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    question regaring creating computer object in active directory

    up until now, my firm has been joining computers to the domain, which creates the computer object for you. we'd like to change this to pre-creating the computer object so the object can be moved into the correct security group before the computer joins the domain. i tried to create the...
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    Linux raid5 trouble (please help, will pay)

    ok, so i've done something really stupid - i've broken the golden rule that 'raid is not a backup'. i have an 8 drive raid5 volume on an ubuntu server running evms (the raid5 is a legacy volume, not an evms volume, but i use evms for management). the os drive (not one of the 8 drives) failed...
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    bash script space question

    i'm trying to read the contents of a directory into an array, but i'm not sure how to deal with subdirectories that have spaces. the code i've got is like this: for dir in `ls /vmstorage/` do list[count]=$dir echo "$count: $dir" count=$((count+1)) done if the subdirectory has...
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    bash script space question

    i'm trying to read the contents of a directory into an array, but i'm not sure how to deal with subdirectories that have spaces. the code i've got is like this: for dir in `ls /vmstorage/` do list[count]=$dir echo "$count: $dir" count=$((count+1)) done if the subdirectory has...
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    two UPSs sharing a battery?

    i have 2 smartups 1400 and the battery has failed in one of them. i was thinking of replacing the factory battery with sealed gel cell car batteries (so the gas isn't vented into my room) to gain additional capacity. it occurred to me that i might be able to hook the batteries (it takes 2, in...
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    retractable network cable (cat5e preferred)

    i'm trying to find a good retractable network cable that will work well in a business environment. my company has tried out a few different ones, but find that they break easily or don't work well at gigabit speeds. the ones that are not twisted pair will have trouble with interference at high...
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    looking for an efficient and quiet file server ps

    nothing special with the file server. lousy graphics card since the machine never gets used directly. looking for a bunch of leads, but i don't mind using adapters (4pin molex to sata). machine is a p4 6xx (i think it's 3ghz). i'm looking to spend as little as possible, without getting a...
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    looking for some info on the 37" westinghouse

    i'm very interested in this monitor, as the resolution and size are really nice. i was looking for some details on the panel that westinghouse uses. does anyone know what type of panel (tn/va/ips) is used? i edit photos, so i need a panel that's reasonably color accurate, and was hoping it...
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    laptops and dx10

    i know that the info out there on dx10 is relatively sparse, but i was hoping for some insight into an expensive purchase. i just bought a latitude d620, and really like the machine. it is not really meant as my gaming machine (since i don't really game much), but, along with a docking...
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    Vista raw image support?

    i know that raw image support is supposed to exist in vista. when i go into windows photo gallery, it tells me that an update is available to download (i think) to add raw support. however, it just opens a web page that lists the formats (.crw and .cr2 for me) and the company who they...
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    problem with vista rc1, multi monitors, and nvidia 96.33

    when i try to run multi monitor with this setup, i get graphical corruption on my second monitor. all these little squares start blinking on the picture, and windows become partially transparent (in this odd square form). anotherwords, the blinking squares let me see through the window, to the...
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    vista pre-rc1: app fix (skipping, looping, and poor performance in media center)

    i had a rough time with the decoder that comes with media center. installed the nvidia purevideo decoder, but it didn't seem to be in use (media center was still using its default decoder). downloaded the decoder check utility to change my decoder for video and audio to nvidia, and my...
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    vista pre-rc1: app fix (java)

    when using java under firefox (and maybe IE, haven't tried), if you use the automatically installed version (1.5.0_06), aero is disabled every time java is used, as it seems to be incompatible. if you hunt around sun's web site a bit, they offer 1.5.0_08 that seems to work fine with aero. i...
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    vista pre-rc1: questions regarding nvidia drivers, cd image program, and opengl

    1) has anyone been able to use the beta 2 drivers on pre-rc1? for me they just hang during install (i think when trying to switch resolutions). i've seen comments on the web that other people are having this issue as well. is there some sort of compatibility trick to make them work? 2)...
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    looking for some interesting pictures on a white background

    i'm looking for some new background. here's my current background: the web page part of it will stay, but i like to change up the picture in center from time to time. those pictures look best when they have a white background so they blend well with the rest of the page. figured i'd...
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    picture frame pc

    about 2 years ago, i thought of the idea for a picture frame pc when my grandparents had complained that they never get to see our photos anymore. i take pictures, and so do my sister and my cousins, but they often stay in digital format and rarely get printed out. it occured to me that if i...
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    fan speed control - how to?

    i just bought a 7300LE to put in a customer's pc, and the fan runs at full speed all the time. i thought the driver was supposed to knock it down once windows booted but it doesn't. there's no way anyone would want to put up with this level of noise, so what can i do to dial it back?
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    celeron d and a 925xe chipset

    i just picked up a celeron d and a motherboard based on the 925xe chipset. i had assumed that they would work together, since they came out around the same time. i can't get the system to post, and i've tried swapping out the other parts with known good ones. at this point, it's either the...
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    aero trouble in vista beta 2

    i think my problem is that the system is not using my graphics card for hardware acceleration. in any display configuration other than aero, windows sits at about 2% cpu usage. if i try to enable aero, both cpus shoot up to 100% and everything stutters badly. my specs are: dual core at...
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    changing the vpn port for 2003 server (or other solution to my problem)

    i'm curious if there's a good way to be able to vpn on a port other than the default one i set up a vpn on my server (2003 box). it's a multihomed box, with one nic connected to my isp and one connected to my internal network. this server is my everything server - dns,wins,rras,dhcp...
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    Dell Celeron D Desktop with 17" flat panel for $349 (today 4/6 only) didn't check to see if coupons could reduce this even further. a celeron d isn't an awesome chip and it could use a bit more ram (comes with 256), but it's got an 80gb hard drive and it would make...
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    load balancing 2 ISPs

    background: at my office, we're getting a second isp for backup in case our primary goes down. we have 3 sites, and a vpn link runs between them. without internet access, the office is practically helpless. our primary connection can handle more users, but the secondary one actually has a...
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    can my wrt54g be a wireless client and an access point at the same time?

