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    App that shows where all recently installed files actually went?

    Something like a file system monitor. Say I install, for a perfect example, .NET 3.5, and I want to see where all of the files were actually placed. This app would ideally just go "ok, all the recently installed files on the filesystem are in this location" and I could see where everything went...
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    Where IS .net in the filesystem?

    If there is one thing that gets me about MS stuff is that it's spread out EVERYWHERE. I know that when I write a Java program, everything that is Java is in C:\program files\java. I know that with python, everything that is python is in C:\python (This is my drive I'm talking about). But what IS...
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    Do you get the actual XP cd when you buy a laptop?

    For instance, if I buy a Vostro 1500 with XP Professional, will I get an actual XP Pro CD? Or will I get some sort of Dell CD where I follow some convoluted process and then I end up with XP Pro on my laptop? Simplified, is the XP CD pure or is it a Dell hybrid thing? Thanks Looking...
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    Anything cool to do with a DS besides conventional games?

    I just got a DS Lite as part of a trade and I'm not sure what to do with it. I'm not interested in any of the top 10 DS games at which I think is a bad sign. What else can I do with my DS? Any ideas? Even things very far from gaming but still utilizing the DS would be cool.
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    VM software that runs on Linux?

    I'd like to virtualize Windows for a variety of reasons. What's a good way to start with that? I'm used to using the Microsoft VM but that's clearly not an option at the moment. Thanks!
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    Looking for a simple text editor that I can run a compiler/interpreter from

    Something like a fully integrated IDE but I don't need all those features. I'd like tabbed browsing and all I want is a button that compiles all the files I'm working on and runs one. Is there anything simple like that or do I have to get a big ole IDE? I'm working with Java. I know eclipse...
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    Do you need ipodservice.exe to charge an iPod?

    My iPod refuses to charge via USB. I don't have iTunes installed nor do I have the iPod software installed. All I have is Anapod. I plug my iPod in via USB and it just doesn't charge at all. It'll just sit there with an apple on the screen until kingdom come. What gives?
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    iTunes is gone but still in add/remove programs

    I uninstalled iTunes and all my iPod updaters. There is NO trace of these programs anywhere. And yet, when I go to add/remove programs, they are still there. When I try to remove them it just opens up the installer, pretends to uninstall, and then stays there. I tried to run CCleaner to...
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    Disk monitor?

    Some sort of software that tells me whenever a folder/file is created or when a registry value is added/modified/deleted. Something like that? Some sort of background app..maybe pops up a window or an alert when one of the above things happened.
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    Freeware server browser? Like Gamespy or ASE?

    I know a long time ago Gamespy was the best software to find servers. Then ASE (All-Seeing Eye) was really good. What do people use now?
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    Game design software like Torque Game Builder?

    Things of that nature. Any alternatives?
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    I just want one feature out of a media player - please help me

    There is one thing in iTunes that I really love. Whenever you play something, be it an MP3 or a radio station or whatever, it adds it to a big list. Every time I open iTunes, all the stuff I've ever played is right there. All the radios, everything. In, say, foobar2000, I open an MP3 and it...
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    Any way to make iTunes 7 not stutter during playback?

    If I use iTunes 7 the playback stutters if I play a game or do ANYTHING else but iTunes 7. This never used to happen with iTunes 6. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    It takes SO long for iTunes to recognize my iPod

    I just reformatted and installed iTunes 7 as my music player. When I plug my iPod video into the computer it takes FOREVER for iTunes to finally bring it up. Like at least 2-3 minutes. It's not cool at all. How can I fix this?
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    Video card repair? Really messed up my 9800 Pro

    Alright this is the gist of it. I while ago I put my 9800 Pro in. Then like a year later, I was pulling it out and I somehow *forgot* the proper way to remove the power cable. There is a connector ON the video card, and that connector goes to the actual detachable connector. I tried my hardest...
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    Uuuuuuuugh AIM Triton is an abomination

    My new install feels SULLIED by this garbage called AIM Triton. What other programs can I use that are compatible with AIM? Nobody I know uses any other IM client and I like to transfer files which never seems to work with other clients like Gaim. Anyone got any ideas here? Thanks
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    Why can't I hibernate?

    I went to Power Options, turned on Hibernate. Go to Start -> Turn Off Computer and Hibernate is not an option! How do I get it to be an option?
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    2 Creative sound cards installed at the same time- both recognized, only Audigy works

    Ok, here's the skinny. I have an Audigy (SB0090) and a Live! (SB0060) installed in the same computer. Both are running the kX drivers and both are recognized. I can configure them however I want. foobar2000, Tracktion, Reason, etc. all can see both sound cards in their respective audio...
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    INSERTing into a table that has an auto-incrementing value

    Ok. I have a table that has 22 fields. The first field is 'id' and it auto-increments the integer value. Currently what I have to write is this mysql_query("insert into Mob (acidresistance, animation, bludgeonresistance, electricityresistance, expvalue, fireresistance, focus...
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    Colorless icon backgrounds? I thought I knew how to do it

    In Windows XP, all my icons have an orange background and it stands out really bad on my wallpaper. Now, I thought I knew how to fix this. I went to My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Performance -> Settings -> "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" I THOUGHT that was how it...
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    Thermaltake Soprano cases? They look like I want to have sex with them

    Tight looking cases. Not gawdy, 2x120mm fans (orange!!), tool-less PCI and hard drive/optical installs, dust filter, covered front USB ports (goodbye dust!). Anyone have one of these? Are they good? I want one so bad.
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    When small things go wrong

    I have a 2500+ Barton. With my FSB @ 204Mhz, I can run Quake 4. With the FSB @ 210 MHz, I can't. It just crashes as soon as the game loads (on high quality) or within seconds (on medium). Is that a limit on my processor? Is there any way for me to get it higher? It really doesn't go any higher...
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    Alarm clock software?

