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    Fortron Blue Strom 400W - $37.99 + Shipping|MSIE|6.0|Win32|Y|1360|1024| THis is a very good power supply. I have one on my second machine for almost 2 years now w/o any problem.
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    Paint for plexi-glass/Acrylic ?

    I'm looking for where to buy the paints for plexi-glass/arcylic? Is there a special paint for it.. or I can just use any paint?
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    Just join...

    I'm just put my p4 3.2 to fold... hope it will help. I have the question about adding my info into the folding member. What info I need to put in these boxes: F@H (ghz): F@H3 (ghz): G@H (ghz): UD (ghz): MDboyz