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    Blade Runner 2049 Memory Labs

    Fellow Blade Runner fanatics, the wait is over! Blade Runner 2049 Memory Labs This is the official launch trailer from the Oculus channel so it should be relatively spoiler free.
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    Review of Windows MR's beta SteamVR support

    Audio is in German but Youtube's auto-translated closed captions are understandable. Includes evaluation of "out of view" tracking. Someone else reported that his Dell headset works "really well" with Revive via SteamVR support. (not in video)
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    Is Lone Echo an Oculus exclusive forever?

    I headed over to Steam to pick up Lone Echo. Hmm not there. (quick google) Ah, it's one of the Oculus exclusives. Has there been news about when Oculus exclusives will move to Steam? Are they shackled to the Oculus Store forever? I refuse to buy games that I'll lose when I leave the Rift...
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    Who Will Buy Windows VR too?

    Current Rift / Vive owners, will you pick up a Windows VR unit too? Yea or nay and why? I'm thinking about grabbing one of the higher resolution Windows VR units. The extra pixels are supposed to be a solid visual upgrade over Rift / Vive. I plan to wait for Steam VR support first though.
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    3D Printed Prescription Lens Holder for Oculus (cheap)

    This thing works great! Image quality is better than glasses and contacts. vs contacts - bigger sweet spot and massively reduced halo vs glasses - more comfortable, larger sweet spot, less halo I don't remember if I ordered the fancy anti-reflection lens coating or not. I'll follow up after...
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    Threadripper Supermicro Boards?

    Anyone have news? Rumors? Speculation? Anything? ECC support on consumer boards is great but I need real server class boards with IMPI.
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    Alcohol: The Solution to Everything?

    I dug an old Z77 motherboard, CPU, RAM combo out of storage to use on a short term project. The parts had been sitting around a couple years. I put the bits in a case, add disks, install OS, and boot. OS reports only 1/2 the RAM. I pull the sticks, blow the slots with air, reinstall. Same...
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    Wheel Stand Pro V2

    Anybody use one? Care to comment on it? Any better alternatives? I need the ability to fold flat(ish).
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    How long does your 4K TV take to power up?

    Lack of power management is the biggest hassle of using a TV as a display. Turning them off and on can be a pain. I owned one that took forever to start and it drove me crazy. Some TVs don't even have physical power buttons. You have to fumble around with a remote control. This thread is to...
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    4K Displayport 1.2 KVM to 4K Television?

    Now that real 60hz 4K DP 1.2 KVM's are a thing, I'm thinking about picking up a small 4K television to hold me over until the holy grail comes along. (The holy grail is 40" to 45" 4K non-IPS monitor with HDR FALD GSYNC/Freesync and > 100hz.) The setup would be multiple PC's connected to 4K...
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    Akasa Internal 3.5" front panel for VR - HDMI and two USB 3.0

    Plugging the HMD into the back of my PC sucks. Looking for a solution, I found this: Reader/Hub&type_sub=USB Hub&model=AK-ICR-30 It has two regular USB Type-A plugs and a regular HDMI plug. Cables are 100cm...
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    4x PCIe Problem on GA-AX370-Gaming K5

    I have a problem with a StarTech PEXUSB3S44V four port USB card on a GA-AX370-Gaming K5 (rev. 1.0) board running Windows 10. I get errors in device manager when the StarTech card is in the left 16x slot. The error is something along the lines of "Windows was unable to reset the device". The...
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    Just Buy One

    I sat on the sidelines reading of SDE, lack of 4k per eye, and the usual gripes. I figured I'd wait for second gen. My interest was restricted to driving sims and maybe sit-down RPG. I had less than zero interest in room scale, thinking it was a gimmick. The Rift Touch bundle dropped. I...
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    Mixing SATA & SAS on an SAS3 Backplane

