to be able to span 3 monitors when I am doing things other than gaming. Can I use a mini hdi to vga adaptor for and...
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    School me boys and girls

    I have been out of the loop for awhile persuing my passion for firearms. My rig is getttig a little long in the tooth and I am getting the upgrade itch. What video card will spank my GTX 275 for the lowest cost while keeping my machine from sounding like a hellicoptor? I wish to stick...
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    Imagio versus Droid, pictorial comparison

    Enjoy................. Both have gorgeous screens The blurry pic is me not being able to hold steady with the camera:rolleyes: Screens when locked side view Different form factor You tube, The Imagio has an edge with a larger Youtube video feeds for reasons I do not understand...
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    Warm, Dell 2209WA @235.00 base

    Hey guys, I just called Dell and managed 249.67 landed to me in Connecticut tax and shipping included. I know it has been had for cheaper but lately that has not been the case. Base Price was $235.00 Here is the guys name and good luck. Jose Rivera
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    Getting a code 10 on my second video card

    Hey guys, I am a little stumped here. I am running a gtx280 for my 30 and my 1703, i have a 22 laying around so i decided to hook that up. I popped in a 8800 Gt and fire her up and my device manage shows the card but with a code 10 error. I booted to my cmos and swited from Peg/pci to...
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    Triple monitors using a gtx280 and another video card

    Hey people, Has anyone had any issues running a gtx280 with a 9 series or 8 series Nvidia for 3 monitor operation? I am about to do that but wanted to know if there would be any driver issues.
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    PC P and C enough for 9800gtx or use my 9800GTX for Physics?

    Hey guys, The precipitous drop in 9800GTX pricing leaves me with a quandry. I will be keeping my nearly new Asus 9800GTX I just gave my kid one of my 22 inch Dell monitors and he seems content with the 8800GT i gave him. I could upgrade him to the 9800gtx i have laying around but i am not...
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    warm g 280 for sale in the wild

    not a hot deal but available early. Forgive me if i am not aware they are available everywhere
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    Need help with Crysis Key.... what folder?

    Hey guys, i recently sold one of my video cards with the OEM Crysis disk . I must have put the disk in the wrong sheath. My customer does not have a code and i cannot find the sheath here at my house with the code on it. Fortunately i have not removed the game from my hd yet. Is there i way...
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    Another Dell deal on a Sony Bravia

    Call Lisa at Dell and she will set you up Thank you for Choosing Dell. Have a Great Day! Lisa Carroll 1-800-901-3355 ext. 713-7575 Software & Peripheral Specialist Small Business Division How am I doing? E-mail my Manager: Now, through Monday, January 14...
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    Dell 3008FWP for under $$1500!!!
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    Dell 3008FWP for under $$1500!!!

    Hey guys, I have established a relationship with a nice young lady at Dell Thank you for Choosing Dell. Have a Great Day! Lisa Carroll 1-800-901-3355 ext. 713-7575 Software & Peripheral Specialist Small Business Division 1450.00 US dollars for a 3008FWP .....get them while they are...
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    Soth bridge is 48c?

    Hey guys, I have a Maximus formula and she is reading 48c on the south bridge and 50 c on the north bridge. CP cores range from 26 to 32c video card is 44c Are those North and South bridge temps normal for x38?
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    ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA and Thermalright 120 E

    Anybody using this combo? I want to make sure my cpu cooler will fit on this board
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    Need help with portrain mode/video driver

    Hey guys, I am currently running a 8800gts 640 and just picked up an Ultra Sharp 2208 FWP . I tried to use my nvidia driver to rotate the display to portrait mode and it just reverts back to landscape. I get the same result with my Ultra sharp 2007FWP . Anybody else have this issue...
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    Dell coupon for memory , storage or portable pwr

    Not real hot but hey , i dont need it so here it is. Dell Small Business I do not know if its one time use or not 15% off BTX7J9QCWVRMMB
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    Got my twin BFG8800gt's they perform huge!

    Ok guys its late and I dont have much yet but man Quake wars 16x Af 16x AA at 30fps all sliders to the right. if i drop to 8x AA i get 60fps. the cards rock and they are so slim! I have a pic or two of Stalker but frps does not show up , Stalker at every thing up full i am in the 80's ...
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    Nedd Help repackaging my 3007wfp-HC

    Well just like the title says. I have a buyer for one of my screens and last night I began the process of boxing her up and I guess i am styrofoam challenged because i cannot for the life of me remember how this baby was packaged. I have the panel in the base of the original box but that is...
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    Q6600 meets Thermalright Extreme PICS!!

    Well many of you have requested configuration pics of a Thermalright install and so I thought I would oblige. I recieved my cooler yesterday and when I got home from work I started in on what I thougth would be a fairly easy endeavor. Not!! If you have a Lian Li PCv2000 and a 680i you are...
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    Looks like Allstarshop is cashing in now

    They got smart and ended the calls and are listing the G0 as a more expensive line item but for those of you who want a gaurantee
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    Has anybody else experienced this?

    Hey Guys , I am having a wierd experience with 2142 and my 8800gtx. I have been running Vista 64 Ultimate for quite awhile now and finally got around to playing some 2142. The strangest thing happens. I can play titan maps all day as long as I dont try to go downstairs to the consol and...
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    Vista 64 bit ultimate and 8800gtx sli ?

    Hey guys, back last Christmas I traded one of my 8800GTX cards because i was not seeing much of an increase in performance over a single with my sig rig. Now that some months have passed and Vista has matured I am interested in hearing from those of us that have SLI GTX setups since i am...
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    What happens when WD meet Beretta .40

    Berretta 90-two .40 Caliber 180 gr. Full Metal Jacket :eek: My Client , Bob Baratta (Ironic Name :D ) is a marksmen and was kind enough to, at my direction , assure his old drive would not fall into the wrong hands............Enjoy The proper way to dispose of a clients failed HD:
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    Mushkin FTW!!

    I just had to share, and its not about the money so i do not want to hear about any money i may have short changed myself on. I recently went to 4 x1 gig Mushkin XP2-6400 and suddenly realized that Vista 32 bit was not up to the task of seeing all the system memory. I then decided to go 64...
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    HF2 REleased!

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    Web cam questions

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    6" or 8" SATA CABLES?