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    GTX285... not uplocking?

    Sometimes, when playing a game(any game, really), the screen goes dark for a couple of seconds. After it goes back to normal, there is a pretty sharp drop in FPS. The reason for this? The GPU starts to run at 2D clock speeds. The only fix I found is to restart the PC. I'm running Windows 7...
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    My 920 i7 keeps reverting to 142 clock speed.

    I have my 920 set to 150x20, but after a shut down it seems to always revert to 142x20. It still says 150x20 in BIOS though. Another interesting thing I noticed is that Computer Information and dxdiag always seem to say that my CPU runs at ~2.80GHz, no matter what speeds I set. My Mobo is...
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    Vista Ultimate 32-bit and GTX285

    Here's the deal: I've got 2x2GB DDRIII RAM and a GTX285. My System Information says that I've got 3.25GB RAM. Why not only 3.00GB? Isn't it 4GB - 1GB(VRam)? Or am I missing something here? EDIT: I tried running dxdiag and it says that I have 3326MB of RAM. What the hell's going on?
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    i7 and Windows XP

    Hey. I'd like to ask if i7 is fully compatible with Windows XP 32-bit Professional. My mobo will be GA-EX58-UD3R Gigabyte. 2x2GB DDR3 RAM, GTX285.
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    180.48 drivers and increased heat.

    Going from 178.24 to 180.48 increased my idle and load temps by around 7C. My card is 8800GTS 512MB. Anyone else with the same problem?
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    Left 4 Dead and CPU usage.

    My E6600 is clocked at 3.3Ghz and the usage is being reported as 100% during gameplay, and indeed I can feel some slow downs at times. I am playing at 1280x1024. Is this normal? Is that game really such a huge CPU hog? Your experiences?
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    Can't control fan speed with 180.43 8800gts 512

    RivaTuner lost the fan control tab and nTune's fan control is grayed out saying N/A. What the hell is going on? EDIT: Didn't improve FC2 performance for shit either. Time to rollback to 178.24.
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    What would generally get more FPS...?

    A 8800GTS 512 @ 700/1700/2000 at 1280x1024, 16xAF/4xAA in games like SupCom, COD4, Crysis, Clear Sky, WoW, etc. on high settings. OR: a 260GTX at 1600x1200, 16xAF/4xAA in the aforementioned games(also on high)?
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    8800GTS 512 artifacts and locks up in UT3.

    So I've got this problem. I recently got UT3 and it locks up with red/blue artifacts all over the screen after about 5-15minutes of gameplay. I've tried other games like SupCom FA, HL2, C&C3, HoMM5, WoW and I can play for hours and it doesn't lock up. I am running it on stock speeds and it's...
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    E6600 bottlenecking 8800gts 512mb?

    Hello everyone, I've just got my 8800gts 512mb and noticed that it's not performing that much better than my previous card. I decided to try overclocking the card, but I didn't get any decent results. So I overclocked my E6600 to 3.0Ghz just for the hell of it, and noticed a significant...