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    thermatake core x71 door modding

    Hello i been thinking of maybe modding my case for awhile right now i have a top 360mm rad set as exhaust a front 420mm set as exhaust and a bottom right 360mm set as exhaust and a back fan set as intake. My temps arent bad mining 27-32c and gaming 37c-42c with card running at 2100Mhz on core...
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    5950x heat

    is it normal for ccd1 to be in 90s and ccd2 be in 70-80s tried to repaste a few times heres a pic of meta/xmrig hamming the system.
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    3090 kingpin timespy

    So i been playing with my 3090 kingpin got memory stable at +1500 and core +158 wondering if theres any tweaks to break 2200+ on the core, really green when it comes to the 3000 series cards any tips welcomed. Below is my best score so far with my 3900x at its daily overclock of 4.4Ghz temps...
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    EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA HYDRO COPPER GAMING release info

    Curious if any of you have any info on the EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA HYDRO COPPER GAMING when it might be released ?
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    Ek sbay o-ring

    Anyone know where and what size o-ring for this ek sbay res mine was a dual pump one but i think the sbay single uses same o-ring also.
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    Crucial BL16G36C16U4W.M16FE1 overclocking

    Just snagged some crucial ddr 3600 ram testing out overclocking any tips from what i can see they are micron E ram 3800 posted with same timings and voltage no problem heres timings i been working on so far any tips are welcome.
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    EK-DDC 3.2 PWM repair

    Wondering if i can fix wore out bearings in a EK-DDC 3.2 PWM ? i run 2 of these in a dual bay res and been hearing vibrations finaly broke the loop down and tracked the noise to one of the pumps has a lot of friction trying to turn the impeller. Orderd a replacement pump already but wondering...
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    ryzen 3900x thermal paste methonds

    So id like to know what you guys use for your 3900x/3950x to put paste on and what works best i been trying to get my temps down with my loop seems like my temps should be under 85c in prime95 smallfft with a pbo overclock and 78-82c with my 4.3ghz overclock on 1.26vcore seems to be a thermal...
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    what vcore do you guys run 24/7 ryzen 3000s

    So got my system stable with a all core clock of 4.4ghz on 1.315 drops down to 1.28 under load have tossed 6-8hrs of realbench at it 4 hrs of cb20 4-6 hrs of aida and gamed and i run metatrader also its nice and stable i dont really wanna go any higher on vcore about as high as i feel safe...
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    ASUS AM4 ROG Strix X570-E bios freeze

    I just got my ASUS AM4 ROG Strix X570-E a week ago fairly happy with it, i do wonder if its normal for am4 boards bios to hard freeze when you set certain settings and need a bios flashback to fix it usualy i downgraded to the 1407 because 1408 i couldnt do any memory overclocking it would just...
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    3900x overclocking tips

    I been messing around with my new amd ryzen 3900x for about a day loving it been a intel guy for the last 20 years. One thing im confused on which voltages do i need to worry about in hwinfo i see core 0-11 vids then on down CPU core voltage (SVI1 TFN). I decided to install AISuite3 and give...
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    gtx 1080 water cooled temps

    Curious if those of you that have water cooled 1080s could post your temps and your setups i have a 1080 hydro copper and just not happy with its temps so i bit the bullet and got a ek block thinking it would improve my temps i got same or worse out of it sadly im currently seeing 40-47c...
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    MSI X99A GAMING PRO CARBON+6800k overclocking

    I need some help overclocking my MSI X99A GAMING PRO CARBON and a 6800k with 32gigs of ddr 3200 not having alot of luck or finding much info to help me. Right now im at 4200 and still not stable with 1.32vcore in realbench not sure what other settings to tweak to help make it stable or get...
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    core temp wierd issue x99 setup

    Ok so I just built a x99 system a msi x99a gaming carbon pro, with a 6800k and 32Gigs of DDR 4 3200 using a EVGA 1080 hydro copper. Here's the wierd issue when I load core temp my monitor kicks on and off only happens when load core temp tho. FIXED NEEDED TO REINSTALL WINDOWS
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    evga 1080 hydro copper ftw overclocking

    Im new to nvida now havet owned one sence my days with a 8800gt i just got my card in and hooked up out fo the box it boost to 2025 how do i get it up to say 2150 or 2200mhz pretty new to evga's tools. I been trying to raise clock then check with heavin but not having alot of luck im not sure...
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    120mm fans

    I am about fed up with the cm masterrfan pro air pressure they list 36db but more like 45-50, need some suggestions for fans for rads that aren't noisy but decent pressure for under 15 a fan need 8 to do push pull. few i found doing some research might work for me. Corsair Air Series SP120...
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC GAMING ACX worth it

    If i could get a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC GAMING ACX with a evga waterblock used and stock cooler for say under 600-620 do you think its worth it only having 1 8pin and 6 phase power.
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    2011v3 xeon choices

    I tried to do some researching but kinda been out of the game awhile which xeons are best for x99/2011v3 and atleast 6 cores something inline with a 5820k or higher without breaking the bank no more then 400-450usd.
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    x99 motherboard

    Ok i been kinda looking into some x99 hardware but and i also want it to match my tubing color of white so been paying to attention how boards look so far iv found the 3 below. I like the sli krait the best so far color wise but i want a decent overclocking board also any help is welcome thank...
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    Some help deciding

    Come tax time im going to order a 1080 if i get enough back or a 1070 if i don't get enough back for a 1080 iv decided to go with a card that already has a block installed to save on hassle and prices look about same few cards i have narrowed it down to so far are listed below. I ranked them in...
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    Swifttech mcp655-b strong enough

    Hello long time poster on some other forums i let my acount here get deleted i guess sence i needed to create a new one. On to my questions i just moved my stuff to a CoreX71 and changed a rad and added a rad im running a xspc rx240, koolance coolstream xt 420 and a Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full...