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  1. Saturn_V

    W10 Pro flickering / flashing / refreshing bug

    This bastard reared its ugly head after Patch Tuesday. I was running an overnight Adobe Media Encoder job that may have made things worse when the OS tried to update. Desktop is constantly refreshing icons and task bar programs. Can’t select/launch anything from desktop/Start outside of Task...
  2. Saturn_V

    GLADOS and TF2 Sniper on NPR

    Neat story on VG voice acting couple Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie on NPR's All Tech Considered: The Unlikely Stars of America's Favorite Video Games. Been of fan of Lowrie since No One Lives Forever. And I didn't know McLain voices the TF2 Admin and L4D2 Witch too.
  3. Saturn_V

    Yet another KS space-sim: Starfighter Inc

    "In the vein of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter" and featuring one of XvT's designers caught my eye. Kickstarter site Developer site:
  4. Saturn_V

    Monoprice NPR segment

    thought it was interesting, and it's only 4mins Making Electronics Cheaper Requires Detective Work
  5. Saturn_V

    Team Fortress 2 + adult swim = ??? Sure bet they'll debut the new Pyro video. We already know a new game mode / update is coming down the pike. Maybe they'll reveal that Doctor Girlfriend/Mrs.The Monarch is The Scout's mom.... I'd be totally down for that. :cool:
  6. Saturn_V

    Dell Ultrasharp U2312HM 23" LED/IPS $239 FS @eBay

    Sold by Dell via eBay, Buy it Now price $239 + Free Standard Shipping US only
  7. Saturn_V

    Best VGA cooler- must be small & slim

    The fan on a Nvidia 7600 GS AGP is crapping out on me and I need to replace with an aftermarket cooler. But the card's in a SFF Shuttle that my mom uses, so space is limited to the width and height of the expansion slot. (maybe a 1/4inch over) Obviously, something like an Accelero S1/S2 would...
  8. Saturn_V

    Star Trek Online $27.99 @ Amazon

    Yikes! this was fast. Prices good today only March 9. Regular Edition $27.99 Collector's Edition $47.99
  9. Saturn_V

    Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse $25 @ Amazon (really an OEM SideWinder)

    Microsoft Sidewinder X5 Gaming Mouse $25 @ Amazon. Note the "Sold By" vendor is SuperDeal, but it's fulfilled by Amazon. (and qualifies for Prime) Imagine my utter surprise when I open the package and discover instead of an X5, they sent an OEM SideWinder (with the metal scroll wheel...