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    [H]ot Microcenter 8320E $99.99 + $40 off a board...

    FYI Your first link points to the Riverbed support site.
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    Wireless Keyboard & mouse for gaming HTPC?

    I use the K340 in conjunction with the G7. I haven't had any interference and my wireless router is right next to HTPC. The only downside with the G7 is having to quick change a battery in the middle of a game, with practice I can quick change the battery/mag in under a second just in time to...
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    Hurt Locker Makers To Sue Thousands of BitTorrent Users

    the real crime was at the end of the film Jeremy Renner left Evangeline Lily to go defuse more bombs...
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    FREE Google Wave (11)

    YHPM :)
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    Massive Supercomputer to Manage Nuclear Stockpile

    I was wondering how many posts would be put up before I saw a "War Games" quote, well done sir. Oh and "Would you like to play a game?"
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    First thoughts of my new iPod Touch.

    FYI works seamlessly as a web messenger for iphone/itouch for gtalk, yahoo, icq, msn, jabber and aim users. if you register with meebo you can log into all your accounts automatically.
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    Official Moola Invites Thread

    I used this one thanks
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    xeon x3210 for $225! cheap quad core

    I just got mine today, yes it is a B3 but 3.4 @ 1.38v isn't terrible. 3.6 is reachable with tweaking. Primed no problem with stock vcore till about 3.1. For 240 bucks not too bad.
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    xeon x3210 for $225! cheap quad core

    Mine gets here Friday, I'll try and remember to post results and stepping info.
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    Abit 680i $100 dollar NewEgg rebate...

    I have it, loved it, don't need SLI so I'm gonna sell it. But really its an awesome board, first ABIT board I have owned since the NF7-S and both of em were great :)
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    Lian-Li V1200 question

    The PA120.2 will perform on par with either the MCR320 or the GT 360.
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    Lian-Li V1200 question

    I guess I was going off these numbers, I have owned a HW Labs Stealth GT (2x120mm) and currently own a 2 HW Labs GTX (2x120mm) while the density of fins technically "cool" better in theory it also creates more fan noise depending on fan RPM. The MCR/Cooltek has a less dense fin configuration and...
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    Lian-Li V1200 question

    Yes, I'm certainly curious about the PA120.3 as well. Also depending on your system the GT's will cut flow compared to other rad's I would definitely recommend an MCR320 over a stealth anyday.
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    It's here!! DFI Infinity P965-S

    Heres the reply I got from DFI San Jose Thank U for inquiry DFI product ! 1)DFI P965S was “SOLD OUT” / Next Shipment ETA: Around 5/10 2)It was for “Announcement Promotion with Limited Quantity” and this program was CLOSED OUT already ! BR Truly’ William / DFI –SJ X 137
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    Far Cry64 on Vista64 HDR Settings?

    You mean this?
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    West Coast Custom Computers - Limited Supply Water Blocks

    Just received mine today! Thanks Justin the pictures don't do it justice, my 775 Wave is sweet! Now if my mobo and thermochill would get here....
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    *Final* recommendations before I buy first setup

    These results are on a lapped IHS, that was the only time the Apogee GT with the Bowed base actually beat the Dtek. Definitely Dtek over the Apogee GT unless you are going to lap the IHS as that is the only time that the apogee GT beat the Dtek.
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    West Coast Custom Computers - Limited Supply Water Blocks

    Justin has been awesome I have bought from many places and I would highly suggest you think about WCCC when you purchase watercooling equipment and other such items! Thanks again Justin!
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    West Coast Custom Computers - Limited Supply Water Blocks

    OMG Good waterblocks that ship in my state! Thanks Kyle!
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    is this possible?

    I'd ditch the reserator and go with a decent DD or swiftech kit, or put one together yourself with the components of your choosing. just my 2 shekels
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    new WC system, anything wrong?

    Also I know this has been posted a billion times but use the DD coupon code of PAGLAN06 for 20% off which is a pretty good deal.:)
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    Where to find a S939 Backplate for my DFI Ultra-D

    This might be what you are looking for
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    New Watercooling install, w/pics

    I agree has me slightly baffled.
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    Flashed Wrong Bios

    Hot flashing isn't bad but I would recommend th OP try the BIOS Recovery method first
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    Flashed Wrong Bios

    This has an AMI bios chip which does support "bios recovery" from a floppy. BIOS ^^ I believe that is your bios but double check, basically download the bios rename it to AMIBOOT.rom and see if it will flash. I have performed this on that exact motherboard hen my friend flashed the wrong bios...
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    Prime95 stable for 12 hours - crashes in games

    Seems more like a memory timing issue, depending on your memory divider and how strong your CPU mem controller is it can cause issues. Please list your memory and timings. Usually instability in games at least for me means I need to tweak my drive strength and data drive strength's. Also just...
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    Biostar Tforce 6100 and Vista?

    Heres the ones that are readily availible worked just fine on my Tforce ;D
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    Which heatsink of these 2 to get?

    Ninja +1 or TT Big Typhoon
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    Water cooling in a form factor

    I myself have a WC'ed Qpack and it can be done for a lot cheaper. Parts I used. Swiftech Mini-Res $15 BIP 120mm Rad $25 Swiftech Apogee CPU block $39 Swiftech MCW-60 GFX block $39 DD CSP-Mag Pump $49 6ft Tygon and Misc Fittings $20 A total of 187 for the parts shipping probably made it an...
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    Whats the best vga cooler for a 7900GT?

    While the VF-900 does not exhaust the hot air its garnered the best results on my 7900 gt other than water. Idle @ 28 load 38-42*C I've also used the NV5 Silencer, haven't used the Sytrin, the V1-Ultra is very good but to get it to perform you need 1 good fan or 2 quiet ones. The VF-900 has a...
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    Opteron 165 is 45C at idle, recommend me a new HSF!

    Another vote for the Ninja and the TT Big Typhoon, I prefer the Typhoon and a panaflo.
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    Any good?

    +1 for a TT Typhoon as I own all 3 of the heatsinks listed. i have a 120x38mm panflo on there and my Opteron 165 @ 2.9 each core never loads over 40 in an Antec P180 2nd place goes to the 9500
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    Abit AN8 SLi - Refurb OEM - $36.99 + ship at Monarch

    6$ for the key $5 UPS Ground So I consider that board + $11 sli key a steal. When I had the board it was a decent overclocker with my 3700+ Sandy Just my .02
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    Abit AN8 SLi - Refurb OEM - $36.99 + ship at Monarch

    $5 UPS Ground for the key not bad So I consider that board + 5$ sli key a steal.
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    DFI is a total bust, what are mobos actually capable of SLI?

    600w Enermax on my Expert been up for 3 motnhs now......
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    Foxconn, SG-01, Opty 165... what do you think?

    Quoted for truth, the Mobo is decent but TT PSU's are not something I'd let one of my mobos or Optys near.
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    Odd USB mouse issue.. OS problem or other??

    This is a common but annoying issue with almost all razer mouse owners, I have 2 the Copperhead and the DiamondBack Plasma LE they both do the same thing. Right-click on the "My Computer" icon and open its "Properties" page. Select the "Hardware" tab. Click the "Device Manager" button. Click on...
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    AGP Card

    The second link would work it comes up to about 295 CAD :) Plus on the x850 pro agp if its vivo you have the off chance of modding it to an x850 xt at the least.
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    New system with mobo and ram config?

    The work around for the 4 gig fix is this, go to Start/Run/msconfig/boot.ini/advanced and set max mem to 3800 when you have 4 gigs installed this usually fixes that specific 4 gig issue. Hope it helps worked on my friends small opty server ;)