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    youtube/mp4's all of a sudden very pixelated in IE10/WMP

    So weird thing occurred in the last 48 hours, and I honestly don't think I changed any settings or installed/uninstalled anything on my PC to drive this, but all of a sudden, all youtube videos while using IE10 are extremely pixelated, to the point of being unwatchable. Coupled with that, all...
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    Question on cancellation fees

    I'm trying to see where my logic is flawed here, and thought perhaps I misunderstood AT&T's policy. Would appreciate if anyone knowledgeable can either tell me if I'm wrong or not and what I'm overlooking if anything. I have been with AT&T for years, overall satisfied with their coverage in...
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    Best gaming card NOT Creative

    Well after years of using Creative solutions I've given up, their drivers are just horrid and the last "auto update" was the last straw. While i appreciate good sound quality, I'm hardly an audiophile, and when I'm gaming I'm using my Razer Carcharias headset. I'm especially looking for...
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    890FXA-UD7 review???

    Was this uploaded accidentally? The board came out in it the latest offering? Either wrong article was uploaded....or Morry, you type very very slow :p
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    2x128 versus 256GB...

    I know I know...seen this question before, but looking for some guidance on my setup. I'm coming from a 160 Intel X-25 G2, and loved it. But I'm already 80% full, and about to give this comp to my wife anyway, and using the opportunity to build a new computer to go with a 250GB SSD to handle...
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    Plans for AMD boards with PCIE 3.0?

    Am I alone in finding it a little strange, that it appears the AMD 7XXX video card series is scheduled to launch in Q4 (reported to be PCIE 3.0), and AMD's new breakthru CPU is launching any week/month, and not a single motherboard offered right now is PCIE 3.0 compatible? My google skills...
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    3 Screen setup with Eyefinity

    My father in his office has a dual screen setup that I put together for him a couple years ago. he uses it as 1 large screen so he can have multiple spreadsheets open on each screen at the same time. Here's his ask, and I want to make sure I can do this and I have the proper equipment...
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    Bizarre networking issue with PS3

    So I just had some Cat6 cable run from my home office upstairs down to my living room on the other side of the house. The goal was for me to get a wired connection to my NAS server so I could watch movies off of it through my PS3, which I had attempted wirelessly but the buffering was just too...
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    3 display office setup - need advice

    delete plz - got my answer elsewhere, thanks
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    Noob with networking - Fios switch question

    I've currently got Fios and the Actiontec MI424WR router that I think it standard with Fios for everyone. Well, I'm out of ports, and need to add some. I'm wired via Coax, and running ethernet cable through the house isn't really a viable option. That being said, I've got two desktops, 3...
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    Clean install from second computer?

    Maybe a silly question, but I'm waiting for some parts to build a new rig for a family member. I have the hard drive and OS already, and was wondering if there's any reason I couldn't hook up the new hardrive as a secondary drive and pre-install vista on my current computer and then just swap...
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    Need help idenitifying a case

    I can't remember where i saw it, thought it was from CES but every google I do I'm coming up dry. It was a black case, and the case was odd in that one side of the case was like a wall, and different parts jutted out for the psu, mobo, etc. I know that's a terrible explanation, but hoping...
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    Case suggestion - small/good cooling

    Think I'm getting ready to put another rig together, and open to suggestions on a new case. Really the only requirement is it's ATX. I'm going to be using air cooling, so no need to consider room for a WC setup. What are your thoughts on a small case with good airflow? (p.s. i hate the Antec...
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    PCI-E vs PCI X-Fi titanium?

    Just wondering if there was any reason other than what slots i wanted to use on my motherboard btween getting a PCI-E or PCI legacy soundcard, specifically the x-fi TI. I'm having no luck finding this question thru search, but i know it's had to have come up before.
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    Upcoming x58 mobos?

    Fairly certain there will be a EVGA FTW x58 mobo, any other mobo's that people know or think might show up in the next few months? p.s. Please just make up some names if you don't, because i need an excuse not upgrade right now...the bug is killing me :p
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    A P/S issue??

    This is a brand new build (sig below), and I figured the PS I chose would be more than powerful enough and a quality selection for the components I have. However, I've run into issues where occasionally running Vantage or 3dmark06 my computer just shuts down, which to me reeks of a P/S issue...
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    Enough power for 2500x1600?

