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    HD 419 vs HD 335s vs HD 429?

    Hey all, I was wondering which set of headphones would be the best out of the ones in the title and why? Thanks.
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    Keep device hot?

    Hey all, whenever my tablet's LCD gets to cold it starts doing some weird shit which makes the tablet unusable. I just put it up next to a heater/vent for around 10 seconds and that fixes it for a while but I don't always have one around. Is there any way to keep an Android somewhat hot without...
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    Gamestick-$20 at GameStop

    GameStop has had Gamesticks for $20 for a while now. They're Android sticks that come with a controller, equipped with a dual core CPU and Mali 400 Graphics. You can install CFW on them and sideload apps. The controller is pretty bad but if you wanted to you can use the controller as a gamepad...
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    Post your Mobile background here

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    Good USB Dual Tuner for $70 +/-?

    Hey all, I'm looking to help my parents cut cable. Right now I'm stuck on funding a tuner card that works with an antenna. I would just get them a HVR-950Q as that seems to be a popular tuner card but as said in the title, I would like a dual tuner so they can record two programs at once. I...
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    Search problem

    Every time I search, it takes really long to load and I get this message: "connection to localhost:3312 failed (errno=0, msg=php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution)" Using a Galaxy Note 8.0 (am unable to test on a PC right now), tried two browsers...
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    Will this phone work on T-Mobile?

    I was wondering if I could use the Blu Diva X,, on T-Mobile? Thanks. To me it looks like T-Mobile works but roams on the 850 band, and works on the 1900 band, and the phone has both. Correct me if Im wrong.
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    No LEDs, board dead?

    Hey everybody, I can get a Asus P7P55D-E Pro for a great deal. But apparently, no LEDs turn on when the board has no CPU/RAM. Does this mean the board is dead? Or is it just because there's no CPU and RAM? BTW theres no way for the seller to test it with a CPU since he doesn't have one I guess...
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    Best headphones for $200 +/-?

    I'm sorry, as I'm sure you get these types of threads a LOT. But I'm just gonna create a new one, since all the threads I've found didn't ask exactly what I'm looking for: a pair of 'phones for $200 (would prefer around $150, am okay with up to $250 if it's really worth it), good for electronica...
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    Free FreedomPop 4G WiMax/3G USB Stick
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    Smartwatches with older phones?

    I am thinking of getting a Evo 4G (because of Freedom Pop), but I REALLY want a smart watch. I've done. A little bit of research, and I can't tell. All I've seen is "Any phone with 4.3+". Now, I can get a 4.3 ROM for the Evo, so that's not a issue. What I'm worried about is the Bluetooth (or...
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    Lion code won't activate on Windows

    I'm in a bit of a tricky situation right now. I, well *downloaded* a copy of OS X Lion if you know what I mean. I upgraded from Snow Leopard without a hitch, but then when I went to reinstall, I deleted my old partition so there is no more OS X on the MB at all besides the recovery partition...
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    Unlimited plan $40 and under?

    I'm looking for a plan that has a very good amount of everything (unlimited SMS, at the very minimum 300 minutes, and 3GB of data) for around $40. The best I found so far is BrightSpot, I bought a phone and a $35 card and guess what? Calls are constantly breaking up. My last Verizon phone...
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    Buying used, local?

    I found a 2010 MBA 11" in Craigslist, and am probably gonna buy it. What should I look for to make sure I'm not being ripped off? Thanks.
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    4K for Xbox 360?

    I was wondering, should I get a 4K monitor for my Xbox 360? I can get a really good deal on one, so dont worry about price. Will games look any better at 4K on console, or exactly the same as 1080/720p?
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    Why are 120Hz TVs better?

    I know why a 120Hz monitor is better then a 60Hz one, depending on the person you will notice smoother motion in games if your system is capable of getting 120 FPS. But why would you want a 120Hz TV? Movies are only 24 FPS, and most console games don't go above 30 FPS.
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    Good settings for R9 290 with Watch Dogs

    So I got Watch Dogs and have a R9 290. I've been experimenting with settings, but can find something that gives a good FPS (I'm one of those guys who hates anything below 45 FPS). So, what do you guys reccomend?
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    What's after Modern UI?

    This is of course all going to be speculation, but what do you guys think comes after Modern (Metro)? I assume Winodws 9 will use Modern, as will Windows Phone 9, but what comes after that? More Modern (I doubt this, MS used Aero for Vista and 7, so I assume Modern is the same), or something...
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    Getting 0xc7b on Win 8

    I've been getting an error on a couple programs today (on a brand new install of Windows 8 btw), "The application was unable to start correctly"..., error code 0xc7b. It's happened with Origin and Corsair Headset Control Panel, but not with Steam, Chrome, etc. I would prefer to not reinstall...
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    Minecraft lag with 770

    I'm getting anywhere from 20 FPS to 55 with my GTX 770 on Minecraft. It makes no sense at all, this GPU can max out Crysis 3 with a similar frame rate. It's all of a sudden, to. Originally, I was constantly getting 500FPS without VSync. I got so agitated, I even reinstalled Windows, but it...
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    DVD Drive makes whining noise

    I have a LG DVD drive, that was bought couple months ago but never used. It makes a weird whining noise whenever I put in a disk, makes that noise for 30 seconds or so, then ejects. So I am completely unable to do anything with disks. Any help is appreciated.
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    Make calls over WiFi?

