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    College Laptop Advice Needed

    I'm planning on buying my grandson a laptop this month for him to take to his first year of college in the fall. Like me, he is more a desktop person, so when I try to get his preference on things, he just doesn't know and doesn't really have an opinion. So I've been doing some research and was...
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    New Modem Flashing DS light

    Activated a new Motorola MB8611 (docsis 3.1) about three weeks ago. Seems to work fine, although I noticed the blue downstream light will start blinking rather than remain solid every few days. It doesn't affect internet connectivity; I can still connect, still stream, still game. But it will...
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    Delete. Question resolved

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    Imminent power supply failure?

    My desktop computer has a Seasonic X-850-KM3 that is 5 years old. Last week, the computer wouldn't boot; nothing happened when I pressed the on switch. Using the 30-second discharge tip, it came on and ran just fine. I ran a number of stress tests, and all ran perfectly, good temps, no...
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    Edge blocking screensaver?

    I added a new (administrator) user to my old computer and gave it to my husband for his daily usage. When the machine first boots up, screen saver works normally. Once he actually opens Edge to browse, that effectively seems to block all future screen saver activity. Whether Edge is opened...
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    Basic smartphone recommendation

    I'm one of those folks who bought the Amazon Fire Phone a few years back. Still have it, but it's getting long in the tooth and am needing to upgrade to another android phone. The choices are overwhelming, even in the budget category, and am hoping someone more familiar with features can help...
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    Charging a visitor's Nintendo Switch

    When my grandson visits next month, he's planning on bringing his Nintendo Switch with him but didn't want to bring the dock for charging it. Looking on Amazon, I think I only need to buy a Type C to Type A cable with a plug-in wall charger, but they have both a 45W and a 65W. Assuming this is...
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    Edge browser size help

    My 90-year-old father somehow changed the size of his internet pages. Web pages are perhaps a few inches tall; totally unreadable. He knows he hit some key combination accidentally on his laptop keyboard in frustration when trying various methods to input a password. He says clicking on maximize...
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    Do higher refresh rates stress video cards?

    Just got an Acer Predator X34 (which is terrific). My video card is 2 years old (Titan X Maxwell), and although I initially had concerns over how it would perform, it's been working like a champ. Still, it's no longer top of the heap, and although it hasn't been necessary yet, I know at some...
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    Ultrawidescreen for original Titan?

    I have the original Titan X video card paired with a 27" monitor (Dell U2715H, 2560x1440). Knowing Mass Effect Andromeda is only weeks away, I've been wanting to upgrade to a curved G-sync ultrawidescreen but unsure if my 2-year-old video card can handle it. I want to stay with this video card...
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    Bass in Audioengine A5+

    I decided to go from my 5.1 system to the Audioengine 2.0, which is paired with my SoundBlaster Z soundcard. I use these almost exclusively for gaming and just wanted to downsize without giving up quality. I thought I could make up the bass by using the equalizer settings in the Creative...
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    Switching internal HD to external?

    The 9-year-old OPC has finally given up the ghost. I thought I would pull the internal WD Velociraptor and wondered if it could be used as an external drive? How would I make it an external drive...use an enclosure? This is not something I've done before and I'm unsure which enclosure I need to...
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    win10 upgrade password?

    A 90-year-old relative just called me saying he had just upgraded to win10 (why, I don't know) but he's unable to log in because it asks for his password. He never had a password in win7. I haven't upgraded myself so don't know much about this. He's going to get his "better" hearing aid and...
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    New Minecraft and Java

    I'm fixing up a computer to take to my grandson, a Minecraft addict. I've been setting up his programs and games before bringing it to him, a several hours' drive, so I'm wanting to get everything working smoothly beforehand. I've installed Minecraft, which apparently no longer needs a...
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    Color/photo printer recommendation

    nvm...took the Canon apart and fixed it myself. Guess I don't need a new printer right away.....
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    Synapse 2.0

    nvm...returned the Naga
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    Swapping CD drive question

    I'm not a builder myself, so this will likely be an elementary question for you guys, but I could use some help. My son has an older computer with a Plextor Plexwriter 24/10/40 CDR-W IDE burner. It is broken (something to do with jumping cats and an open drive). I have another computer here...
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    Help with WD MyBook failure

