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    Help! Need wireless N router with stable VPN client/gateway!

    Can anyone recommend a decent wireless N router that offers an SSL or IPSEC VPN gateway built in preferrably with a clientless or web based vpn software? The only thing I can really find is the NETGEAR SXRN3205
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    Is the 260 the exact same size as the 9800GTX?

    I have a 9800 GTX in my case and it BARELY fits. I want to step up to a 260 but I am worried that any change in dimension will cause it to not fit in my case. Are the size and dimension of these 2 cards identical? Also is the performance of a 260 better than a 9800gtx @ 1920x1200?
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    Custom Resolutions for overscan correct working now with 8800 and Vista?

    Can anyone confirm for me that custom resolutions are now working properly with vista for correcting overscan when connected to an HD Television? This problem was out there for a long time and I can't seem to find confirmation that it has been resolved in recent drivers. Can anyone confirm?
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    Does 8800 series let you correct overscan/custom res with 32bit vista drivers yet?

    I am building an htpc with the 8800gts 512MB since I also want to be able to game on it. Has the issue been fixed in the vista 32bit drivers to allow me to correct for overscan on my HDTV?(XBR2 60" Sony) I heard this was a huge problem with 8800 series. Has it been fixed yet for vista 32bit? As...
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    5 Star RPGs I might have missed on PS2? Help me choose 1 to play on PS3.

    Since Lair is a complete and utter dissappointment I need something else to play other than warhawk. I have played FF10, FF12, DQXIII, Rogue Galaxy all of which I loved. Can you guys suggest a PS2 RPG that is as good as these or similar that I can play on my PS3 while I wait for more PS3...
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    Rogue Galaxy, WOW... Just WOW.... AMAZING RPG!

    I got a nasty cold on Wed last week so I was taking some sick time thur and fri so I rented Rogue Galaxy to play on my PS3 since there isn't much out right now I am interested in and I was burned out on Oblivion. This game has blown me away. I am now 42 hours in according to my gameplay...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2????

    I heard this game was awesome. I had an extra blockbuster coupon so I rented it and I'm playing it on my ps3. What is with this game? Do I need to have finished Kingdom Hearts 1 to understand what is going on? I am totally lost in the first couple of hours. I just beat the struggle...
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    Anyone see/install new vista drivers for XFI Sound Blaster yesturday?

    What are these? Are they newer? They appeared in my list of available updates yesturday. Anyone try them? Are they better than the newest ones on creative site?
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    Oblivion: Fathis Ules Thieves Guild Fence BROKEN?!?!? HELP!!!

    I have the PS3 version of Oblivion. I have completed the thieves guild questline and have become the guildmaster and have the grey fox cowl. During my missions I noticed that Fathis Ules the fence in the elven gardens did not allow me to sell him items. The option to buy/sell at the bottom...
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    PS3 Oblivion TESIV: Can I become guildmaster of all 4 guilds?

    I just started. Is it possible to complete all 4 guild questlines and become guildmater of all 4 guilds? Is there an order you need to do them in? Im just worried that if I do thief or assassin first the mages or knights might not like me and not allow me to do there quests.
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    How do I CTRL+ALT+DEL over Terminal Services to Vista?!?!?!

    With XP or 2000 when I was terminal serviced in to a device I could hit CTRL+ALT+INSERT to mimic a control alt delete on the remote box. That doesn't seem to work on vista. How do I mimic a CTRL ALT DEL on a vista box over TS?
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    Someone posted a 100% complete motorstorm game save on ebay?!?!?

    What is this world coming to?
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    HELP! Deleted XP dual boot and now vista, "Cannot find BOOTMGR!!!"

    I had XP. I used a partitioning tool to split my main hard drive in to two partitions. Then I Installed Vista on the new partition on my main drive. Things were working great in dual boot for a couple weeks. Last night I decided to ditch the xp partitition and readd it back as one single...
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    8800gts 640MB better or worsethan 7950gx2 @ 1920x1200or1600x1200?

    Is the 8800GTS 640MB better or worse than a 7950gx2 when running at resolutions like 1920x1200 or 1600x1200?
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    How do I reboot Vista over Terminal Services?

    Used to be able to control alt insert over term services to reboot xp. how do I reboot vista over terminal services?
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    64bit of 32bit Vista ultimate?

    I am thinking about going for Vista very soon as nvidia is finalyl releasing a drive for the 7950gx2. Should I go 32 bit or 64bit? Can I plan any new pc games on 64 bit OS? I don't play anything old and don't expect to. Does stuff like daemon tools, avg antivirus, nero burnning software...
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    What connection do I use to output sound from XFI fatality to my reciever?

    I am getting a new denon 2807 reciever later this month. Is the xfi fatality capable of outputting sound to my reciver digitally? I want to be able to play mp3s from my computer to my reciever. What kind of cable would I use and what connection to do I use on my fataility to do this?
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    FYI - PS3 problem displaying no progressive PS2 games resolved with 1.5 update!!!

    Joy to the world! The pixel flipping problem is fixed!
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    XFI Fat problems, garbeled Titan Explosion in BF2142 - Please help

    I have a SB X FI Fatality. I have Sennheiser HD595 headphones plugged in to the front port. I have game mode on, CMS3d, crystalizer, EAX turned on. All settings cranked to max in BF2142. The sound is great but when the titan explodes it is garbeled and crackling. If I reinstall all the...
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    Which CPU cooler for E6600 Conroe?

