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    Swiss Gear Backpacks @ Buydig 29.95 with the coupon code "SWISS" Free shipping. Tax in NY and NJ. My last Swiss Gear backpack lasted me 3 years of daily use.
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    Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition 3.46GHz 6 Core Processor SLBVZ +12gb Memory
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    Suggestions needed for cable TV replacement.

    I'm ready to cut my cable TV and go otherwise. My requirements are thus: All the movie channels. BBC BBC America TBS ABC Sports (they play the WCS races) News channels Hardwired DVR So my question is thus: What is the easiest way to go? Unlocked Amazon Fire TV or similar device, building...
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    HOT Delphi USB 2.0 Lighted Cable 10ft - 4-Pack 7.99 Delphi USB 2.0 Lighted Cable 10ft - 4-Pack $7.99 Warranty: One year Features: * Length – 10 feet * Gold plated USB connectors for maximum conductivity * Translucent connector and cable overmold for striking appearance * Cable ends glow to provide visual...
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    $10 Random Shnoop St. Pats Lucky Charms Mystery Bag Better get some Lucky Charms!
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    Setting up an Austin LAN

    Looking for a couple of people to assist me with setting up a lan party in Round Rock. I own the place, so we're covered for that. I have internet already setup along with plenty of power, AC, locker rooms ( rooms, showers/sinks/lockers/toilets), half a kitchen (no oven), and lots of...
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    Iwill ZMAXdp $239.00 Dual Opteron nVIDIA Barebones System (Red) Cheap dual opty box for folding.
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    FS: Dual Xeon LV Bundles and MORE!

    Bundle #1 COMING SOON Bundle #2 COMING SOON Bundle #3 Not really a bundle, but a full computer! Sony Vaio Desktop 1.8ghz. It's up and folding in my server closet (which is at the spa, across town..I can get more specific details later..but I use it strictly for a folding box)...
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    FS: Dually Xeon LV Bundles

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    The current state of Penguinfarm #1

    Nothing to see here.
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    WTB the power company to lower my bills! Serious WTB list inside

    WTB a few things. Looking for an external scsi cdrom or dvdrom with cable to attach to the scsi backplane of this: It's a IBM xseries 440 server. I have more things I wtb, but can't think of them atm. Will add them later today. .
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    Died =(

    Lost one of my first folders. A P4 2.53ghz :( It died a horrible death and I can't even install another OS on it because of errors. On the bright side of things (The wife is going to kill me when she finds out Monday!) AMD Tech Tour time in Dallas. I am picking up the Desktop Bundle...
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    This warning has been brought to you by.....

    This warning has been brought to you by Penguin Folding Systems. The following folders will be passed soon. This is the only warning you shall recieve. We will not be calling anyone out nor shall we make idle challanges. You will be simply passed. 61 (15) gemniii (30.5 days) 62 (14)...
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    Just broke 600k points...

    601116 points as of right now and in 81st place. Next up to be passed is: 80: BrianTumelle 79: Parja 78: Jsavage 77: Travanx 76: Chris Kozlowski 75: rigor mortis That'll cover this list for about the next month.
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    Celeron D 326 & ECS Mobo $79.99 - No Rebates Would make for a cheap folding box.
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    Need some help with OS for Folding Box

    I bought a 8x P4 Xeon server box that needs an OS for it. I'd like to put Linux on it and need some suggestions. My Linux experience is really limited but I refuse to put Microshaft on any more than I have to. Suggestions? Live around Austin and want to help?
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    FT: 18gig 10krpm SCSI HDD's for P4 mobo

    I'm sitting with 2 18.4gig scsi Atlas ll drives I need a mobo for a P4 3.4ghz proc. Must fold more....
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    Penguinfarm named after the [H]orde with pics!

    The Racks themselves. My farm is in a constant state of work as I keep playing with things, adding computers, removing computers and just in general..playing. The small rack. When I acquire more rackmount computers, the towers will go on shelves. The bottom 4u in this rack is called...
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    /waves to KodiakStar

    Get ready to be passed!
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    Ding! 200k points

    Ding ding ding![h]penguincomp
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    Cisco Question

    How do I get into the console of a Cisco PIX 506 firewall? I've googled it before and never found an answer to it.
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    Worklog: Penguin Farm..Day 2

    Over the next week, I'll be organizing, adding the server racks and more computers to this...this is just a worklog of what I'm starting with and how it will end up. Currently I have parts scattered across my house, which is annoying my fiance and me. These are Day 2 pics. Day 1 consisted of...
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    Ok..Now I'm going nuts with the farm..Is it possible to borg a Mac with OS9?

    I just hooked up the old Mac with OS9..Power PC G3... Now to figure out how to borg this possible?
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    Need help with Linux!

    OK...I'm in the process of building my farm..One of my computers I have Lindows on. I downloaded the Linux version of FAH..but then when I click on the exe, it wants me to choose a program to open it with? Let's keep in mind that I know NOTHING about Linux. I'm just adding this comp to the farm...
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    Biggest WU I've seen

    Currently completed 4250 out of 25000 frames. Gromacs core.'ll be finished in 5 hours.
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    Simple computer

    As you can see...nothing special. Still need to Etch my penguin on the window, but everything is all nice and neat. Specs are thus: P4 3.4 Socket 775 OCed to 3.9 Zalman HSF 2x250 in RAID 0 2x Corsair XMS2 DDR2 512mg 5400 DVDRW ATI AIW x600 Abit AA8
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    Need Cisco advice

    Here we go.. I'm looking for a Cisco firewall for my business. If the firewall can act as a router as well, that would be most excellent. I am looking for something around the $500 range if possible, if not, I can always go up in price. I need it to hold around 50 connections and this is...
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    Booga Booga...Ding!

    I just hit 10k pts. Booga Booga!
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    Mobile PC/Network tech w/serious case modding experience needed's the deal. I asked the mods about this first before no flames please. This is a legit job opportunity for someone local. I'm in Round Rock Texas, just north of Austin. I'm opening up shop within the next month. Position requires a few things: 1. Drivers...
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    Off for vacation

    Ah...vacation. That lovely time of year that only happens 2-3x a year. I have... dual 2.6ghz 2.6ghz 3.6ghz xp 3200 dual 800mhz 1.8ghz 1.6 ghz ...are all running folding while I"m gone for the next to weeks..Now watch the power go out while I'm gone...LOL. My lappy my still run it...
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    Looking for a white case

    Ok..I've been searching for hours now, have not found what I'm looking for and am hoping that someone can help. This is what I'm looking for: White Case..Need a mini and mid tower. No other color No Door For one case, I need a window installed. For the other case it must be a solid door...
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    Adding new boxen to the fold

    I bought a HP Dual p3 800mhz server to fold with...LOL. Wasn't enough that I already had 2 comps running. Now for the real test....I bought around 50 P2 Systems yesterday....They were 50 bucks!
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    Mobo showing 4 proc's instead of 2

    PC-DL is showing 4 processors instead of the 2 installed. I know it's something stupid I'm missing. Help? I ran into this a few years ago and have forgotten what the deal is. Thanks
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    Need some custom fan grills

    I need some custom 120mm fan grills made. Anyone know of a place that does that kind of work?
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    expkey.exe <--What in the heck is this?

    Found this on someone's computer yesterday. No clue what it's doing but eating up 1/3 of his ram and processing power. Did the usual google search, no luck. Tried to delete it in safemode then delete every registry key that contained it, but no luck. Any suggestions?