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    Anyone decent with MDX?

    Hi, This has been driving me nuts for the best part of an hour.. please help, my MDX is clearly far too rusty :/ I have a Fact table with say 10 records.., and a Dimension table with 2 options in it I have a Fact Count Measure called 'Count', which results in the following: Count...
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    2.5" 7200 HDD

    Hi, I am after a faster hard drive for my laptop.. can anyone recommend one to me, or are they all much of a muchness? I was going to get a Seagate Momentus: cheers!
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    Yonah to Merom

    Hey, What are the chances do you think of purchasing a Yonah laptop now and upgrading it to a Merom when they are released.. i know its a very longshot.. but i was considering buying a laptop in the next couple of months but would really really like a 64-bit Intel offering or should i...
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    Acer TravelMate 8100

    Hey all, I am seriously considering buying one of these.. in the 8102 guise.. but a few questions. Should i stretch for the 8103? or just upgrade the bits in a year or so? or Should i save a few months more and just get a Lenovo T43 ? I was already saving for a T43, but a guy at...
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    Larger then 1280x1024?

    Hello, I'm after a new TFT monitor with a larger resolution then 1280x1024 native.. does anyone have any recommendations? I want to keep the physical size of the monitor as low as possible.. so 19" or 21" maximum.. is this possible? i only seem to be able to find widescreens! thanks!
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    Hi all, I am after a laptop that has this native resolution, the best offering i have found so far is an IBM T43.. but it is very expensive.. II ahve also looked at an Acer Ferrari.. but the build quality was not to my liking plus it only came with XP home! does anyone know of a good...
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    Multiple Websites on One Server

    Hello, I have multiple websites on a single Windows2003 server: that can be accessed from the outside world at: these three addresses have three unique IP address, however the server only has the one (obviously) currently i...
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    Align Div tags horizontally..?

    I want to split a division of an html page again, but horizontally.. the code i have isnt doing the trick and is just putting the next <div> underneath the first one, im sure there is an easy fix.. can someone point it out to me? .container { width:995px; height: 502px; } .left {...
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    Sql 2000 Dts

    Hello, I have a table with data imported from an excel spreadsheet via DTS.. some rows are: |name | place | cost | hours| | x | y | a | b | and i need them to be: |name | place | value| | x | y | a | | x | y | b | what is the easiest way i can...
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    Backup software options?

    Hello, I am entertaining the possibility of replacing my backup software, currently i use CA Brightstor ARCserve Backup and its 'OK' but not amazing, i find it very clunky, and slow.. although that might be the machine... so, as im going to replace the server its on, to a dual xeon jobbie...
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    Install files on clients on domain logon?

    Hello, I have two files that i need all users in my office (25) to install on their machine, and i know that unless i go around and do it for them it isnt going to go very smoothly.. if i place these files (one .msi and one .reg) on a network share, is there something i could write/install...
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    Win2003 SP1 Issue

    Hey, Earlier this morning i tested sp1 on our domain BDC, and to put it politely screwed it up.. when it rebooted everythign was fine, except no one could see the server, and the server could see no one else all harware was funtioning as it should, and the machine 'said' it was...
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    s.939 mobo w/ agp that meets my needs?

    Hi, can i get some recommendations for a s.939 motherboard that supports AGP please.. my options are obviously the nforce3 ultra or k8t800 pro chipset i will be running a winchester 3200+ on it, and changing to AMD from a p4 3ghz w/ hyperthreading purely becasue of the reduction in...
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    Recommended WiFi pcmcia for Linux?

    Hello, dont know if anyone here uses linux on their laptop, but im after a 54g wifi card that will work out of the box.. i know they exist but its down to trial and eror and basically down to the chipset (i have one which is unsupported :().. i will be running under ubuntu and was...
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    Someone tell me whats wrong please :(

    Hello, should be an easy one for u guys. i have an assignment at uni to do insertion sort on an array recursively.. ok i thought, think about the function normally then make it recursive.. void sort(int* a, int n) { int i,j,temp; for (i=1;i<n;i++) { temp = a[i]; j =...
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    Java Compilation Problems... :/

    Hello, I am just starting to branch out into using different classes with my java as at uni i have to use a couple of special classes for two of my modules.. ok, so iv done this work in the labs at uni, so i know the files im trying to compile do actually compile and run.. however im...
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    Convert array contents to int?

    Hi, im writing a c program for uni and my brief is quite restrictive.. basically i have to take int values held in an array from subscripts 'm' and 'n' (defined when the program is run) and print them in order using a recursive function (fine, easy). Problem comes when i have to print them...
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    Cherry Cybo@rd

    Hi, does anyone have this keyboard.. i finally got one after it continually going out of stock, and was wondering what other people thought of its noisyness? Its slightly louder then i anticipated...
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    Noisy 6800GT :o

    Heya, just wondering how much noise does the reference cooling make on a 6800GT? does it make it all the time, or only when u run a game? if its alot of noise, which of the vendors own designs would recommend? cheers!
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    9800pro bites the dust

    Hey all, i started a thread a while ago about my almost dead 9800pro and im RMAing it this week so what should i replace it with? I want a good all round card (i.e. not just ati becasue ati is better for HL2) so should i: 1. get another 9800pro but buy a big fan thingy for it to keep it...
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    SQL Query

    Hmm, anybody know how might i go about figuring out the duration between two time fields with an sql query if they are both in the same table.. iv searched online, but its not very clear, any help would be apprecited :D cheers!
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    17"/19" same res

    As i have just said in another thread, i ordered a Viewsonic vx912.. but im just started to think, do i really need a 19" ? Would i better off with a 17" screen such as the samsung 710T perhaps.. seeing as they display the same res (1280x1024) only the 19" will make it bigger.. the place i...
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    9800pro static/interference

    Hello, Can someone tell me what could be causing this.. >>> LINK <<< I think its probably heat, but i did sit and play a few games last night with my patio door open and apart from myself getting bloody cold, it didnt seem to help very much :/ Is my card damaged? Also, what would...
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    Argh, 17" or 19" can't decide!

