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    360 Wireless wheel deal on ebay: $61.43

    I just wanted to share this deal. I bid on the wheel from ebay seller Worldsbestdeals. I won it for $61.43 + $19.99 shipping. To my surprise, they have a free shipping deal...
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    Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed

    Does anyone remember this game?? I have some great memories from playing this game all the time. The alpine track is probably the best track ever created (well from what I remember anyway). I think I still have a copy at home and for some reason I really want to play it again. Could I get this...
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    6800 -Please Help!

    i bought a XFX 6800 card about a month ago for my dell dimension 4500 (P4 2.0GHz 512 RAM). It worked fine up until last week when I would experience poor performance in games. all of a sudden the framerate would drop to below 10 for about 45 seconds then go back to normal. this would repeat. It...