    I bought a Supermicro SC847 with SAS3 backplanes. My hba is an m1015 but I plan to upgrade to an SAS3 hba at some point. My disks will always be used in JBOD mode. I can't see myself ever using hardware raid. I have a bunch of consumer SATA disks but I need more space and I'm looking at...
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    Supermicro 847BE1C Build - Need Help

    I'm migrating my NAS from a Rosewill RSV-L4500 to a Supermicro 847BE1C chassis. This is the one I will use: Supermicro CSE-847BE1C-R1K28LPB I will reuse the the cpu, memory, SAS HBA, and disks from the current system. Motherboard: Supermicro X10SLH-F HBA: IBM M1015 Requirements...
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    Supermicro SC846 Model Confusion

    I need some help so I don't buy the wrong SC846 chassis. I'm going to list the various SC846 variants and what I think the features / differences are. Please correct me if I'm wrong about something and fill me in if I've missed a feature / difference. I'm limiting it to models with platinum...
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    USB3, HD Audio, eSata in a 3.5" Bay?

    I need to add USB3, HD Audio, and eSATA to a rackmount case. I figure a 3.5" or 5.25" Bay Device would be the quickest and easiest way to go. I have one external 3.5 bay and three external 5.25 bays to play with. I think I can get what I want if I use two different Bay Devices but I'd...
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    Urgent! Disk Bracket for Newly Released Laptop

    My new Toshiba X70 arrived today. I ordered it with a single disk with the intent of installing a big ssd in the 2nd bay. I opened it up to find there was no disk bracket installed in the 2nd bay. I can't install my ssd without a bracket and I can't seem to find the bracket for sale...
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    Noob Gaming Laptop Questions

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio X70-ABT2G22 on the way. I was forced to go with a gaming machine due to other features I need but I have no use for the GTX 770M. Will the 770M be on a card that I can remove if I only plan to use the i7 gpu? It's an Optimus setup. There are two 2.5" disk bays, one...
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    Quick Norco DS-24 Questions

    #1 Can the DS-24E be set sideways (tower style) on a shelf? I'm concerned about the plastic rail that extends from the handle. It would be going onto steel (Metro) shelving. #2 Is the only difference between the DS-24E and DS-24ER the redundant psu? #3 Is it possible to buy a...
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    560ti 448 vs 660ti

    Looking at: MSI 660ti Power Edition Current card: MSI TwinFrozer 560ti 448 Display: 1920x1080@60fps Processor: i5 3750 (stock clock) Own these Games: GTA 3/4/SA, New Vegas, Batman AA/AC, Borderlands, Bully, Driver SF, Dead Space 1/2, Deus HR, Oblivion, Hitman 1/2, Just Cause 1/2, LA...
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    Windows Single Disk to RAID1 (For a Unix Guy)

    I want to upgrade my Windows gaming PC from a single disk system to a raid1 using built-in Intel raid. What's the least painful way to do this? #1 Do a fresh install of Windows onto the raid and copy files over or #2 Image the old drive onto the raid If this was a Linux system I'd...
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    Cooling for m1015 Raid Card

    I'm looking for a fan and/or heatsink to use on my m1015 raid card. The stock heatsink is held by two plastic push pins that are about 46mm apart. The heatsink has to be light and not too high. It'll end up hanging upside down from the PCIe raid card when everything is together. After hours...
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    Stress Testing Disks for New Array

    I have a bunch of WD Reds on the way. They're destined for a new raid6 array. I'd like to know what the resident storage heavy hitters [looking at you mwroobel! :D] do to stress test disks when building new arrays. iometer? bonnie? badblocks? Do you stress test the disks individually before...
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    M1015 S.O.S.

    I bought two M1015's from ebay. None of my machines will crossflash them. I've tried in dos, efi shell, windows, and linux. One board runs megarec well enough to erase them but none of the boards can run sas2flsh. I get either the PAL error or a message about not being able to find the hba...
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    Filesystem for Large Linux volume: XFS, JFS, or EXT4

    I'd like to know what filesystems you guys use for large (16TB and up) volumes on Linux. I've been researching this for a while. As usual, opinions vary. I know about the old 16TB volume limitation for EXT4. I would be using recent userspace tools and kernel to get the >16TB support. The...
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    i3-2100 to Ivy i5?

