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  1. Lethal

    App Shows You When Traffic Lights Will Change

    Here in L.A. there are crosswalk signals that are in sync with the traffic lights. I keep an eye on those. If the crosswalk signal is green, you have plenty of time to get thru. Once it starts blinking there's a countdown of how many seconds you have left, and it will go solid red when there...
  2. Lethal

    Windows 7 fails to start after updates installed.

    OP said he's using Win 7, though.
  3. Lethal

    Anyone live / work in bay area?

    This thread would fine in GenMay but is off-topic here.
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    Help with Ncase M1 ATX -> ITX transfer?

    Don't start multiple threads on the same topic.
  5. Lethal

    Forum not letting me into the paid subscription page

    Not sure where you got that link, but it goes to the announcement as posted in the admin office, to which you do not have access. Try this one.
  6. Lethal

    TEKKEN X STREET FIGHTER Cancellation Rumor Debunked by BANDAI NAMCO

    Perhaps you could repost your thread without all the SHOUTING in the title.
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    Front Page News yellow font

    It's not yellow, it's "lemon chiffon." :o
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    Need Assistance with Removing a Virus

    That's pretty typical. The virus is "protecting" itself by not allowing you to see/access the processes that are running (including the virus). Have you tried booting into safe mode and running AV from there? Edit: You might also try installing autoruns. It's kind of like the task...
  9. Lethal

    Cord-Cutters Are Not All Young Hipsters

    I found this part of the article rather interesting... WTF? If your household makes less than $20K/yr., how can you afford even basic cable in the first place? Between rent, food and other necessities, there wouldn't be much discretionary income left. And when times are tight, it's the...
  10. Lethal

    Doe's anybody know the story behind this photo?

    It's spaghetti city. :o
  11. Lethal

    Please Help Me Pick a Case!

    They pretty much all look kinda boring and boxy. At least the last one comes in colors. Although I think a red or green or blue case says more about you than what's inside of it.
  12. Lethal

    Replacing car speakers

    In case you didn't notice, this forum is for Computer Audio. We do have a Car Audio forum as part of General Mayhem, but as you are not a subscriber, this thread will be locked instead of moving it there.
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    Should Students Be Allowed to Use Google During Exams?

    I'm not as old as you, but I do remember that we always had to "show our work" for math problems. The answer was not enough, you had to prove how you got it. I find it disturbing that many schools these days aren't even teaching cursive writing. Since you can print or type everything I...
  14. Lethal

    Time Warner Cable Not Seeking Rebound Romance With Cox

    I did say "where I am in SoCal." I wasn't including other parts of SoCal, only "where I am." And TWC doesn't have all of L.A. zipped up, either. 70% of the area isn't served by TWC, hence all those Dodgers fans who couldn't subscribe to TWC to get the games even if they wanted to. TWC is...
  15. Lethal

    Time Warner Cable Not Seeking Rebound Romance With Cox

    TWC, Comcast and Cox already operate as monopolies in their respective territories. I'd hate to see them given even more power. If you want fast internet where I am in SoCal, TWC is your only option. Uverse only offers 6 MBPS, which doesn't even come close. I hate what TWC did to Dodgers...
  16. Lethal

    Congratulations to fastgeek! Hard DC'er of April 2015

    I just fixed it. :) Pocatello seems to think I have ESP for these things, but I don't and didn't see this thread til now. Congrats!
  17. Lethal

    William Shatner’s $30 Billion Kickstarter Campaign to Save California

    The fact is, 80% of the water used in California is for agriculture. California grows 50% of the nations fruits and vegetables. 100 billion gallons of water a year is used to grow alfalfa and hay that is exported to China and other countries. This is where I'd draw the line. Feed America...
  18. Lethal

    A Bunch of Nostalgic 20-Year-Old Internet Screenshots

    Well, it used to be the bees knees if you had your own geocities page. Back in the day, that was social media at its finest. I proudly made my page by typing out html tags in notepad. :o
  19. Lethal

    A Bunch of Nostalgic 20-Year-Old Internet Screenshots

    I remember flashing the firmware on my Global Village 28.8 modem to bring it up to 33.6!
  20. Lethal

    I think I've reached an odd point in my gaming hobby.

