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    Question about Vista Upgrades

    Im wondering what happens if you want to upgrade to Vista and have an XP RETAIl CD. Here's my situation. I own a retail boxed copy of XP and want to upgrade to Vista. I was going to buy the OEM DVD but Im a little scared about running into issues later with hardware upgrades. I have an XP Pro...
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    Please help me before I kill myself....

    Ive been fighting with my wife's PC now for several weeks and Im not any closer to figuring out what's wrong with it than I was when I started. Here's the deal. When you power the box up, sometimes it posts, sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes you hit the power switch and it doesnt do anything...
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    Another "What motherboard" thread

    Im doing my first system upgrade in a long while. Im all twisted up on motherboard choices tho so I thought I'd ask for some advice. Here's what I have in my cart right now.. Im not interested in overclocking whatsoever, Im mainly just interested in stablity and bells and whistles like RAID...
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    LCD Blackouts with 6800Ultra

    Im pretty sure this is a driver issue and there may be a setting somewhere to fix this but I cant find anything searching the forums so I thought I would ask. I have an AGP 6800 Ultra and a Dell 2001FP. Some applications seem to send the monitor into a blackout mode, where the screen goes...
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    Help Me Buy A Mobo Quick!!

    Im ready to order a bunch of stuff from Newegg but unfortunately I cant seem to get a clear answer from anyone about whether the processor I want is compatible with the motherboard I want. Here's what I have picked out: AMD 64 3700 SD core MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum motherboard PQI 2x1G DDR 400...
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    Athlon 64 Board With PCI-E->AGP Adapter

    I remember seeing a while back that a couple of companies were offering motherboards with an adapter that enabled AGP cards to plug into PCI-E. I want to get a new mobo/cpu combo and have about decided on an Athlon 64 3700 with the SD core but I really didnt want to go with a motherboard with an...
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    XP Logon Screens

    Anyone know how to stop XP from bringing up the old school Windows 2000 style login screen instead of the XP GUI one? I use a fingerprint scanner for logging in to Windows and it doesnt work on that screen. Last night that screen popped up, first time Ive seen it in months and I had forgotten my...
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    Poor Virtual Drive Performance

    I just built a file server that's connected to my network via gigabit ethernet. My main PC is also gigabit connected and the other PCs on the network are either wireless or plain 10/100. The wired PCs are going through a gigabit switch as well. The problem Im having is that I have 2 of the...
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    Any LANs in Raleigh, NC?

    I just moved to Raleigh from Dallas and have been looking unsuccessfully for any LAN partys. Anyone know of anything going on around Raleigh?
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    ProLink 6800 Ultra In Stock At The Egg

    Enjoy :)
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    Holy Cow, The 6800U Sucks Some Juice!!!

    So I got my eVGA 6800U today and installed it in my machine. Had a heck of a time wrestling the sucker in and getting the molex connectors on. That card is LOOOOONG. Anyway, get everything in, fire the PC up and as soon as the Windows splash screen comes up, the breaker for my room kicks. I...
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    EVGA GF 6800 Ultra In Stock @ NT-Micro

    I called and verified. They do have the cards in stock. A word of caution, however. Their reseller rating is awful, mostly with complaints of slow shipping. However, the woman I spoke with assured me that anyone who used any sort of expidited shipping, the cards would ship without delay...
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    External Water Cooling - Whats Right For Me?

    Okay, I really want to go to a watercooled setup mainly on my CPU. I want to cut down on the noise my PC makes so I think this is a good move towards getting rid of all the fans in my case. My problem is that I can't run an internal water cooling setup. I simply have too much hardware inside...