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    Looking for a new HDTV, suggestions?

    I moved to college and all I have is a ten year old Sony that has become so soft its almost unwatchable. Long story short, I'm looking for a new HDTV. This is going to be my main living room TV. The room isn't too big or too small so I was thinking a mid 30" to low 40" and I probably can't...
  2. J

    Problems with card

    I recently bought a new LCD monitor, which I love. It's fantastic but I've found a problem. When I play World of Warcraft sometimes the far right(2-5 pixels I suppose) will be random colors all the way down. At first I was horrified at dead pixels but when I alt tab out my desktop is fine and...
  3. J

    Visual Studio .Net

    Grrr kinda pissed that I typed this big huge thing and then hit the power key on my comp but lets get moving... I'm taking a VB class at the city college close to me and I was getting bored of the HW so I decided to try making Space Invaders. The problems is the class really has just...
  4. J

    Lineage II

    I've been iching for an MMORPG to play and I was thinking of trying L2. What are some of the pro and cons of the game. Also I've heard that its hard to play with out a large party. If I start up with 2 friends will the 3 of us be able to stick togther and enjoy the game long enough for it...
  5. J

    Bit Torrent crashes my connection

    When I run bittorrent for about 30 mins it crashes my internet connection and i have to restart my comp/modem. The problem is my linksys BEFCMU10 modem. Its something to do with how many connections it makes. Linksys hasn't put out a fix for it and seems to be ignoring the prob. I was...
  6. J

    $1000 for a comp

    My bro has been bugging me to build him a comp and now has a grand for me to do it. He been bugging me extra hard today because he thinks I have time to do research for him but I have alot of HW. He has an old laptop that just can't cut what he wants to do anymore...and thats game...
  7. J

    Need a new keyboard/mouse

    Well my bro broke my mouse, well its not broken but you have to click almost 5 times before it will register, which makes it useless for gaming. The plus is this gives me an excuse to get a new cordless mouse but I might as well get a crodless key board. I was looking at the logitech...
  8. J

    interesting CNC game

    If you ever played the original CNC this will bring you back... What is Battleground: Command and Conquer? Battleground: Command and Conquer, or BGCNC for short, is a web game where players interact through their web browser in a strategic fashion. After registered, you attack other people...
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    sig any good?

    Well I made this avatar and sig for another forum. Just wondering what you guys think. and just for fun I made this one...If any of you watch adultswim you'll get it.