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    cable system problem

    We have an apparent problem with someone hacking a cable system I advise for. I am not a Cisco guy, but I can put around a bit. I have some tools to monitor the network, manage QoS, etc, but they work between the CMTS and the router. I need to monitor network traffic on the RF side of the...
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    POS, inventory and invoicing software?

    Not strictly networking, but it has to be networked, so I figured this would be the group of people to ask. I need some options for point of sale, inventory management and invoicing other than Quickbooks. Starting with 3 PC's and one remote access over VPN.
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    network play in WINE in linux?

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    Need a good managed firewall

    I need recommendations on a firewall with realtime intrusion detection, spyware and virus filtering is a definate plus. I'm looking at a ZyXEL. This is for a GM dealership if anyone has had to meet those requirements...
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    Oddball internet vs local IP network

    I'm working on a system for E911, connection to the state network is 10.5.126.x, DSL for internet acccess is 192.168.1.x. When I left there Thursday it works, didn't set DNS for the state, have gateway, everything is set for the DSL connection. Now the system seems to think the 10.5.126.x...
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    Linksys RV082 problems with email and https

    Linksys RV082 on Bellsouth DSL (beginning to hate Bellsouth) works fine on Westel modem using NAT. Replace it with the Linksys RV082 (updated firmware) and email drops, secure websites won't connect, etc. I've run it with the Westel modem handling authentication as well as the Linksys. Even...
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    Trendnet vs Linksy VPN revisited

    I asked about Trendnet vs Linksys VPN previously, read good reviews on Trendnet TW100-BVR204, and went with Trendnet. I've recommended Trendnet wireless cards over Linksys as similar models used the same chipset, same range, etc, same Realtek chipset, at a lower price. Trendnet VPN does...
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    Trendnet VPN vs Linksys VPN

    Trendnet TW100-BRV204 vs Linksys RV042. My customer has 1 main office and 4 remote. We are bringing the main office and two remotes on a VPN. I am familiar with Sonicwall, but I'm looking at cheaper alternatives. How do these two routers compare? I've read some awesome reviews of the...
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    network play in WINE in linux?

    Running Suse 10.0, Wine 0.98, IPX and TCP/IP working fine in Linux. I can play my games in Wine, but I cannot access the network. I've read up on it a bit, but everything applies to an older version, and I've had no luck. Linux has networking up and running, I can access my Windows shares...
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    754 motherboard suggestions?

    I managed to get a A64 2800 754 for free and honestly I haven't kept up with chipset problems lately. Seems they've been exaggerated, but I've heard some bad things about the Nforce 3/4 boards. I have customers using some Via chipsets without issue, so I'm kind of leaning that direction...
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    What will AMD do to stay competitive?

    the AMD as of 2008 thread was started by a troll, but had some interesting responses. The Pentium M is a worthy oponent for the Athlon 64 line, and Intel has much more money to throw at the game of catch up than AMD does. What does AMD have in store for us? Anyone heard anything about the K9...
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    Adobe PDF files won't open in IE6 anymore

    I'm helping a church with their website. Their newsletter is in PDF format and will not open in IE6 anymore. Have to save and open it. Works fine in Firefox. Any tips?
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    Jaton G2 MX400 display corruption, need BIOS

    I got a Jaton Geforce 2 MX400 for free, diplay corruption occurs at power on. Just for giggles, anyone have the BIOS or know where I can download it? I've found several BIOS for G2 MX, but not this specific card.
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    Mini PCI 802.11 internal antenna part number?

    Does anyone have a part number for the internal antennas that are in IBM or Toshiba laptops that fit in the LCD plastics? I need one for a project...
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    Anyone else having issues with a Geforce 4 440 MX and Doom 3?

    Flashlight shows black specs in a seemingly random pattern, regardless of clock speed, drivers, etc... set below default, overclocked, etc... same thing. After looking at it again today, it looks like the patern of garbage follows the mip maps...
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    How can I add custom resolutions

    ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility w/TVout, I need some custom wide screen resolutions for an HDTV. I can add customs to Nvidia cards, but I don't know where to start on ATI's. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Forum front page

    Everytime I press the back button in IE to go to the main forum the page stops loading halfway. Could be my browser cache, but I'm posting it just in case.
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    Paris on 754, it just hit me...

    Paris is the 32bit version of the Athlon 64, rumored to replace the XP line and take its name. Windows XP 64 is in Beta now, that made me think... What happens if you install XP64 on a 754 system with an Athlon 64 3000+ then... upgrade?... to an Athlon XP 4000+ 32bit CPU? Will the OS even...
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    Need help tweaking DVI

    does anyone know how to adjust DVI picture size? my brother in law has a nice 50ish inch HD TV with DVI. He plugged his Ti4200 up to it, detects it as an LCD and has widescreen resolutions. the proble is the picture extends about 1 to 2 inches off screen all the way around. the Nview display...
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    TNT2 Ultra: AF & AA?

    dunno where I got that from... oh well. The reason I brought this back up was I wanted to learn something. :) found it! I think I misread something about the soft Quadro... Geforce 2 series doesn't support hardware anti aliased lines in wireframes, I misunderstood that. this is just...
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    Athlon 64 TB Barton Duron Unlock...

    standard cheapo number 2 pencil works fine. Some of the cheapest pencils I have work best.