    I can't find a good alarm clock. I'm looking for a.) A playlist, as opposed to just picking a song. Lots of them have this, but they still suck. b.) Fade in effect that works? None of the fade ins seem to work c.) Preferably free Something good. Any of you guys use a computer alarm clock?
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    Easy Excel question

    I have this line =STDEV(E21:E40 ?? E80:E101) I need to get the standard deviation of only E21:E40 and E80:E101. How do I combine those 2 ranges? I can't just sum them or else I'll screw up my standard deviation. What's the operator to link a range together?
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    Physical stress on the card so I can screw it in?

    I'm sure somebody here knows what I'm talking about. I get my new card, put it in the motherboard, but the screw hole doesn't line up very well with my case. So now I have to either a.) Let it sit there unscrewed and wobbly (highly unacceptable) or b.) Get my thumb, push the top of the...
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    Are those little brown circles under the screws really important?

    I just installed my new mobo in my case, but to my dismay I didn't have any little brown circles that go on the screw, before you screw them onto the mounting screws. Is this a big deal? So far I have no issues whatsoever, so it doesn't seem so. But what are they for?
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    Thermal paste everywhere

    Let's say the thermal paste is all over the core, on some surrounding ceramic, and very much close to if not touching many of the little metal leads/things (AMD Athlon XP 2500+). How much do I need to concern myself with thermal paste on the metal parts? The little bridges..I really don't know...
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    Monitor died suddenly due to voltage problems?

    I have a Samsung 710T. Last saturday I was up playing Gunbound till 2:30am (it's the TIME, not the game that matters..don't bitch if you hate that game). Anyway, I get up at 10:30am on Sunday, turn my computer on, and my monitor is dead. Also..on that same day, my computer stops turning on with...
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    Anyone purchased a replacement video card fan?

    I purchased this fan and it didn't fit on my Tyan G9800 Pro-M 128MB. The fan mounts were of the correct type, but the holes didnt line up. Something was slightly off. Has anyone purchased a replacement fan for their video card? How did you pick which...
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    After a years worth of heat based video lockups, do you think my video card is OK?

    I have a 9800 Pro, and about a year ago the fan started to poop out on me. Over that year I've probably locked up 200 times. I've had fans blowing into my computer, I've had them off during the winter. I've had my case next to the window, I've had the sides on. A million lockups because that...
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    Shopping cart that can be used to purchase dynamically produced items?

    My dad is trying to get a system setup where people can search for records off his database and then purchase them at a certain price. He needs a setup that can allow him to purchase those records once they have been searched for and displayed dynamically. He can't just put all the records in...
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    SIMPLE network problem has me stumped

    Here's a layout All are 192.168.99.x DAD - XP Pro - .197 SERVER - XP Home .198 ME - XP Pro .196 DAD can see both ME and SERVER SERVER can see both ME and DAD ME can only see DAD, not SERVER There is NO reason! We are all on the SAME switch. It's not even a router. It's just a...
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    Having FULL access to a Linxu machine using a remote client of some kind?

    I'd rather not invest in a KVM, but I don't want to have two keyboards and two mice either. Is there any way that I can get a connection to a remote Linux machine using some sort of software on my Windows machine? I know this kind of thing is done all the time, but I'm not sure what kind of...
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    C: Partition1 [Unknown] - what happened?

    This morning my house lost power and now my dad's computer is fubar. At first when it rebooted I got an error saying that \SystemRoot\System32\hal.dll was corrupted or missing, so I tried to go to recovery console and replace it, but then when I did C:\dir it said "An error occured...
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    Applied thermal paste like 400 times - how do I clean and start over?

    I've applied thermal paste to my friend's 2000+ and stock heatsink like 400 times. How do I just clean it and start over. We wiped off the thermal paste with tissue but I wouldn't think that is a very good way to do it. Should we use alcohol? What do I dip in the alcohol/cleaning solution? What...
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    Me and my brother can't play Hearts?

    Me and my brother are trying to play Hearts online and it says that we can't play because we are in the same location. At first we were on a router, so we scrapped that. Then I tried logging in via dial-up from NetZero and it still didn't work. So I dialed up via AOL and it still doesn't work...
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    How do I restrict access for other user accounts in XP? It's not easy at all

    Well the gist of this is, I moved back home becaue school is out, and now my computer is where my mom's was, so she needs a computer. I said I would make her a user account but I don't want her snooping around my files and such. So far I have only been able to do this: Add a password to the...
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    Longhorn Beta - is it available?

    I looked around on Google but I didn't find much, but I figured you guys would know. Is it available? Is it coming out? Does it have capable drivers for any hardware? I'd like to try it out now that I don't need a stable system for school. Thanks
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    Video card fan dead - any options?

    My fan on my video card is just dead. At first it started spinning slowly, but now it's straight up dead. Is there any way for me to get a replacement? Or do I have to send it back/buy a new card. I'm tired of locking up on non-minimum graphics.
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    Reading a MP3 ID3 tag?

    If I wanted to make an EASY to use tagger program for a project and just because I want to make one, how would I go about getting the data from an MP3 ID3 tag? I don't know anything about this. Thanks