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    Photoshop malfunction

    Recently my photoshop's brightness is off. The pictures look brighter in photoshop than they do when finished and viewed out of it. This problem isnt't too dramatic but I'd liek to know the exact colors im working with,
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    MSI K8N neo2? What do you all think about the MSI K8N neo2?
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    is the difference between an AMD athon 64 3400+ and a 3500+ worth the difference in money
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    hl2dm ico

    Where is HL2 deathmatch's .ico?
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    Changing Photoshop cs splash screen

    Does anyone have information or any links to tutorials where I could learn how to do this?
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    Fry's is illegal!

    so my story begins with me going into Fry's to buy RAM I walk over to the memory container and see an add for Geil Ultra platinum, Golden dragon and golden dragon for laptops. I say to Mr.Fry " I'd like a gig of dual channel PC 3200 golden dragon please" and he says alright and prints out the...
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    hilarious photoshop

    I guess the admins dont like that site. Sorry for disturb
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    Led fans

    Im planning on getting PC-65B For the fron fan bay i either want to mount 2 6" CCFls or 2 led fans. Except i heard most LED fans are built for style not for performance and i also plan on getting panalos so...... My question is: Are there good performing, quiet RED LED fans? Or would...
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    I need an OK

    i need an ok on the system i might get. I want best prices and better deals. Like "dont get that when you can get this for $20 more" please help <edit> Asus SK8V (VIA K8T800) Athlon FX-51 (2.2 GHz) 1GB (2x512MB) Geil PC3500 Golden Dragon sapphire ATI 9800Pro-$212 80GB WD or Seagate...
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    Super nintendo

    What's the price SNES is running for these days? online its about $50 but what about in stores?
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    I've been playing cs a lot and people refer to llama. Is llama-ing making someone else talk or what is it?
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    Chop Half Life!!!!!!

    ok this time lets actually chop something cause that gay transformers thread never went anywhere orig: my chop:
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    Where is a good place to buy game related toys. Like starcraft action figures and such
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    Pci X

    Anyone know when PCI X is coming out. I know theres no definite date buti kindofneed it tocomeout before march. Does anyone think that could happen? If so do you think I should wait until it comes out beofre I get it. I know itwill run liek 10x faster than AGP but I'm gunna build a new compy in...
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    how do i vectorize an image in ps cs
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    Art institute of seattle

    anyone know if its a good school for art? I'd like to get into advertising
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    ati 10k

    Has anyone heard of an ati 10000? any links? any news? WIll it have 512 RAM?
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    1.6 screens

    Ever since i've had steam i cant find any of my new screenshots. does anyoen know where they would be? I've checked in the cstrike folder and in the steam folder
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    CS:CZ leak

    I heard there was a counter strike: condition zero link. at a lan or something my friend was browsing news and he calmly said "condition zero is leaked" I mightve misheard him but... ya is it true?
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    amazing photoshop brushes dont even talk if its a repost
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    I'm starting a thread to chop cars with transformer logos on them like they are transformers Decepticons: Autobots: My autobot chop:
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    starcraft ghost

    anyone know when starcraft ghost is coming out? anybody lookingforward to it? what do you guys think? rip off of splinter cell?
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    2.4C vs 2.6C

    im gunna get either a P4 2.4C or 2.6C Im not much of an OCer but my friend optional is Is it worth it to pay te extra like $20 for the 2.6 or just OC the 2.4 I really dont wanna OC unless i need to
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    mountain dew god

    we were all well...high on sugar as it were thats my friend (optional is the [H]) before: after this is a quick job, 10-20 minutes , pretty simple, lots of dodge and burn, andlens flares and such, lots of blur
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    A member needs help

    Hey guys, Since i'm not that good at photoshop I need help. I want to make like a rusty steel manhole cover with " S D S" on it, Subterranean Development Studios, arranged any way.This will be kind of a logo thing for a project im working on we're making an RPG...
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    1st real photochopping...

    i love mtn dew. this from a LAN party new years eve (my friend (optional in the forums)): <note the mountain dew crown I made on the child to the right>