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    Help me decide between these two speakers

    Hey all, Currently I am looking for a set 2.1 speakers. I have around $100.00 maybe a little more if need to be :p, but I have narrowed down my choices between the Edifier S330D and the Logitech Z-2300. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these speakers and could possibly help...
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    Will this P45 board suit my needs?

    Hey all, A friend of mine practically gave me his used Q9450 for free. Since this has saved me some good money and is a great upgrade from my previous computer, I was wondering if the Asus P5Q-Pro would be a good choice. I don't plan to CF ever and to my understanding, using one GPU slot...
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    Vista Defrag Question

    Hey all, I just finished installing Vista X64 on my computer and I was wondering if anyone out there could answer a question for me. I am using OO Defrag 8.6 and when it finished defragging, the program says that my disk fragmentation level is 21.3%. I'm pretty sure this fragmentation...
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    router problems

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    Computer Problems with MS Office 2003

    Hey all, A friend of mine is having some problems with his computer, so I decided to take a look at it with the hope of finding a solution. With some testing, I believe I have narrowed the problem down to MS Office 2003. Every time someone uses any application under MS Office, the computer...
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    Overclocking Question, is this normal?

    Hey all, I'm a total n00b when it comes to overclocking, but I was fiddling around with my cpu today and decided to take advantage of Asus' AI Overclocker. I set it to a 10% overclock, computer booted up fine and I fired up some HL2 and no crashes! However, looking at my speeds in CPU-Z and...
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    Skype and Spyware

    I've been really intrigued by Skype, a voip program, but I am wary of the program being infected with spyware. With some research, I have not gotten a clear answer if Skype actually contains spyware. Some sources say yes and others say no. I was wondering if any fellow [H] members could...
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    Network Card Problems... Need Advice

    Hey everyone, I have a friend who is currently having difficulties accessing the internet. He is sharing his internet connection with two computers via a router, and the strange thing is that his other computer can access the internet through the router. I have checked to see if his network...
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    What email client are you using?

    Just wanna see what other fellow [H] members are using. To start things up... I use Outlook 2003.
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    Intellimouse Explorer Woes...

    Hey guys, I have a annoying problem with my MS Intellimouse Explorer 3.0. Sometimes when I click, it double clicks for me! This is really frustrarting when I install programs because I usually skip a setup screen or I usually open two web pages when I click one link. I'm just wondering how...
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    A+ Certification Question

    Hey everyone! I just finished reading my A+ Cert. book and was glancing at some braindumps around the web. I was able to find some sample exams, but I was wondering if any fellow [H] members had some good experience with other sites which they found very helpful in passing the cert. test. I...
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    defective ram? your opinion please...

    Hey all, I have recently bought an AZENRAM 256mb PC133 to give a little boost to my secondary PC, but when I installed it, my computer registers it at 131 megs of ram. So i quickly went back to the store and exchanged it for another one. Low and behold my computer was still registering it...
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    Any good Athlon 64 Notebooks out there?

    Hey guys, Planning on purchasing a notebook, preferably an Athlon 64 Notebook. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Thanks!
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    router problems

    Hey, I just got a SMC 7004VBR router and when I installed it my download speeds are totally crap, but when my connection is just straight from cable modem to computer my connection is normal. It seems my router is slowing my speeds down. Can anybody please help me? Thanks!!!