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    Skylake SG13B-Q Build

    It is huge compared to the SG13, for sure. My cooler is about 75mm thick (two fans + rad in push/pull) Plus my PSU (V650 is 150mm long, the max that the SG recommended, needless to say, my tubes were stressed lol, maybe 25-35 more mm would have made a big difference. I really wanted the H75...
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    Skylake SG13B-Q Build

    That looks like an awesome case, if you have a build that would work with a low profile air cooler why not? I wish they made more cases with external power adapters like that, its always hidden away anyways if the cord is long enough and removes a huge part of the space needed.
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    Skylake SG13B-Q Build

    *Update* Soldered the front panel power switch back on. Got all components in and successfully booted up/installed windows. That being said....I did not like how cramped everything was in the SG13. The PSU cables and CPU cooler tunes were in place but very tight, I dont like the...
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    Skylake SG13B-Q Build

    Hello All, Just started my Skylake Mini ITX build last night. Components (And Comments): Case: Silverstone SG13B-Q Great little case with room apparently for everything, just make sure you settle on what liquid cooler/PSU you want and go from there as I don't think low profile air coolers...
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    good, small, powerful mini-itx case (non-black)

    The SG13P is your case! :) You're welcome!
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    SG13B SFF Case Question about CPU Cooler & PSU Positioning

    Hello Everyone, long time reader, first time poster here with a question/issue I would like some help with. I ordered an SG13B-Q case and it will be here next week, specs below: One thing that worries me is the fact that the PSU...