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    Windows 10 dpi scaling quality/algorithm for game/directx?

    I often play game in windows, and there are such game that only support 1080p max, which rely on windows dpi scaling, 150%. Obviously, I can run them at native 1080 but then it will be tad small. These game often are not AAA title, recently for me this is darkest dungeon and romance of three...
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    Would you keep these 2 sub $300 27" ips 4k monitor despite these hilarious issues?

    Look story short, bought these 2 acer b276hk brand new from microcenter with some kind of promotion. Less than 600 out the door including tax, here are the issues. Both suffers Massive glowwwwwwe Dark corners (I am not even buying a TV, seriously.....) The bottom edge is darker...
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    Smaller screen to a accompany a 27" 4k

    I got a 27" 4k for a petty decent price to replace my u2711, and I build a more of a silent rig to accompany it. my smaller screen now is a 17" laptop(which drives the u2711), great screen (premier color), but the electric buzz is getting annoying, especially my ambient fan nose is s lowered...