    i'm trying to set up a wrt54g to receive it's wan ip address from another access point, but also be able to accept wireless and wired clients. is this possible? if not, is there a way to set up a 54g as a wireless repeater without having to mess with the settings on the source router (the one...
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    just wanted to publicly thank tankguys for their customer service

    ordered a processor and some arctic silver a while back. got an email from tankguys saying the arctic silver was out of stock and did i want to cancel the arctic silver, or just have them ship it when it came in. i decided that they could ship it whenever it came in, and was billed for the...
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    ok to only load the 12v rail?

    i'd like to use an old power supply as an ac/dc convertor for a 12v dc device. it's much cheaper than buying a dedicated 12vdc supply with >10amps, but i was wondering if all rails need to be loaded to a certain degree in order for the power supply to function correctly.
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    hec orion 485d - does it have the heart of a champion (pics) it's a tiny little fellow. i'm not sure how it's able to boast such good 12v rails unless they are done under impossible conditions or an outright lie.
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    results from my new x2 3800+

    i'm priming overnight to see what happens, but i'm about an hour in and so far so good. ADA3800DAA5BV LDBHE 0601XPBW fsb: 300 multi: 9x vcore: 1.45 full load temp: 44C (this is with a poor thermal paste application, it will probably go down when i fix it) equipment: air cooling...
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    looking to upgrade the 6.5" driver in a home theater tower speaker

    i've got a pair of polk rt20p speakers. they've got (2) powered 8" bass drivers, a 6.5" for mids, and a 1" tweeter. they sound pretty good but i was wondering if i could pick up a good set of 6.5" drivers (and maybe new 1" tweeters) to make them sound even better. i know it's alot cheaper to...
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    just got an apc ups and i have some questions about it

    came home tonight and switched on my lights in my room and heard this buzzing sound coming from multiple sources in the room. realized that my ups had switched to using the backup battery, and that was causing my monitor and the power supply on one of my computers to buzz like crazy. only...
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    mce and audio from .mkv/.ogm

    i'm using haali's media splitter for mkv/ogm with multiple audio tracks. it almost works well in media center, except for the language priority option. in other video players it works fine, but when i set my default audio language to jpn, it just ignores it and uses the first one in the file...
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    how to link to a local resource like "my computer"?

    i'm looking to use a web page as a desktop, so this programming question only covers a local scope (not being accessed by any other machines). i want to use an image map as my desktop, and have different parts of the image link to different things. this will provide an uncluttered way to link...
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    g4 - how to pick a different startup folder when the system won't start?

    tried picking a different folder on a g4 running 9.2.2. when i rebooted, i got the mac face icon with the flashing question mark. i don't know macs, but i know that's a universally bad sign. now i'd like to go back to 9.2.2's startup folder, but is there a way to get some sort of menu so i...
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    Seagate 300gb drive, $99AR at Circuit City

    drive is $99 after $40 mail in rebate to seagate, $50 rebate to circuit city, $10 instant savings. imo, this is an awesome deal on a reasonably large capacity drive. i haven't seen anything around $.33 a gig for this capacity, and especially from seagate with the 5 year warranty.
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    Athlon XP 2900 and Chaintech nforce2 motherboard $80 AR seems like a pretty good deal for someone building an entry level system
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    question about software raid5 (windows server 2003)

    i have a 2003 server system that i'd like to make into a network file server. i'm looking at picking up 4 or 5 300gb drives to use in a raid5 array. i was going to do it by having server2003 convert all the disks into dynamic disks and then use the built in raid 5 function. i realize that...
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    modded htpc case - my slot loading ahanix mce301 (and other mods)

    so here she is, sitting on the rack and showing off her sexy self. sorry for the slightly odd lighting and shadows, but i have to go to class and don't have time to set up well distributed lighting for a better shot. i'll have more pics soon to detail how i mounted everything and the other...
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    my new htpc - slot loading modded ahanix mce301 case

    so here she is, sitting on the rack and showing off her sexy self. sorry for the slightly odd lighting and shadows, but i have to go to class and don't have time to set up well distributed lighting for a better shot. i'll have more pics soon to detail how i mounted everything and the other...
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    "save password" in mce on network connection?

    this topic might belong in operating systems, but i figure you guys have the most experience with mce. all of my media is on another computer on my network and so i use a mapped drive to simplify things. every time i reboot my computer, i have to type in the password for the other drive...
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    install windows from hard drive?

    i know i had read that you could do this but i'm not sure exactly how it's done. you copy all the files over to the hard drive and it boots and installs windows without the need for a cd rom. goes much faster this way and i'd like to try it. anyone know what needs to be done or has a link to...
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    what's wrong - motherboard or processor?

    dumped an image i had onto a new build to check for stability under load. everything's going fine until i reboot to install the os i actually want. i'm in windows setup and i get some file copy errors (can't find file on cd) so i reboot to start setup over. system doesn't come back up - no...