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  1. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    sooooooooo.. i decided to finally play it, like, all of it, to the end, and then i went to the nexus and.... bro, wtf, now what? i cant even begin to comprehend the mods there, its just too much! then i did a quick search here and found this...
  2. D4rkn3ss

    protonmail banned?

    hi! so, i went to change my account email and got an error saying protonmail is banned, wtf guys?
  3. D4rkn3ss

    best good safe free email nowadays?

    just curious, what you guys using? now that we all have to dump google and etc? :)
  4. D4rkn3ss

    new logicrap keyboards dont look as childrens toys :p kinda interested in the pro, well i think i might get one what the hell :p, g413 looks pretty cool but it needs a tenkeyless version too.
  5. D4rkn3ss

    favorite epsxe android games?

    for those who use android epsxe , what is your favorite/best games? post them! :p
  6. D4rkn3ss

    nifty little tool for one of the (many) win annoyances (visual C++)

    visual C++ all in one installer. found on majorgeeks, just sharing with you guys :P
  7. D4rkn3ss

    zotac mini 1080 :P

    hey you guys saw this? cool right? :P
  8. D4rkn3ss

    calladoody MW remastered

    hey is it good is it good? omg i used to love this game, anyone got it?
  9. D4rkn3ss

    rape zombie lust of the dead movie posters!

    just posting here because, sharing is caring? i actually have no reason at all for doing this, if i understood all the processes related to thought and action, skynet would be already on the prowl :P and yes, i'll update my neko thread some day, it'll be neko hell here! :D
  10. D4rkn3ss


    neko: nyuu! nyaaaaaahh! :D
  11. D4rkn3ss

    heyyyy?? (II)

    yo fools, unban me from the news section, NOW. i promise i'll behave c'mon its been a year! (yeah i get it i get it.. if drunk = not posting, see? :D) thanks!
  12. D4rkn3ss

    Contrast looks like an interesting puzzle game, kinda dark and cute (at least the trailer is), anyone of you [H]ere playing it?
  13. D4rkn3ss

    Slender: The Arrival

    so.. anyone playing this sucker? good/great/bad/boring/spooky? i didnt play the first one, kinda interested on this one
  14. D4rkn3ss

    dell msa14 vesa stand didnt find more info, anyone using this thing? not many options over here, the others that i found were too cheap (build), ugly, or for wall mount. its for a...
  15. D4rkn3ss

    U2713HM U2713H or U3014?

    i'm thinking of getting one of these, any news? did they fix all that shit? on what revision this friggin things are now? do i have to wait more? i tried to get a 3011 yesterday and its a no-no over here so i'm stuck with one of these for a new display. i would prefer the 30' but thanks to those...
  16. D4rkn3ss


    hey i cant post on the news section, whats going on? i didnt receive any warning. yeah of course i remember being fully vodka drunk and trolling fucking people there but i'm curious, is that permanent or what? just curious, thats all. :p
  17. D4rkn3ss

    FSP300-60GHS report:

    toy on my sig was assembled in may, 2010 with a gtx470; two years and two months later i exchanged the gtx470 for a gtx670 and added a ssd; two years and six months later, today, at 04:00am: its gone. toy simply shut down, no "pof", no smoke, just...
  18. D4rkn3ss

    gothic 3

    so, kinda trippin on memory lane and i remembered gothic 2... man, that game was awesome, BIG, i think i've played that thing for.. dunno, three? six months? it was so cool... anyway, i skipped gothic 3 and now that all games are shit, i'm bored. i saw that theres community patches and stuff, i...
  19. D4rkn3ss

    ok now i'm impressed

    ok now i'm impressed will try to keep it short: got the flu; all cozy and safe inside the house; no booze; kinda bored with nothing to do = lets try windows 8 on the netbook! the little thingy specs are: acer aspire 1410 (11.6" 1366x768), celeron 743 @ 1,3ghz, 2gb @ 800mhz C6, GS45 chipset...
  20. D4rkn3ss

    a little doubt, please?