    Right, im going to buy a monitor this week.. and iv narrowed it down to these two: Samsung 710T 17" - ~£300 inc VAT and Shipping Specs: 12ms response 300 cd/m2 brightness 600:1 contrast ratio DVI input Also comes with a 3yrs samsung warranty, but is still only 17" :/ OR...
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    Lg L1915s

    Hey, I have seen this monitor for sale on a UK site but cant seem to find out much about it.. its supposedly got a 12ms 19" screen with 500:1 contrast and 250cd/m2 brightness sounds quite impressive, for only £293.97 inc VAT Here is a link.. it looks really good, but i cant help but...
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    ATi Catalyst Pop Up

    Hi, i just installed the 4.8 cats on my dads new office pc i built him (9200) and when you boot up there is a windows explorer pop up of "C:\Program Files\ATI" everything works fine, and no complaints about the card.. but how do i get rid of this annoting pop up thingy!!! If its irritating...
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    Contemplating going back to AMD

    right currently i have a P4 2.4c @ 3ghz running on an abit ic7 what AMD offering would give me equal performance, and more importantly cos its an upgrade what AMD offerings should i be looking at for significant performance increases, cheers
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    New MSI RX9800

    Righto, just picked up this great card with the r360 chipset.. first question, i installed cats 4.7 and when i log into windows a windows explorer window pops up "C:\Program Files\ATI" this is irritating, so how do i stop it! secondly, how do i go about flashing the pro to an xt bios? iv...
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    time for a long overdue upgrade..

    simple question really, having been out of the video card loop for a loooong time now, whats the best bang for my buck upgrade i can do to jump from a Geforce3 (standard) to whatever.. im looking at spending as little as possible, max £150 (~$275) and am willing to hunt around on ebay, fairs...
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    acx100 chipset wifi under linux

    Has anyone had any experience with pcmcia cards with this chipset under linux? in particular suse? I'm using 9.1 and it recognises the card, but i need to download firmware from the suse update.. but everytime it tries to install it it bodges up.. so i downloaded it manually, and it still...
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    Picture manipulation...

    Heya, Right my uncle has decided he wants a dedicated computer in order to manipulate/store/print the images from his digi-cam.. now its quite fancy, a digital SLR so one picture usually takes up a few mb and when these are being shifted around in PS his current computer struggles a bit.. i...
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    NB cooler fell off, eek!

    Right, its not as bad as it sounds... Iv got an abit ic7 with the orig fan that whines like a mofo... so just over 2 months ago i replaced it with a Zalman ZM-NB47J slightly modded and held on with the original fan retaining clip.. all was well until yesterday it just decided to fall off...
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    linux pcmcia wifi card..

    Hey there, i am just after recommendations for a wireless adapter card to use under linux for my laptop. I currently have a Dlink dwl-650+ and the support for it is awful.. so does anyone have any recommendations for a card that will work out of the box under linux... i beleive the prism...
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    Wireless PCI cards..

    Im after a simple plug in, windows detects it, and it works wifi pci adapter... This is for my familys pc and i dont want to get called out when they need to do something to it as i live 300miles away! Im sure most of cards would be fine, but what i want to know is are there any i should...
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    Just about to click buy..

    Hey there, im just about ready to click the buy button on a new LCD panel, but am undecided between these four models... Iiyama ProLite E431S-B 17" - £327.82 ($603.78 US) Hitachi CML174SXWB 17" Black - £351.32 ($647.06 US) Viewsonic VP171B Pro Series 17" - £391.51 ($721.03 US) NEC 1760NX...
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    C String Sorting...

    Hey there, I'm writing a little program in C, and have an array of structures. Id like to sort them alphabetically by using one element in each structure, (sname for example) but am not sure where to begin.. I was thinking of using the ASCII number of the first character of each string...
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    Quick question about XML/XSL

    Hey there, Im making a form from a standard xml sheet using xsl to transform it to html... iv got a problem in that when i make the input fields, they show up ok but i cannot actually type anything into them... so basically iv got a text input field that wont accept text! I can however...
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    Dell D600

    Anyone got one of these? Im looking to replace my getting long in the tooth L400 and was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this laptop.. can't seem to find a thread concerning it :) Ta
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    Ooo, money to burn. Sound Upgrade :D

    Ok, i read through the first few pages of this forum but didnt find the kind of thing i was after unfortunately... Currently im using my standard IC7 on board sound card with some very standard creative speakers. (Sub and 4 sats). I threw this current thing together on a pretty tight budgt...
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    static elec.

    Do you need to earth yourself when building a comp from scratch, to protect from static electricity, or is someone having me on?