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    MSI P67A-GD65 LGA1155 Chipset Motherboard Review @ [H]

    you2, I had the same problem, crash (bsod) then shutdown when entering sleep. error wasn't listed in the event log but I happened to catch it as it was happening once. INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR was the thing, and apparently it's a hibernation related error. Even though I had hibernation set to...
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    Hot? IP35 Pro $99.99 AR + $8.55 S&H 24-hour sale

    You should be able to make as many raid arrays as you want with whatever mode, but it is definitely not a true hardware controller and will use your CPU a bit. However, I'm not sure how much this matters these days with dual and quad cores floating around.
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    Microcenter Q9450 OEM $299 Online and $349 w/$50 GC Instore

    Yeah, I'm getting this as well. :( edit: just talked to support and they say it's a glitch on the site and to call sales to place an order over the phone
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    7800GTX's span

    I would think that the person that spends $600+ on video cards obviously likes to have the best hardware and doesn't really have a problem spending tons of money for it. From there, I'd say that the same person that buys a 7800GTX is going to buy a 8800GTX or whatever next gen, or even a 7800...
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    High quality router

    I assume you have to know Cisco stuff to configure that thing? I'm in the market for a good router as well.
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    Using Dividers

    Only the loss associated with slower memory, which is minimal.
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    x800 or or xl...need help

    I wouldn't call them "bad" overclockers. How about mediocre:
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    Buying a refurb from newegg, is it safe? 6600GT/6800gt

    The 6600GT is so damn close to the 9800, you should really wait for something better for your money if you want to spend <$200. A 7th generation budget card would fit the bill.
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    G70 - 430MHz core, 1400MHz memory, 24 pipes

    Even so, we can see some reviews which will be nice.
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    G70 - 430MHz core, 1400MHz memory, 24 pipes

    r520 in late July? Interesting.
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    Would I be crazy to buy a x800XL now?

    That is a great price, and you would be far from crazy for buying an x800 XL for $150. I would think that ATI's Employee Purchase Program would be for ATi employees and not retail employees. We sell ATi cards where I work; how can I take advantage of this?
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    G70 - 430MHz core, 1400MHz memory, 24 pipes

    The Inq would be ten times better without Fuad Abazovic. "Nvidia G70 becomes Geforce 7800 GFX". He repeatedly calls it the GFX instead of GTX through the entire article. :mad:
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    Chipset fan adjustment on 8KDA3J?

    I picked some parts out for a friend, including the EPoX 8KDA3J S754 nForce3 motherboard. Everything is pretty quiet except for the high pitched chipset fan which I had assumed was adjustable. There are no options in the BIOS and speedfan doesn't seem to be able to adjust it, either. Is there...
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    HDPE Bayres and Lian Li

    You'll have to trim both sides of the faceplate around 5mm for it to fit with an HDPE bay res. edit: It still clicks in, and looks fine. I had to do it with my PC-75B.
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    Uh oh!!!! (I had an accident and need help!)

    I just installed a new video card and there was a small leak from one of the GPU block fittings. The motherboard nor video card had any power when the water was on it. The coolant was distilled water and zerex racing fluid. When I turned the computer on after 24h, it would only show the...
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    Will TN ever finish her computer Poll

    You took it the wrong way. Plus, I am joking. Note the emoticon. :-]
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    Best Fans...battle of the 120mm fans!

    Oh god. I just got a 120mm L1A to test against my M1As. Its motor/IC is LOUDER than my M1As! At 12v, the L1A is quieter, but when you put the M1A at 7v, it pushes more air with less noise than the L1A at 12v.
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    Will TN ever finish her computer Poll

    Attention whore :o
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    Best Fans...battle of the 120mm fans!

    Nobody seems to know. I ordered two 120mm fans just now, H1A and L1A. I'll report back with my results. I've already owned three M1As, as said.
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    Lapping SwiftTech MCW6002

    Wow. That answers that. :D
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    Best Fans...battle of the 120mm fans!

    Would you recommend a L1A at 12v or a U1A at 5v for the best noise/CFM ratio?
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    Need Quiet Cooling For My A64 3800+ Venice

    No overclocking? How about the retail HS/F. It should never spin up if you're not overclocking, and it's incredibly quiet.
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    Best Fans...battle of the 120mm fans!

    Are these the papst fans that are the best?
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    Best Fans...battle of the 120mm fans!

    I have three M1As and they all have this buzzing sound. I assume it's normal, so I'm about to try some L1As.
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    Anything before? 3200+

    Nope. Just try not to touch anything on the board and don't touch the CPU pins unless you're wearing a wrist strap. These things are pretty sensitive to static electricity.
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    Cooler Master Hyper 6

    I read some review where the XP-120 only barely outperformed the hyper6. The downside is of course noise. I have two 80mm fans at 7v on mine in a push/pull config and it kept my 3200+ venice at 2750 MHz with 1.692v(multimeter measured) at 38c load with 24c ambient temp. It's actually pretty...
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    HOT! Canon IP4000 Photo Inkjet $29.99AR @ Office Depot

    At my Office Depot, the IP3000 is 2 cents AR and the IP4000 is $2, no PM
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    idle temp of a 3200+ veince core?

    What motherboard is it? I know that MSI is 7-10c over.
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    Can processors go "bad"?

    It's certainly possible with excessive voltage. For example, you can kill an A64 with 1.8v in a couple months. If it's not overclocked, then it's more likely that your motherboard is dying, or even your memory. Run some sort of stress test like Prime95 and see if it errors out. If it...
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    Anyone recieved a bad +3200 venice?

    I just RMAed an nforce3 epox board for the second time for the same reason. I wish I would have seen this thread! I used a wrist strap to ground myself and just put the board on the antistatic mat and never in the case both times. Neither board would even power on with the CPU in it. Tried...
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    unreal 3 too expensive?

    Oh well. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait and then some.
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    unreal 3 too expensive?

    I thought the release date was 2006! :(
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    limp gawds are good for fixing old computer fans!

    I'm afraid so :-[
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    limp gawds are good for fixing old computer fans!

    Posting in legendary thread.
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    ATI...just what we need...another press release?

    I'm honestly laughing out loud, even at my dull retail job. Your obvious thesaurus use is hilarious.
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    ATI...just what we need...another press release?

    This is the weirdest post I've seen in a long time. Sup, fellow Iowan?
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    Which pump for this setup?

    It'll be safe, but undoubtably unstable.
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    Overclocking A64 2800+
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    3500+ Winchester & 2 x 512 Corsair VS DDR400: $356 @ ZZF

    Some people have been getting clawhammers instead of 3500+ winchesters, though.
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    winchester overclock database

    3000+ CBBHD 0443MPM 8.5x300.48 = 2554 MHz w/ 1.64v hyper 6, 43c load, prime95/snm stable