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    ZFS Performance Issues

    I will have to check that out for benchmarking. This array is not encrypted, the other box has 2 pools that are encrypted with GELI, but yeah I didn't encrypt this one because the processor lacks AES-NI.
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    ZFS Performance Issues

    Oh snap, what are the odds my dd benchmark was just a bad choice? :D root@boxname:/zpool/zfs # /usr/bin/time -h dd if=/dev/zero of=sometestfile bs=1048576 count=10000 10000+0 records in 10000+0 records out 10485760000 bytes transferred in 14.765670 secs (710144553 bytes/sec) 14.77s real...
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    ZFS Performance Issues

    For write: /usr/bin/time -h dd if=/dev/zero of=sometestfile bs=1024 count=1000000 For read: /usr/bin/time -h dd if=sometestfile of=/dev/null bs=1024
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    ZFS Performance Issues

    Yes, I am using dd as root from the console. Actually, it's funny that you mention that, another thing that had happened is that during the testing I noticed the smartd was reporting one of the drives that was connected to the HBA was reporting bad/unreadable sectors. I have since removed that...
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    ZFS Performance Issues

    So recently I have been working on building a second ZFS storage box, and so far it's performance is seriously underwhelming. This is certainly not my first rodeo, there is already a 65TB (usable) storage box encrypted with GELI on the network that performs faster. I am just at a loss for why...
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    Media data raidz1 or raidz2?

    I understand your dilemma, deciding what to do with a 6 drive array is tough. I personally am not comfortable with less than double parity, but that is also bordering on overkill for a 6 drive array. If it were me? I would probably go raidz2.
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    Where are the sales on M.2/PCIe SSD drives?

    I was so, so close to buying a 256GB XP941 from newegg yesterday for my new X99 build, it just seemed that it may be a bit too early to adopt it as my primary system drive. I ended up going with a Samsung EVO 840 - which seemed to be close enough to the XP941 in real world benchmarks. My board...
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    Media data raidz1 or raidz2?

    I have been using double parity since I started doing massive media storage 5-6 yrs ago - I have also never had a drive fail. This either means that I wasted money on unnecessary redundancy, or that I will be saved when a drive eventually dies and all of the other drives in the array are in an...
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    Areca ARC-1880i 6Gb/s RAID Card W/ BBU - Ends Feb 02, 2013 12:37:57 PST - $399.00

    Selling my trusty Areca ARC-1880i w/ the optional BBU for safely using write cache. Starts at $399, reasonable reserve (new you are looking at $750+ for the pair).
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    Switch to ZFS and losing space?

    All of the drives were encrypted in GELI w/ 4K sectors, which I believe is the default. I tried using 512 with the Hitachis because I believe they emulate 512, but the performance of the array ended up being worse. Compression wasn't enabled in windows, and isn't enabled with zfs. The data isn't...
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    Switch to ZFS and losing space?

    Over the past week I have upgraded my storage server and transitioned from a hardware RAID 6 on an Areca arc-1880i to zfs on freebsd. I am using encryption as well, the hardware raid was encrypted in Truecrypt and the card was assigned to a Windows Server 2K8 R2 guest, now the drives are...
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    Are my read/write speeds acceptable?

    How are they connected? 16/24 port Arc-1882? Chassis with built in SAS expander?
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    Are my read/write speeds acceptable?

    Your writes are slow. Do you have a battery and caching enabled? My 8 drive RAID 6 on an Areca ARC-1880i does 750MB/s+ sequential.
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    Slow External HDD

    Quite frankly that sounds about right from what I have seen of external USB 3.0 hard drives. Particularly if it is a "green" class drive in the enclosure. It will also be affected by how much is currently on the drive...
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    HT Omega - eClaro, Claro II, and Impressions

    I've had a Claro Plus for a few years now, and I cannot speak highly enough of the sound quality of HT Omega cards.
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    @grimster: I beg to differ, and I believe at this point what you are arguing is personal preference, not technical absolutes... I imagine you have been in the presence of a live band or a symphony orchestra, the experience is physically palpable, to more than just your eardrums. Recreating that...
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    I will start by saying that I can tell the difference between 192Kbps mp3 and say 2CH DSD from SACD. Typically what gives it away for me are things like cymbals and intimate acoustic guitar recordings, and also subtlety that is missing from the lower bitrate conversions; there is a reason they...
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    Using YouTube To Study Effects of Hallucinogen Salvia

