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    SFF Case - CM nr200p Max or NZXT h1 v2

    Thank you for all the great info 👍 . Will definitely wait and check out those new cases when they are released. These are the parts I currently have for the build AMD 5600x Noctua U9S for cooling 2x16gb ram X570-I Strix 512gb 960pro nvme Aorus Master 3080 Parts I need Case 750 or 850w SFF psu.
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    SFF Case - CM nr200p Max or NZXT h1 v2

    Yeah I can definitely wait. Some guy got it to fit on his nr200 but he had to take apart the bottom case bracket to make it fit.
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    SFF Case - CM nr200p Max or NZXT h1 v2

    I ended up trading my 1080ti for a Aorus Master 3080. Guess my only option is nr200 or do any of you SFF Gurus know of any upcoming case that would be able to fit a 3.5slot behemoth? I am not too in a rush to build it only parts I am missing now is Case and PSU.
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Bluetooth Computer Speakers ($79.99 w/ Walmart+ Membership)

    The very old ones had a better powerful amp. Otherwise they still same speakers.
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    SFF Case - CM nr200p Max or NZXT h1 v2

    If I am buying parts separately I am liking the Dan a4 h20 case. I am digging the form factor on it. So many options lol.
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    SFF Case - CM nr200p Max or NZXT h1 v2

    Yeah I kind of want something that is future proof especially with gpu card sizes. I will try to get a rtx 3 series card on the cheap when the 4k series card comes out. My main rig I have a 5950x so if I upgrade it later on I may just pop that 5950x into the SFF barring if the AIO could cool...
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    SFF Case - CM nr200p Max or NZXT h1 v2

    Hi everyone I am slowly piecing together a SFF build for my home theatre room. Going to be using a 1080ti for now along with a 5600x. I am torn between the CM Nr200p Max or the Nzxt H1 V2 both already comes with the aio and psu so i don't really have piece together those parts. My only worries...
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    DEAD: EVGA 1600w PSU Sale (T2 $259, P2 $239)

    I have a 3090ti and this deal is tempting. Debating on waiting for new gen psu with the new connectors.
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    12VH Power

    Yeah I am waiting for a PSU with the new connector for my 3090ti as well. Hopefully Seasonic or EVGA release one soon. I had a Corsair 1200axi and that thing wouldn't last. Had to RMA it twice after a year or so.
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    2TB EVO Plus 970 NVME "Refurbed" $139 at BB **edited** new price

    Dang it's sold out. At 149.99 I was hesitant but at 129.99 I was about to pull the trigger.
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    Good Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

    Any recommendation on a good wireless mechanical keyboard with media keys. Trying to lose some clutter wires so looking for a good wireless keyboard and eventually a mouse as well.
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    Phanteks TC14PE @ for $49.99

    Ahh ok. Yeah if it performs the same as the Noctuas then this is a killer deal.
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    What is your backup GPU?

    2080 rtx until it finally gets sold.
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    Phanteks TC14PE @ for $49.99

    are these knockoffs off the Noctuas Nh-D15? Looks almost the same.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Thanks for the tip! Going to try it out! Just ordered. What happens if Adorama doesn't ship till late does the 14 days still go in effect the day I order it? Did they change it to 90days now to register instead of the 14days?
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Just join the discord, hopefully, I can get lucky on a 3080 xx
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    Several Radeon 6700XT and up in stock at ScalpCast

    Lol if it reach to that point I would say go back to board games.
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    Best ARGB fans for the price?

    Yup especially when you gotta overpay for a gpu now. Any $ save helps for a new build.
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    Several Radeon 6700XT and up in stock at ScalpCast

    At this point, its probably better to go back to console gaming if you haven't gotten a PC yet.
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    When working on a computer, do you sit or stand?

    I personally stand when im installing the hardware. Then I sit when I do the more time consuming stuff like wire management.
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    Best ARGB fans for the price?

    I went cheap with my argb fan. Went with 2 5pk Asia horse fs9002 fan for my lian li o11 xl build. I did not want to spend more than $100 on fans.
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    Laser Printer Suggestions

    Base on my own personal experience the Brothers MFC 2740 has lasted me 5+years and still going. Never had a problem with it so far.
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    New PC build, finally got lucky in a product shuffle

    Are you planning on overclocking? If not then you can get away with a mid tier mobo around $200 range.
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    Looking for printer recommendations

    I would recommend Brothers laser printer. Currently using my Brother MFC 2740 for over 5years plus with no issues.
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    What do you mostly play? Single or Multiplayer games?

    When I had friends it was Multiplayer. When I became an old fart then it became more singleplayerish.
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    Lian li o11 dynamic noise issue with intake fans on the bottom panel

    Might have to change out to quieter fans.
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    Even MSRP from AIB is almost double the price from launch price. Sigh...
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    Several Radeon 6700XT and up in stock at ScalpCast

    2740 for a gpu 😔. Rip to the poor and middle class gamers
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    AMD5950X, Dark Hero, and 32GB GSkill Trident Z RGB / Neo / Royal - DDR4 3600-4000mhz choices ; B-Die really worth the increased price?

    Thank you will check it out tonight. This is really my first time dipping into memory overclock. First AMD rig as well.
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    New user of Ryzen + Dark Hero board / Need some help for settings and OC

    I heard the Asus drivers are crap compare to the downloaded ones from Microsoft for the Dark Hero board.
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    Noctua NH-D15 RAM height for second fan?

    Hey at least you have great air flow now with the cloth =D. My old Phantek Evolve case had airflow issue. I had to leave the side panel off to get adequate airflow.
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    Buys 5k in office chairs

    great find! I tried but they all want around $600 =[
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    NBA 2K21 (Epic Store 05/20- 05/27)

    Thank you. Downloaded. Free is free
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    Noctua NH-D15 RAM height for second fan?

    I am doing this as well. Just ordered the black chromax 120mm fan from Amazon earlier today. Any idea if I should set the speed to 800rpm to match the 140mm fan?
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    Noctua's Fanless 'Passive CPU Cooler' Slated to Arrive Soon...

    Waiting for Gamernexus to review this bad boy =D
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    5950X cooling options, AIO vs Custom, and OC options.

    I am running 5950x , Dark Hero, Noctua Nh-D15 air cooled. PBO2 I am hitting about 4.85ghz single core. Sucks my area is always hot. Ambient temp is 73-75c. Idle temp is around 48-50c ;[ When I stress my all core with cine23 it hits about 85c max. Currently I dropped it to 4.4ghz all core to...
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    Buys 5k in office chairs

    Maybe one day I can afford a Herman Miller chair. Maybe then my back can finally thank me. Still regret dropping $500 on a "Racer" gaming chair. If only I can go back in time =[
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    MC has 25

    Wow. Those must be AIO then at that msrp.
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    MC has 25

    WOW. That is crazy markup. Thx for the info. When will the day come where we can get a 6900xt at MSRP of measly $999 :cry:
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    Looking for motherboard recommendations

    Yeah that is a good upgrade path, but if you are planning to go 5900x you might want to consider spending a little bit more on a motherboard for the 5900x.