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    Skyrim LE: $20.40, Skyrim Base: $7.50 on UPlay

    Skyrim Legendary Edition is available at the UPlay Store for $20.40 Skyrim (Base Game) is available at the UPlay Store for $7.50 This is the cheapest price I have seen on either.
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    Speaker Stand Suggestion for AV40s

    Hey Guys, I recently picked up a pair of AV40s. My desk is far too small to fit them however, so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for speaker stands. I will flank the desk with the speaker stands, and the stands will rest directly on a carpeted floor. Thanks for any suggestions you...
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    AV40 Best Value at Moment?

    I had a few questions that are probably rehashing earlier questions. However, I searched and browsed 5 pages to try to find the answer and did not really find an adequate answer. I currently have an Audigy 4 soundcard for my computer. I used to have a set of z5500s but gave them away when I...
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    Maybe [H]ot: Logitech Z Cinema Speakers for $120

    I saw this today: . Free shipping and no mail in rebate seems to make this a fairly solid deal. Also, don't forget your 5% off coupon: . And don't forget Windows...
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    Pixel Issue

    Hey Guys, I got my FP241VW yesterday. So far I am quite impressed. Thanks to 10e for an excellent color profile. I do seem to have one pixel issue on the monitor however. When on a white background, the pixel is red. When on the Windows Classic blue background, it is a darker blue. When on...
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    BenQ FP241VW Deal

    Hello, I was looking to see if anyone might be interested in purchasing a BenQ FP241VW. I am speaking with a rep, and I may be able to get a deal if two are purchased at the same time (even with separate credit cards). The monitors would come out to $425 each (before taxes and shipping) If...
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    VID Question

    Hey Everyone, I recently got my Q6700. I checked its VID using CoreTemp. It is listed as 1.3250v, which I was reasonably disappointed about. With CPU voltage set to Auto in the bios of my Asus P5Q Pro, voltage registered as 1.28v in CPU-z. When I set the voltage in the bios to 1.3v, it...
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    Why Do We Want Low Voltage?

    Hello, I am fairly new to overclocking. I had a question about voltage. Everyone seems very concerned with keeping a processor's voltage as low as possible. 1.) What are the reasons for wanting to keep the voltage low? I have a Q6700 and am speaking specifically about voltages beneath...
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    Anyone have an EVGA GTX 260 SSC?

    Does anyone here have an EVGA GTX 260 SSC? If so, how has your experience been? Have you tried to OC it any further? How far were you able to push it on stock cooling while keeping it stable? Do you have any benchmarks using the card? Thanks a lot for any info you can provide.
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    Q6700 + ZeroTherm Nirvana

    Hello, I recently purchased a Q6700 OEM and a ZeroTherm Nirvana cooler. I will be getting them later next week, and I wanted to ask a few questions beforehand. First here is my rig: Mobo: Asus P5Q Pro (P45) CPU: Q6700 OEM Aftermarket Cooler: ZeroTherm Nirvana Memory: Corsair 2x2 XMS2...
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    VisionTek 4870 or EVGA GTX 260 SSC

    Hey Guys, I wanted to get your input. I recently picked up the VisionTek HD 4870 from Frys. It was the $210 (after MIR before tax) price. It was too good to pass up. I did however have a question. After tax, the cost of the card was $230. I can get the EVGA GTX 260 SSC for the same price...
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    Corsair TX 650W or PCP&C 610W

    Hey Guys, I have been shopping power supplies for a new rig I am building, and I saw these two PSUs on sale for a pretty solid price (let me know if you disagree or know of a better deal): Corsair TX 650W ATX12V PC Power & Cooling S61EPS 610W Both of these PSUs come out to about...
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    BenQ FP241VW or Dell 2408 WFP

    Hey guys, I was wondering which of the two monitors you would recommend I get if I can get them for around the same price. I want to game on the monitor and would also like to be able to watch movies/tv. My other primary uses of the computer are programming and web surfing. 1.) Which...
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    The Best $400-500 Monitor

    Hello everyone. I am sorry if this exact same question has come up before, but I want to get the best input I can get before shelling out $400+ for a display. Odds are I will settle on a HD4850 (with a small chance of getting GTX 260 or HD4870). I would prefer a monitor I can game on, watch...
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    (Yet Another) Power Supply Recommendation

    Hello Everyone, I am in the process of building a new machine. I intend to overclock the CPU, but not press it too hard (3.2-3.4 at absolute highest). I intend for it to serve my purposes for programming/gaming for about 2 years when I will rebuild and try to keep as many components as...
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    Case Comparison Questions

    With the current deals going on the Antec 900 at Frys and the Antec P180 at newegg, I had a few questions. 1.) Both the 900 and the P180 are $70 shipped. Which do you consider to be the better offer and why? 2.) What does a case like the P180/900 offer over a case like the Antec 300? What...
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    Best Mobo For Q6600

    Hello everyone, I have settled on a Q6600 as a processor for the new machine I am building. It is intended to serve as a gaming/programming rig for the next 2 years (at which point Nehalem should be firmly in budget range). I will probably settle on either a 4850, 4870, or gtx 260 as my video...
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    Q6600 vs Phenom 9950

    I am looking to build a mid-level gaming/programming rig within the next 3 weeks for the release of Warhammer Online (I currently have no desktop computer). I was speccing parts and leaning toward a Q6600. However, I saw this deal on NewEgg...
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    Processor Decisions

    Hello everyone. Sorry if this is a rehash, but in my searches I did not really find anything recently that quite seemed to cover my situation. I am potentially looking to build a new machine and a few questions. My computer will primarily be used for gaming and programming. I am basically...
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    Please Help An Audio Noob

    Hello, I recently ordered a set of Logitech z-5500s for $160 shipped ( had a rebate, free shipping, and $10 off an order for new customers). I got the speakers because they were widely recommended as the best computer speakers that weren't discontinued. General consensus seemed to be...