    Then find a new interest/hobby that takes you out of the house and lets you interact with other people, at least occasionally. I went to a music jam earlier today and it was a blast. I think 8-9 hours a day of PC gaming can be unhealthy in that it keeps you from doing other things.
  21. Lethal

    Rebate Horror...

    I don't make paper copies when I send in rebates because a) I'm stingy with my ink and b) don't need more paper clutter. I just scan to PDF so it's available should I need to print a copy down the line.
  22. Lethal

    Smallville Fans! Season 1 $18.50

    This has gotten waaaay off topic on a dead deal.
  23. Lethal

    process in startup tab called "Andy"

    Have you tried Autoruns? It might help you pinpoint things.
  24. Lethal

    tablets for early childhood education

    I have to wonder whether 3-4 might be a bit early to start. At that age, they don't know how to treat delicate electronic devices and are prone to dropping and abusing them. But to get back on topic, I'd think durability is your most important factor. Can they be tethered to alleviate...
  25. Lethal

    Texting Woman Walks Into Path Of Train

    Recently I was sitting at a red light and when it turned green and I started to move, some idiot staring at a cell phone stepped right out in front of me. He never looked up or paid attention to the light. I don't know if he was texting or what, but his attention was definitely not on where he...
  26. Lethal

    Modem for Time Warner?

    I've been really happy with my Motorola Surfboard SB6120 DOCSIS 3.0. It's an older model, and I bought it way before we even had DOCSIS 3.0 here, but I thought it would help me future proof. Just looked, and Amazon says I bought it five years ago. Still going strong. I've also been on TWC...
  27. Lethal

    View Threads as Galleries?

    As far as I know, this is not an option with vBulletin, or at least not in the version [H] is using, which has been heavily tweaked.
  28. Lethal

    Buy one get one free from Dominos pizza

    Waaaay off topic.
  29. Lethal

    how to use a go pro

    This has absolutely nothing to do with gaming. The only place it would be appropriate is in General Mayhem.
  30. Lethal

    Edited an old FS thread, but the title did not change

    Look, that thread was from 2006. Just start a new one.
  31. Lethal

    Requirements for an item-based exchange website

    OP, I mean no disrespect, but I think if you have to ask these questions, and haven't already googled the topic to get some clues, then perhaps you are not ready for the endeavor. I imagine there are some out-of-the-box pre-packaged hosted solutions that would be a better option than trying to...
  32. Lethal

    Nvidia cards don't display full RGB color via HDMI—here's a fix

    Closed at the request of the OP.
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    General Mayhem "Sneak Peek" Happening Now!

    Well, the "lifetime" sub is actually only 25 years. You could be dead before then, though.
  34. Lethal

    General Mayhem "Sneak Peek" Happening Now!

    You don't need a PayPal acct to use their system here.
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    What causes a For Sale / Trade thread to be marked "Dead"?

    In FS/T the thread starter has the option of closing their own thread. Usually it's because they've sold what needed to be sold or they want to start over with a fresh thread. Sometimes people don't follow the rules, so their threads end up being locked by a mod. (4) CONSOLIDATE Threads...
  36. Lethal

    Keyboard Waffle Iron Kickstarter

    That, and it looks too wide to be able to cook evenly over a regular stove burner.
  37. Lethal

    Dragon Age: Inquisition is how to do female characters rightt!

    This ain't the Soapbox.
  38. Lethal

    Laptop price

    Price checks are allowed only in the off-topic subscription area.
  39. Lethal

    100 posts for FS/FT.... that's a bit steep

    The FS/T forum here is offered for the benefit of members who actually contribute to the forums. What would you have the requirement "lightened" to? You've been here for 6.6 years and have made a total of three posts, and your other two were on the day you joined. Even if the minimum...