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    Are there no reports of PS3 problems?

    I am planning on picking up a PS3 after Christmas. However I am concerned over first gen console hardware. There are ALWAYS issues. xbox 360 had its share of hardware problems at release. However I have heard nothing about any problems with the ps3. Are there any reported hardware...
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    Any wireless keyboard/mouse combos that work with PS3?

    Title says it all. Anyone know of a model that will work?
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    PS3 connections?

    does the ps3 have a standard HDMI cable or is it proprietary? Also does it take a standard optical cable for sound?
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    Playing DVDs on PS3 to 1080P tv??? Ugly? Good?

    Some guy at best buy said that playing regular DVD movies on a PS3 to a 1080p television would look like garbage and said I had to buy a seperate dvd player. Is this true? Anyone tried this?
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    Father in law needs xbox 360. Where to get cheap! HELP!XMAS!!!

    My father in law is a hard care gamer @ age 56. I think that is the coolest thing ever being a hardcore gamer myself and only 26. Most of his friends are in their 30s. Unfortunately he does not have a lot of money and neither do I. He just got an xbox classic last year for christmas used...
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    Why do stores put there customers at risk during console launch?

    Why do stores do stupid shit like announce they are starting a line at 3pm on a Thursday for Friday morning release? Many stores in Milwaukee did that including best buy and walmart and they had 100 cars in the parking lot waiting at that time. Many of these stores also basically said we have...
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    No camping until 7am? Whaaat?

    All the 24 hour walmarts in my town are saying that they will not allow camping until 7am thrusday morning. How the heck is this going to work? What if there are 50 people milling around the store waiting to camp at 7am? I could imagine huge shoving and push fights to get to be in line. I...
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    When will PS3 be available for online purchase at major retailers?

    Will they show up on major retailer websites on November 16th midnight? Will they show up November 17th midnight or some other time? When did the xbox 360s show up online?
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    7950gx2 booting to black screen or perma sleep mode! HELP!

    Is anyone else having or heard of anyone having a problem with there system booting occassional from a cold boot to a black screen or going in to sleep mode and never waking up immediately after the windows xp splash screen? Originally I thought it might by my motherboard(gigabyte ds3) but I now...
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    Occassionaly loud clunking noises on bootup with WD drive! Help

    Anyone ever have this happen? I am not sure if it is my 150gb raptor or my 500gb wd drive but I know it is one of them. Occassionally after a cold bootup my hard drive will make VERY LOUD clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk noises like 10 times in a row and won't be detected by the bios. Usually...
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    Where do I find awesome wallpaper worthy of my 2407?

    I would like to find some awesome wallpaper worthy of my 2407. Anyone know good places to find some?
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    7950GX2 problem? Or something else? PLEASE help!

    Please help. I have a new rig put together. Gigabyte DS3, E6400, GSKILL 2 x 1GB HZ DDR2-800, 7950gx2, SB XI FI fatality. I cannot get this system to boot up consistantly. Nothing is overclocked. During bootup sometimes I get strange colors and weird characters on the bios boot...
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    What could cause 3dmark2006 to perform horrible but games perfect? 7950gx2

    My system is in my signature. I am currently overclocked to 3.2ghz with a fsb of 400 and memory 1:1. I've recently updated my bios to F6 on my ds3 and was setting my OC back up and wanted to run a benchmark. It seems now that 3dmark2006 runs like absolutely garbage with studders and horrible...
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    Anyone try the free international GUNZ beta?

    This is an extremely simplistic yet FUN ACTION packed game. Anyone try the free beta. I gave it a shot yesturday and I found myself eerily stuck to my computer streen for at least 3 hours of staight machine gunning and sword slashing!!!
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    Best configuration for XFI Fatality and Senn 595???

    What is the optimal configuration for this combo? Should I set it to headphones or set it to 2/2.1 speakers? Any other settings I should change? CMS3d? Crystalizer settings? I have my senn's plugged in to the front xfi port.
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    Help! remote desktop causes my computer to hard freeze!

    I remote in to my home pc from work however I have a new pc built and it seems to be hard freezing randomly while I am remoted to the workstation. I have tocold remote my pc to get it working again. PC does not freeze any other time accept randomly while I am remoted in via xp remote desktop...
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    Please help me. E6400 vs E6600???

    Which would be better? Getting an E6400 and overclocking to 400mhz FSB 1:1 memory on the ds3 OR Getting and E6600 and possibly not being able to overclock the FSB up to 400mhz and therefore underclocking memory at 1:1. I am building a rig for strictly hardcore gaming with a 7950gx2...
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    e6400 and e6300 @ Newegg HOT!

    Thats right hot! As in youll get burned big time. Long time customer of newegg and very, very insulted at not only the price grouging but the inaccurate data in the listings(listing the lower model c2d as having "4mb cache")
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    Any upcoming MMO's solo friendly?

    HUGE fan of UO back in the day. Last MMO was wow and I quit that about a year ago. I just can't stand the fact that you need to spend like 12389047289374289374 hours to do anything in that game. I hate raiding. I hate coordinating with 40 other people and sitting in a dungeon for 8 hours...
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    Why is UV Blue paint sold out at every store?

    Is it that cool of stuff? I was thinking about getting it but it is sold out at every modding online store I can fine.