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    Anyone picking up Back to the Future today?

    Just curious if anyone is picking up the Back to the Future adventure game today? I didn't see any mention of it here on the forums yet. I heard it will be available on Steam.
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    It's Bioware DLC day! Post your thoughts (no spoilers!)

    I'm still at work and can't wait to get home to try out these DLCs! I dont know which one to tackle first! Has anyone had a chance to see what they are all about? Watch the spoilers! :cool:
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    Worth upgrading to a new GPU, but keep same 1680x1050 lcd?

    Check out my specs below. I'm willing to guess that, if anything, my vid card is the bottleneck in my system. The thing is, I only have one 1680x1050 panel. So, is it even worth upgrading to a newer vid card if I'm not going to move up to 1920x1080 or higher (dual screen, etc). Thanks for...
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    G11 Keyboard in windows 7 64bit? G Keys not working

    Does anyone have a G11 keyboard properly working in Windows 7 64bit? I just got it and installed using the latest drivers and the G Keys on the left are not working. I assign them a keystroke and/or a game macro and they do not perform the actions. Whats weird is, I can assign tasks like...
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    Why steam...why?! (Crysis deal)

    Why do you have to have these awesome weekend deals?? Now I have to buy crysis!
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    Ways to legally obtain Windows 7 x64 right now?

    Hi all, I really want to give windows 7 a go. I currently have Vista x64 running on the PC in my sig. I'm wondering if there are any avenues I can go down to get Windows 7 x64 legally right now? Or must I wait until official release date? I'm not part of any launch party, or MSDN, or...
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    Thinking about getting into STALKER. SoC or CS first? Mods?

    How should I go about this? SoC was released first, right? What do you guys recommend I start with and what mods should I go with right off the bat? From searching, it seems like SoC + OL is the best. Might buy it off steam tonight.:)
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    To RPG Fans: Get Gothic III w/ 1.72 community patch. Great game

    Just wanted to let my fellow RPG fans out there know about Gothic III. You'll want to install the recently released 800+ MB community patch. Its basically a whole new game now. I seem to be having those same feelings like back when I played Morrowind for the first time! ;)...
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    Fan controller recommendations? (CM 690 case)

    Hey guys, I am interested in taking control of my fans in my new i7 build. I own a wonderful Coolermaster CM 690 case and currently only using the stock fans. I have them hooked up to my motherboard headers. I am noticing some headers spin the fans at different speeds and so on so forth...
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    Problem with Core Temp icon in vista start menu

    This is probably the most silly thing, but I created a shortcut to the Core Temp program and placed it in my vista x64 start menu Programs folder. For some reason it does not use the Core Temp icon, it uses the default "no icon" icon when show in the start menu. Its just this program, I don't...
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    How to cope with a dead pixel?

    Darn, brand new Samsung 22" LCD and it has one bad pixel. We all know newegg's position on this matter, and Samsung is the same. So, it looks like I will have to deal with it then, eh? I know that the only time I will ever see it, is if I try real hard and it is on a white background. I'll...