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    If you have beaten Bioshock 2 post here (spoilers!)

    Beat it, pretty short. I just used the security plasmid and sat back and repaired the bots.
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    Looking for a netbook that can play 720p

    My father runs 720p TV episodes on his MSI Wind u100, and I had no trouble with 720p content on my old Lenovo s10 with CoreAVC. The newest Flash beta is also helpful for netbooks.
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    Speaker and Headphone Rigs Picture Thread

    full size zero pre-amp/dac little dot mk III akg k701 beyerdynamic dt 770 pro ath-es7 head direct re2
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    Where do you guys get your games?

    ebay for 360 games. i got re5 for 25, fable ii for 22, and street fighter iv for 27 recently.
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    6th ave Name Your Own Price is back

    Offered 400 for canon xs kit and 450 for nikon d60, got 519 counteroffer for both.
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    Logitech Z-5500 Deals?

    The Z-5500s aren't that bad, especially if you listen through foobar2000 with wasapi output (google it for more info). I have a pretty good headphone setup, so I think I know good audio, and the Z-5500s are great for the price point. On that note, they are $250 at amazon, free shipping. Not a...
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    alright, not quite computer audio as much as audio in general

    vanns has energy rc-10s for $300...
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    Ebay Live Cashback.... back. 25%

    this really got my hopes up...
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    Need help silencing my Comp - No overclocking

    Something else to try: I just spent some time with a vacuum and a can of air cleaning my Antec 900, it is much, much quieter now. I think something got stuck in a fan causing it to rattle for the last few years.
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    Wow I totally forgot I wrote this big review. Anyway I had to adjust my chair, I was at maybe a 10% viewing angle and the top of the screen was much darker than the bottom. Now it is all good.
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    Ebay Buyers - Possible 35% CASHBACK from Microsoft

    Just bought a stratocaster for $250 shipped after cashback. Sweeeeet.
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    Alternative to iTunes for organization?

    with foobar 2000 file management you can copy your entire library to a specified folder with whatever paths you want. you have to check file management when you install foobar2000 as it doesn't install automatically though, so you may have to reinstall foobar2000.
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    Radioheads Entire 'Ok Computer' album for $1.99 @ Amazon

    The CD is lossless, the mp3s aren't.
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    anyone have experience with a zero dac

    i love mine. i can lay in bed and drift off to some nirvana unplugged and feel every chord.
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    Is 32 ohms enough to bother with a headphone amp?

    yup get a better set of cans
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    made it to 1:35 i hate bloggers because they think people care about their opinions. sadly people do, for some reason i cant understand.
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    Antec Mini P180 White $79.99 shipped

    Wow that case is awesome.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    It really brings out the DT770s. The bass and highs are really detailed with it. I'm excited to see what it sounds like after 100 hours or so. I got it for $150ish or so from eBay. I haven't really noticed a large difference on the Alessandros though, probably because they don't really...
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    Post your HeadPhones!

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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    The colors are anything but washed out on mine. Try a high contrast and a mid to low brightness depending on the ambient light in your room.
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    Demonoid Invites

    lol nobody will trade an hdbits invite for a demonoid invite. in my private tracker forums everybody just pastes demonoid codes in large threads, they are worth nothing.
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    My monitor is really bright. I left it at the same settings but restarted my computer and I could swear it went brighter but the colors stayed the same. MY RGB gamma settings are all 2.11, with contrast 90. brightness 25 and sharpness 50. What settings are you guys all using for DVI?
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    Here is the wallpaper link.
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    The Compact Disc Turns 26 Today

    My EAC proper FLAC rips sound great, so there is no need to have a CD except when you rip it. I can just burn it back anyway since I save the .cue.
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    About three feet away. I have watched some videos on it though and it looks good far away, comparable to my Sharp and better than my old Dell E207WFP. I'm still messing with the settings. I tried adjusting the gamma but couldn't get a picture I was happy with, so I left it all at 2.20. I...
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    The T260HD also has a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, but the T260 and T240 have a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. I personally don't use dynamic contrast, so this isn't important, but the non HD displays also don't have 16:9 support so they don't display the Xbox 360 at 1:1 pixel mapping.
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    Logitech Z-2300 best for $100?

    Yup Swans.
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    It isn't really grainy, but it's just a combination of ISO 400 and a shaky hands. Also movies aren't perfect so you may see some grain there (like 300, which had grain on purpose). Here are some more pics of COD4 on Xbox 360 over HDMI at 1080p. Same level, but with Xbox 360 at 720p...
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    I have a few PC games, Oblivion, Company of Heroes, and a few others I can test. Anything you need in particular?
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    I haven't been able to test the tuner yet. I move into the dorms next Wednesday though where there is a cable hookup so I can let you know then.
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    It actually has a headphone input on the side next to the HDMI input. I'm playing COD4 right now and I'm not seeing any problems. It is extremely clear and vivid. No ghosting or tearing that I see.
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    I didn't notice any lag on Xbox 360 after playing Gears of War and Halo 3. Since all Xbox games are at lower resolution than 720p, it upscaled pretty well. Gears of War has a lot more detail at 1080p when you sit pretty close (compared to my 42" 1080p).
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    Specs I am a college freshman this fall, and because of the small dorm rooms, I was looking for an "all in one display". I'm sure many of you can imagine the difficulty in finding one, which is why models like the 32" Sharp and 37" Westinghouse are so popular. I was looking for an...
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    24" monitor or a TV, what to look at?

    Why not get a Samsung T240HD? Best of both worlds. I got mine now. After calibrating it I will post pictures.
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    whats with the 2.1 / headphone obsession?

    I have Z-5500s and a decent headphone setup. I never use the Z-5500s for music, as they are muddled and don't project any fine details. It's impossible to know why people spend a ton of money without hearing great speakers.
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    My Ipod Headphones broke. Need new ones.

    Haha I thought that too. Got a good deal on Beyerdynamic DT770s. Then ooh! Alessandro MS-1s for $75 with bowls and comfies?! Great condition! I'll take it. 25% cashback on a Zero DAC/Amp/Pre-amp? I'll take it! (All in two months)
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    Fire At Apple HQ

    They divided by zero.
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    iPhone Ad vs. iPhone Reality

    Almost all of these Apple bashing articles begin with people bashing Macs and then others disputing until eventually it is all discussed and the Mac people end it with sound arguments, analogies and logic. I wonder if that is the goal all along... sustained page views...