    I have a phone with service, but my calls drop. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It's the single most annoying thing I've ever come across. I will be getting a new carrier soon for sure, but in the meantime, I need to be able to use my current number and phone, to make calls. I use Android btw. I need to be...
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    Windows 8 Reboot loop

    My install of W8 keeps rebooting. It says 100 percent complete, goes to 30 percent, then says restarting and restarts. Been doing this for the last 20 minutes. Maybe it just has a ton of updates, but shouldn't it tell me how far it is through (eg. Update 7/15)? Edit: It stopped. But still, why...
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    Submit to AdBloc Plus Filter

    Tens of thousands of people use AdBlock Plus, and I'm sure at least a few users on this forum do to. A feature of this extension is a whitelist built into ABP which they implement sites into that have non-intrusive advertising (only a couple ads at the most, no flash or animated ads), and [H]...
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    Boot to Start on W8?

    It seems with a recent update, Windows 8 is automatically booting to the desktop. This is a feature requested by a lot of people, but I am one of the few that likes the Start screen. So, if anybody could tell me how to boo to Start, I'd appreciate it.
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    Dim LEDs?

    I googled, but I couldn't find an anwser. My case LEDs (Tempest 410) are incredibly bright. Not a problem during the day, or not even at night when I'm going to sleep. But, when I put it in sleep mode, it blinks. And that keeps me from going to sleep. A dimmer should work fine, but I don't know...
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    I'm sorry, I honestly had no idea where to put this thread :o I bought a GTX 770 ACX from Newegg 3 days back, came by UPS today. The GPU should come with Assassins Creed IV, but it didn't. No code in the box, in the package, nothing. So, what should I do? Did the code actually come by e-mail...
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    1 Long beep, 3 short, pause, 1 short?

    Hey all, on my Crosshair V forumula I am getting a Long beep, 3 short, pause, and 1 short. What does this mean?
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    PC Tiitanfall Beta Key

    I have a PC beta key for Titanfall. First person to ask for it gets it, but you need to be at least a Limp Gawd.
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    Seeing General Mayhem

    Wait, saw the announcement. Sorry.
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    GTX Promo?

    I was browsing Newegg earlier, and the subtitle didn't have "Free Splinter Cell and Batamn Arkham Origins", only AC IV and $50 off the Shield. Does that mean no more Splinter Cell and Batman promo?
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    Mantle Capabilities?

    Everybody's going crazy on how Mantle has a way lower overhead then DX, therefore using less GPU power and better for lower end GPUs and CPUs and increasing FPS even in higher end ones, blah blah. But what about the capabilities? The fire, the physics, the smoke, etc? DX gets better every...
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    Why is my iTunes quality so bad

    I have quite a few songs purchased on iTunes. I purchases a few songs on Zune several months ago, and I have noticed my iTunes songs sound really crappy. Why is this? Anything I can do?
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    8 Pins for 12?

    I have a Crosshair V Formula and (soon) a 8350. But, my CX600M only has 4+4 Pin 12V (that's what its called, right?) power. The board has a single 4 pin connector and a 8 Pin. I have one of the 4+4 Pin powers in the 4 Pin, and one in the 8 pin. Is this fine for a 8350?
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    Green Logo on GeForce cards in Black/Red build?

    I want the reference cooler 770. It looks awesome. But I'm not sure how the green logo on top would look in my black/red build with a Crosshair V Formula. And I would go ACX but Best Buy has reference 770s (straight from nVidia). REFERENCE! :p But I was wondering if anybody could send me a link...
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    Bitcoin Mining, is this correct?

    I told someone this, and I am wondering if it's correct;
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    R9 270 CFX

    So, I have a chance to get a R9 270 for $110. My original thought was im getting a 770, but I may not have the budget for that as I thought I would. So i was thinking I could get this R9 270 and in a couple weeks get another one. Would it be a good idea? How much better if any would it be than a...
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    512 Multiplayer FPS?

    I am wondering if there is any 256 v 256 multiplayer FPS. Or any other game type besides MMOs or similar. And if there isn't 512, what's the biggest besides BF2?
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    After Coins Crash, Will Mining Be Profitable

    After LTC, BTC, and all the others crash, will mining be profitable? I'm pretty sure difficulty never drops, so if you spend $2 on power a day now and make $30, you would spend $2 a day and make $1, correct?
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    Are Micro SD Cards worth as much as SD Cards?

    A bit of a stupid question, but let's say you have two 16 GB midrange SD and Micro SD cards. Which would cost more? I'm asking this because I have a 16GB Sandsik Ultra SD card and want to trade for a Micro SD card but don't know if I can.