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  1. rezerekted

    A Windows Update Fails To Install

    Security and Quality Rollup updates for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, and 4.7.1 for Windows 8.1, RT 8.1, and Server 2012 R2 (KB 4340558) Gives me a code 80092004 and fails to install on Win8.1. Anyone else?
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    Best headphones of 2018 Agree, disagree? I see the Audioquest Nighthawks on the list which I know is a polarizing headphone.
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    Massdrop estimated shipping

    I decided to buy the HD6xx on Massdrop. Finish transaction at checkout and it says estimated delivery March. WTF? I was expecting them to ship in another week. Is that ship date accurate at all or they just playing it safe?
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    No Steam black friday sale?

    I thought they always have one? Gamersgate has one but it is mostly garbage games.
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    enable/disable network connection?

    This used to work on Win7 fine. You create a shortcut to network connection and then you can enable/disable the connection with a right click of the shortcut. On Win8.1 doing the same thing only allows you to disable the connection and to enable it you have to select Open file location from the...
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    WU code 8024402F???

    Just started getting this error code in WU on Win8.1 today. WU worked fine yesterday and now today it doesn't. Already ran WU troubleshooter and it did say it found an issue but fixed it. It fixed nothing. What's the fix? Fixed Not sure which fix I did fixed it or if it was an issue at...
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    Where's the sniper in Sniper Elite3?

    I thought I was buying a slow paced sniper game where you use cover a lot but the first mission is all fast paced action. Please tell me this turns into a real sniper game at some point.
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    Perfect example of why to never go Win10

    Going Win10 is like going full retard. "An hour ago I was in the middle of a game of Imp 2 when Windows 10 decided it was time to update. It booted me out of everything and went into the...
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    Gamersgate has a spring sale on

    I selected this action RPG as my deal of the day.
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    More snakeoil or legit?

    On sale so am considering giving it a go. "This product is based on a patented "Generation 3" whitelisting (with sandbox) technology that boots Windows into a special Gaming Mode. Most users will experience smoother gameplay and a slight FPS increase."
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    Defender just offered an update again even though I have updates off

    Someone here told me how to disable updates on Win8.1 using gpedit so I did that. Everything has been fine for two weeks then this morning Windows notified me of an update to Defender. WTF?
  12. rezerekted

    Microsoft has changed WU on Win8.1

    There is no longer an option to not check for updates. Microsoft changed my setting to "download updates but let me choose when to install them". Noticed about a week ago WU notifying me of defender updates and they were already downloaded to my PC. Just now it installed other updates besides...
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    OK, my new audio setup is done

    Have a gander.
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    Issue with the H favicon

    Didn't know where else to post this so chose this forum. The H favicon has a grey bit in the top right that should not be there. H needs to fix it because it annoys me when I see it in my favourites bar. :vulcan:
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    Boresight cam no worky

    Dumped Win10 and installed ElementaryOS on a notebook and now my boresight cam is no longer working. Anyone know a fix?
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    New Notebook came with Win10 :(

    And not the most recent build either. Had to do numerous updates that wasted hours of my time. Don't like the OS much either so considering putting Elementary OS on it. This notebook comes with no HDD and just a 32GB SSD. Has MicroSD slot though. Was able to just upgrade to the latest build of...
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    What do you think of this purchase?

    I gave my TV away and listen to music exclusively on my PC now so decided to downsize and get an integrated 2 channel amp and decent bookshelf speakers. Currently using Onkyo 7.1 receiver and Paradigm Titan speakers + Energy 8" sub. I'm upgrading to this: Cambridge Audio CRX80 and ATC M11...
  18. rezerekted

    What's with Windows Defender recently?

    In the past two weeks Microsoft keeps asking me to upload files to them via defender for further analysis. They are always game files and I know they are not infected so wtf? It's almost like they suspect me of being a pirate.
  19. rezerekted

    What were they thinking?

    Been checking out a load of old Dos games and just have to shake my head at the fact so many of them had no obvious way to exit the game. alt+x, al+q, ctrl+x, ctrl+q and in many none of those work. Not even the escape key or alt+F4. Numerous games I have to use task manger to kill the game just...
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    Squad and latest Nvidia drivers

    40fps on a fucking GTX1070? WTF? Last time I ran that game on the previous drivers and was getting close to 100fps and sometimes over 100fps. Last night played it for a bit on latest Nvidia drivers but there was a game update too and it was on a map I had never played on before but Bandicam was...
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    Why doesn't Linux support vsync?