    I'm thinking about upgrading my gaming machine from an i3-2100 to an Ivy i5. There's not much price difference between the Ivy i5's so I'd probably go with the i5-3570. I have a 560ti 448 at the moment but I'm thinking about replacing it with a 7950. I'm not completely decided on that yet...
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    Hard Disks from Amazon

    I haven't bought hard disks from Amazon in over a year. Are they still packing disks properly? By properly, I mean according to manufacturer guidelines. Peanuts and couple layers of bubble wrap don't cut it, especially on multiple disk orders.
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    Non-Bay 2.5" Mount Options

    I'm looking for mounting options for 2.5" disks (not ssd) that don't involve drive bays, neither internal or external. So far I've come up with these... Has anybody used this...
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    5K4000 Availability

    Anyone know what's up with 5K4000 availability? They were supposed to be available in quantity Q1 2012. Is it related to the flood? WD buyout? Something else?
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    Samsung 830 vs Kingston HyperX 3K

    I need to make a decision on this in the next day. I'm in crunch time at work. I don't have a lot of time to google and read reviews. Speed is secondary to reliability although I don't want a drive that degrades to crap performance after a long period of use. The drive would be used with...
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    Linux SSD's with RAID and Encryption

    Does anyone know of a good end-to-end guide for setting up Linux ssd's with raid1 + dmcrypt + ext4? I don't want to use lvm or evms. I want to ensure: - correct alignment - trim is passed through - dmcrypt can use AES-NI I don't want to botch some small detail and end up with...
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    IBM M1015 on a Consumer Motherboard I drop an IBM M1015 into the PCIe 16x slot on a consumer motherboard. The motherboard is either H77 or Z77 and is one of Intel's desktop boards. It's not from their server line. The board has an Ivy Bridge on it. What are the chances that the board and the M1015 will play nice? I...
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    Nvidia 3d Vision 2 Glasses

    I'm looking at buying a 3D display of some sort. I've narrowed the options down to a Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Lightboost LCD or a passive FPR LCD with polarized glasses. I'm familiar with all of the technical pro's and con's of the two but nothing means as much to me as the comfort of the glasses...
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    I Want Something Pretty

    Recommend something new, shiny, full of bling for me to play on my new 560ti 448. I'm close to the end Fallout and was planning to start on New Vegas after. It's nice that Fallout and New Vegas run at a zillion fps but they look...old. I want bling! No MMO / subscption stuff. Must have...
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    Better than Corsair TX750 V2?

    Are there any better options than a Corsair TX750 V2 for $95? I'm looking for a good solid performer with good value for the dollar. Budget is flexible based on value. Warranty is an important part of my sense of value. I've gone through one Corsair psu rma and was very happy with the...
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    AMD to Nvidia...Reinstall or Driver Sweeper?

    My new 560ti arrived this morning. It's replacing a 4870. Should I reinstall Windows 7 or is Driver Sweeper good enough?
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    Non-reference 7850 or 7870 at Launch?

    Is there any news about non-reference 7850 or 7870 cards at launch?
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    Best Bang for the Buck

    Resolution: 1920x1200 Processor: i3-2100 Where: Newegg or Amazon (no used cards) Rebates: Allowed Performance: At least 50% faster than a 4870 at 1920x1200 Brand: Both (best from AMD and best from Nvidia) Budget: Flexible (but roughly $150-250) Although budget is flexible I generally...
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    Bitcoiners and Southern Islands Midrange

    I wondering if the bitcoiners are going to go bananas for the midrange Southern Islands cards. Will it be a major pain the ass to find them in stock? Will they push the prices up above MSRP?