    One of my favorites is "Gardening on Salvia"... :p
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    Both of the 2 port cards (1880i and 1880x) have 8 discreet 6gbps channels, no onboard expander.
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    How Louis CK Is Spending That Money

    Paying the IRS doesn't seem much different than the private sector bureaucracy that spurred him to do this in the first place...
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    Should i set 24bay system to Raid6 or not?

    It is in my view (and many others here), the best combination of performance, economics, and reliability for an array of that size. With 24 drives you are starting to push the limits of what is generally considered safe for a RAID 6 array. Stripe two 12-drive RAID 6s, and the math behind the...
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    Should i set 24bay system to Raid6 or not?

    Does the controller support RAID 60?
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    What the World’s Biggest Websites Looked Like at Launch

    You know what I miss? The time before marketing douchebags got involved and came up with the idea that you should have to register on every website in order to use it. Most of the time now if I go to a website and it requires registration I just close the tab...
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    How do I split my audio into two outputs?

    As far as I know you can't do that. I ran into the same issue with trying to simultaneously output front L/R via analog and rear L/R + center via optical from the sound card. You need an external processing unit to accomplish this, like an Emotiva UMC-1.
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    Next thing after Gigabit ethernet?

    The problem with teaming is that unless you have some sort of additional layer in between you don't get a single 2gbps thread...
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    What's your SSID?

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    So.. RSA tokens don't float, but they do work under water

    Build a bridge out of it maybe? :D
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    NASA: 2012 Solar Flares Could Devastate Cities!

    Like most things, I take all of this with a grain of salt and skepticism. What I do find entertaining is how doomsday/conspiracy people promote gold and other precious metals for such a scenario. Gold is essentially the oldest "bubble" in existence, and the only good it is going to do you in the...
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    ARECA Array Degraded...

    I fear the day that one of my drives dies, I am not sure how to identify them in the Norco RPC-4220... :(
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    What is "The Cloud"?

    It's kind of like calling an mp3 file a "Podcast".... :p
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    Post your fileserver's enclosure

    Holy shit that's crazy xxan0xx... /me bows down
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    Best way to store Media?

    All of us with massive media collections are the equivalent of the people on those "hoarder" TV shows. The difference is you can still walk around in my house... :p
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    What do you listen

    Usually it's an SACD rip of Dark Side of the Moon (Breathe), something acoustic like the Garcia/Grisman/Rice "Pizza Tapes" version of House of the Rising Sun (have that in 24/88.2). Also another one I have been using recently is the song Discipline from NIN's The Slip (a free album that can be...
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    HT Omega Striker, Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro, or USB Creative X-Fi Surround?

    HT Omega cards are the shit, you will not be disappointed...
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    Fastest way To Populate 30TB To My New System

    Yeah, putting them both in the same board would definitely be the fastest and most consistent.
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    Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

    I leave almost every PC on all the time, that includes: my main rig, file/domain server, pfsense box, media center, room mate's main rig. Really the only one that isn't on 24/7 is the PC under the bar in the basement. We both remote in to our main rigs throughout the day, and the server and...
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    HP ZR24w

    The brightness of the backlight will fade over time, so it's good to have a high output to work with...
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    Looking for a 8 port RAID-6 card

    While I don't disagree that ZFS is generally more reliable than HW raid, I must take issue with the performance claim... All things being the same - lets say an 8 drive HW RAID 6 vs an 8 drive ZFS RAID-z2, without any sort of special configuration like a solid state cache drive on the zfs and...
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Damn man, that's ridiculous... :D
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    SSD vs. HDD

    For me the primary appeal was loading games and applications. Photoshop CS5 loads in ~7s compared to ~30s, Battlefield 2 loads levels at least 3x as fast, and windows boots 2x as fast. This may not seem like much, but over weeks and months that adds up to a LOT of additional waiting...