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  1. TheHig

    Warm Ryzen CPUs getting that price drop ?

    Look I realize its Microcenter and not everyone has access to one but look for other retailers to get competitive soon. Plenty of AM4 systems out there that can use the bump and no need to switch platforms. I have 5 AM4 systems across two households and have been waiting for some movement on...
  2. TheHig

    z690 D4 Motherboard experience thread

    Hello everyone. The idea here is to create a thread for posting and discussing experiences with z690 DDR4 boards. I see a lot of discussion pertaining to ram challenges , overclocking, temperature concerns and so on. What kind of ram are you running ? What speeds are you getting ? How is...
  3. TheHig

    Upcoming TR chipsets

    Did not see this posted yet but you power users out there have any thoughts?
  4. TheHig

    3733 DDR4 16gb kit $93 on Amazon

    Seems pretty good for the new Ryzen Chips or just anyone who needs some highly clocked DDR4.
  5. TheHig

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX 32 Core sTR4 Boxed Processor

    Microcenter has it for pre order 1799.99. August 13th availability. Getting close! Or you can order it on Newegg. Or you can order it on Amazon.
  6. TheHig


    SOLD! Selling my MSI B350 Mortar in order to pick up an AM4 itx board when more than the Biostar arrive. Just the board and all retail packaging is for sale. the listing shows it installed in my full build which has been disassembled for now. Open for...