    My son handed me his old WD My Book external hard drive hoping it would work on any of my computers as it's no longer recognized on his. I tried them on 3 different computers (win98, winXP, win7), and it's not seen on any of mine, either. The drive itself is getting power, is making a whirring...
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    Help with WD MyBook failure

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    Cooler Master 840 resonance noise

    I had a computer built for me using the Cooler Master 840. The completed computer arrived via fedex and although the box was not damaged at all, it had apparently had a few jolts, as when I opened the case the hard drive was hanging by one plug and the sliding mechanism wheel on the hard drive...
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    Sennheiser PC161 headset help

    Don't usually use a headset but thought one might be useful online so picked up Sennheiser PC161. I have a 5.1 speaker system (Creative Gigaworks S700), which has a small control pod that sits on the desk. There's an input for the headphone but none for the microphone. Don't want to plug...
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    8800 GTX failing; what to replace it with?

    Have a 2-part question and would sure appreciate some help. 1. I think my 2-year-old 8800 is failing. I've noticed occasional graphical anomalies in LOTRO here and there but attributed it to their server (which has had problems lately). After 2 solid months of daily playing, though, I can...
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    Bluetooth--how do I UNpair device?

    Nevermind. Finally got it. A practically hidden option written in light blue that blended with the background. Irritating message finally deleted. Ignore all the rest.... This is my first Bluetooth experience and the one I'll always remember, so be kind! My new laptop (Dell M1330)...
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    Ipod/Itunes question

    Bought my son an Ipod Classic for Christmas. I personally don't own an Ipod so don't know anything about the Itunes software. Would appreciate if someone could confirm this for me (and him): So far he's loaded about 100 of his own CDs and a couple of downloadable cds from Amazon onto...
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    Go combo router or AP?

    I currently have 3 computers connected (wired) to a LinkSys BEFSR41. My husband will be getting a laptop soon, so we'll need wireless connectivity for that. It was recommended to me that the simplest (and ease of setup is important to me) way of getting that connectivity would be to buy an...
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    Can't install FSX. Help, please!

    Just got the FSX deluxe dvd. It won't install. The installer starts to go through its routine and then finally fails to a 1628: Failed to install error message. I've gone to the installshield site and downloaded their most recent installer, went to Microsoft and downloaded their most recent...
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    This girl's new OPC

    Since I've been chatting via private message with a few forum members about our OPC orders, I thought I'd give a quick impression of my new computer, which was delivered Friday. Background: I have absolutely zero interest in building my own and honestly I don't even want to ever open the...
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    Boot failure? NTLDR? Need advice before shutdown!

    I gave my computer to my husband, moved it over a few feet and started installing his programs, deleting mine, etc. Everything was going fine. When I shut down his computer, I got an error message about a missing or corrupt ntldr. This morning when I started the computer up, it said there was...
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    Help with CH yoke/pedals/throttle purchase

    My husband uses FS9 using a force feedback joystick and pedals; he mentioned missing the old CH yoke we used to have (which uses the gameport) and then promptly forgot about it. Being that Christmas is around the corner, thought I'd buy some updated CH products for him and checked their web...
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    Gothic 3 & hardforum

    Just thought it would be of interest to folks in this forum....I just got the import version of Gothic 3. A link to the Hardforum is in the readme file--cut and paste as follows: "6. Fixes for potential problems on AMD X2 processors Many games encounter stuttering/random slow down problems...
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    Looking for slot cooler for SLI

    I have an Asus A8NSLI Premium motherboard with two 7800 GTX in SLI. GPU temps have been really high when playing FEAR (90C). This is a fairly new computer (one month old Velocity Micro 4800+). I'm not that technically adept but I can handle adding a fan in an expansion slot. Can someone...
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    A8NSLI Premium & Mushkin questions

    Recently got an AMD 64 4800+ dual core with the A8NSLI Premium motherboard and 2 GB memory. It came with all four slots (4x512) filled of Mushkin PC3200 DDR400 Blue Series CL2 low latency enhanced memory with heat spreader. I note on boot up that it's running at 333 and have since found out...
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    My first AMD 4800+ Velocity Micro

    Have always had Intel. My first foray into the AMD world and purchased a Velocity Micro 4800+ dual core with 7800 GTX SLI, the ASUS A8N Premium motherboard, Zalman heat sink, 600 wt power supply, 2 meg ram, and the X-Fi soundcard. It's a very nice machine but I don't feel wowed and I...