    I run this in Linux and it says vsync is not supported on the Linux platform. Which explains why all the youtube videos I have viewed under Linux have horrible tearing in them. Or do I have to install Nvidia proprietary drivers to get vsync?
  22. rezerekted

    What's with this? Run this in Firefox it shows correctly 144hz, run it in IE and it shows only 72hz. Ran it in Linux too and it said Linux does not support vsync, which explains why videos have tearing in Linux.
  23. rezerekted

    Linux bricked my Asus Zenpad

    Had my Zenpad plugged in to my PC, rebooted from Win8.1 to go to Elementary OS, keyboard was not working on Linux login, so unplugged the Zenpad and keyboard was fine again so could login. Later in the evening I go to use the Zenpad and it would not boot, wouldn't even charge. Windows did not...
  24. rezerekted

    BF4 deal on Uplay 60% off

    Just noticed it is only $8.00 CAD on Uplay, that's is 5.95634USD so probably $6.00 USD. How come Uplay sells BF4 but Steam doesn't?
  25. rezerekted

    Gigabyte GTX1070 G1

    Good card except in one area, the fans, Gigabyte took a step back on the fans. My Gigabyte GTX780 Windforce was nice and quiet but the G1 1070 uses smaller fans and they put out a slight whiz sound. Not happy about that but I mostly game with headphones on so not a big deal. But it needs to be...
  26. rezerekted

    What do you make of this?

    Just installed a GTX1070 and have been running some benches to make sure the card is stable. See the area I circled green, see the white line going through GPU Core clock and GPU memory clock. I have seen that twice now, once when using Unigine Valley and also when using Furmark. When that...
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    ArmA fans get Squad now

    It is 50% off on Steam and has 50vs50 player servers. Gameplay is similar to ArmA but not as many vehicles.
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    Recently get a rare and random Bad_Pool_Caller BSOD and have to reboot. Yes, I looked up this error and tested my ram and my ram is good. Thing is it only happens when IE is open so it is related to IE but not sure what to check for next. Any ideas? I guess I could try different Nvidia video...
  29. rezerekted

    Win 8.1 preview rollup?

    What's this a beta patch? Anyone install it and can tell me if it is safe or not?
  30. rezerekted

    Where's the NHL hockey games???

    I can buy cricket for PC but not one hockey game. Just bought an Xbox 360 gamepad for PC too and all I have to use it in is Fifa2012. I do have EA NHL 2001 too but that doesn't even support widescreen so I want something more recent. Yes, I have more recent NHL on my PS3 but not releasing those...
  31. rezerekted

    Another space 4X game just released on Steam

    It's early access but is quite playable and is very similar to MOO2. I had this on my wishlist just because I liked the art style and buy most space 4X games. It's worth the $20.00 and will get fleshed out more later. Save 20% on Stars in Shadow on Steam
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    Thanks to BF1 beta I can't even play BF4

    First had very long load time for the Origin client but finally got it to load but when I click to play BF4 it takes way longer than usual to load the browser and then says can't connect to EA login, try again later. It's been like this since around 3:00am. It's gotta be because the servers are...
  33. rezerekted

    Do you install 'Intel Rapid Storage Technology' driver?

    One day I decided to check out this utility called Slimdriver that scans your PC to make sure it has up to date drivers. It offered to download and install 'Intel Rapid Storage Technology' driver which I have never been offered by Windows update. Here is what is says about this driver, "Intel®...
  34. rezerekted

    Can anyone explain to me what is going on with Zonealarm?

    I used to use Zonealarm years ago and it was never like this. Look at Brave.exe, that is a Chrome based web browser, look at all the entries for it. That is not the only prog that has multiple strange entries either. I've never seen this in any firewall before so wtf is going on here?
  35. rezerekted

    More Win10 annoyances...

    smh Popup on Windows 10 should convince Chrome users that Edge browser is better - Popup on Windows 10 should convince Chrome users that Edge browser is better Windows 10 Anniversary update kills Linux partitions - Windows 10 Anniversary update kills Linux partitions
  36. rezerekted

    Anyone here use ZoneAlarm?

    I installed it a few days ago and seems like an ok firewall but why am I seeing things like this in Application Control? Diskmark64.exe and Diskmark64.exeyyyyy I see a number of apps with entries like that. The main exe and then another exe with letters or numbers after them. Like Firefox, I...
  37. rezerekted

    You can still get Win10 for free

    You just have to tell a little lie and say you use "assistive technology". Accessibility and the Windows 10 Free Upgrade
  38. rezerekted

    Fuses can make an audio difference?

    Can't find the article again now but was browsing Stereophile last night and in one amp review the reviewer said he changed the stock fuse with a "hi-fi" fuse and then went on to make all these outlandish claims about SQ just by changing the fuse. Words like more transparent and more slam, etc...
  39. rezerekted

    Massive savings on a Zotac GTX1070

    Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme 1835/1632MHZ 8GB GDDR5 Video Card - ZT-P10700B-10P - Our Price: $639.95 CAD Savings Code 133184-1071. SAVE $0.03 off our regular price of $639.98 if you buy today! Special price ends soon. Limit 2 per customer. Save a whopping $0.03!!! LOL