    So I'm about to take the plunge to a 30" monitor, after having played with a 1900x1200 for the last 1 1/2 years with a 8800 GTS 640MB. I never really ran into any issues with rig with any games I played, including Crysis. Well, I gave my old rig to my g/f and decided to build a new one...
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    Waiting time at an all time high

    Yes yes, i know that the common reply is "if you keep waiting, there will always be something new on the horizon. But consider all we have coming in such a short time: New CPU's - Either affordable yorkfields, or black edition or B3 Phenoms. - time frame Q1 New mobos/chipsets - X48's, 780i's...
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    Any possible reason for 8GB?

    Just wondering, with memory on the cheap side and me just looking to waste money. My computer basically is used for the following: Games MS Office Windows movie maker Photoshop CS Pretty sure the answer is no, and I'd probably be looking for trouble with my current and furute...
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    I'm an iiiiidiot

    So I just built a computer for someone and shipped it out UPS, and realized when I came home that I forgot to include the power cord to the power supply. Are these available at local stores like Staples or Ciruit City or some other chain where she can just pick it up? I searched the stores...
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    Must have native 64-bit software? (specifically any office suite?)

    So I jumped aboard the 64-bit train and have been running Vista Premium 64 for the last two weeks. Complete problem free, and couldn't be happier. Actually, not true, I could be... I want to see what this thing can do! Any software out there yet that can take advantage of the 64 bit OS...
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    Any oem cases out there that look like the Dell XPS 710 cases?

    I could never bring myself to buy a Dell or computer from any other system integrator....but i must admit, I'm in love with the Dell "look" of their XPS desktop line. Just wondering if there were any similar looking cases out there, i.e. like the lian-li's that look like the apple G5 cases...
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    Suggestions on my next HD?

    been kind of out of it lately, as i've been pretty happy with my setup for a good 1.5-2 years now. Done a few small upgrades, cpu, mem, etc...but haven't had to format my HD in years. With Vista coming out, gonna do complete overhaul, so I can get a clean install with the new OS and change...
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    Any other problems with defective 8800GTX's?

    well, I've got to RMA my Gigabyte 8800GTX...and not happy about it. The scenario: installed my card on Friday afternoon, ran fine, no problems. Saturday, ran fine, no problems. Turn computer on Sunday...artifacts on the boot up, bios screen, windows, etc. Restarted about 5 times...
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    Official Drivers?

    Have I missed an article or post on exactly what the deal is with Nvidia and their official driver releases, or lack thereof? Going 1/4 of a year without an update really just isn't acceptable. Did they layoff 90% of their driver dev team? Everytime I see another catalyst driver release, I...
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    Recommendation for Office PC build

    Ok, building my father a new PC for his office. My goals would be to make it stable and quiet. Really just need recommendations on mobo/cpu, as I've been abit out of the intel loop, and my rig is an AMD 754 setup. So my first question is do I go with a 775 of 939 setup, or stick with tried...
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    Now that it is out...

    I think we can go back to all those questions/claims/debates from a few months ago and I think HL2 has lived up to and exceeded all expectations. This game is probably the best single player game I ever played bar none. I'm very happy with the finished product. Doom3 was good, HL2 is great.
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    PC Power & colling 510 ATX-Deluxe - should I buy

    Ok, getting ready to put together a monster gaming rig. I'm going to be buying in pieces, as I'm waiting for the next gen of video cards to come out, and well as hoping the 939 socket hits the market sometime in the next couple months. So I figured I'd get the easy stuff out of the way...
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    Timeline on various new H/W components

    Ok, so I sold my old rig, and right now am currently regulated to my D600 lappy, which my compnay saw fit to get retrofitted with only a 16mb ati mobility card versus the standard 32. Regardless, not enough to play Ut2K4 or Farcry, much less the upcoming HL2 and D3. So I'm planning on building...
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    Remember the Cold Forge?

    I think that was what it was called. There was a time two years ago when that consumed every thread in this cases forum. Awesome case, just never got off the ground, though I never did remember why (i assume production cost). Search is broke, so no way to see if there's a thread. Stiltner...