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    Question about 9800XT

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a good heatsink/fan combo for this card? I think the fan is dying or is extremely quiet. I'm also not comfortable with the heat generated by the back plate as it's hot to the touch. Thanks
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    What's the best enclosure?

    Best being subjective, but is it possible to get a slim form factor design, i.e Metal Gear Box with reliability? I've read a lot of reviews saying the MGB has faulty electronics with the board burning out or causing some other miscellaneous problems. I want to get a 250GB drive for mobile...
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    Please help identify this monitor

    It's from the movie, Love Actually. I haven't been able to find out who makes that monitor or if there is a comparable stand like that. Thanks EDIT: Come to think of it, that keyboard looks almost looks IBM made. Monitor could be the same.