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    Work is upgrading my monitors-Recommendations?

    In short, work is upgrading my monitors for my new office setup. I mainly handle general office items and nothing like video editing or gaming. I currently have 2x 24" 1080p monitors, so keeping dual monitors is the idea. Only requirements I have is: - more screen real estate in each...
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    4U Chassis that can handle dual ATX board with Hyper 212 coolers?

    Anyone know of a 4U Chassis that can handle dual ATX board with Hyper 212 coolers? I'd rather not remove the coolers as something like the Noctuas are a little expensive. Please note I need to rack mount this chassis.
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    PHP help - Need some guidance on an assignment given to me

    I have a PHP page that I am trying to compile a form with and I'm getting a variable error. Never posted in this sub-forum so I'm not sure what pieces of info you need from me.
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    Need some guidance on streaming TV options

    I need some help streaming TV to the bedroom TV. I am ignorant to this and the options out there. I am also device agnostic. I have Charter and I can either get a cable box or stream it over the Wifi via a Fire TV, etc. I'm trying to see if it's easier to use over the Wifi or if it's easier...
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    X99 Sabertooth and E5-1603V3

    Should the above cpu work with a x99 Sabertooth board? I know the the cpu is not listed as being supported but I don't see why it wouldn't work. I am looking for cheap quad core for a x99 board for a server. Thoughts on if it's may or may not work?
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    Need some guidance on HTPCs

    So my wife will be taking some time off of work for when the baby comes. I'd like to make it as easy as possible for her to be able to access our movie library or video from a DVR from the couch. I don't have anything in way of hardware or a DVR. I presently just use Charter via a set...
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    WET replacement?

    Is there a free or low cost replacement for WET so I can transfer settings from one Windows 8.1 pc to another? I am looking to move programs, profiles, etc.
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    DDR4 - Has anyone had better luck OCing with Gskill or Crucial?

    Has anyone had better luck OCing with Gskill RJ4 2400 or Crucial Ballistix Sports 2400?
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    Recommendations on free DHCP and DNS servers?

    I have a client who's router went down and thus DHCP and DNS went with it. While not a huge deal to get back up and running I thought it might be wise to setup a small Linux like VM for DHCP and one for DNS. Thoughts and suggestions on this approach? Suggestions on software/how to do this?
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    Memory layout for x99 boards

    Does it matter if I have 8x4GB or 4x8GB memory layout on the x99 platform? Looks like RAM should still be as it always was, in pairs.
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    Phone system recommendations?

    I'm not sure if this is the correct sub-forum for this or not but I will give this a go. We are presently using a Barracuda phone system at work at it needs to be upgraded. We have about 40 internal lines, 7 conference lines, etc. The phones are either Cisco, Polycom or Sonoms. Any...
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    10GigE NIC Recommedations

    Looking to play with 10GigE on the cheap. Anyone recommend an inexpensive set of NICs for this? It can be either copper or fiber as the two hosts will have a direct connection. Dual port preferred but single port is fine too. Thanks!
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    Monitor suggestions desired

    I presently have 2 Asus 23" LED Monitors. While they are great I have 23" Dell IPS monitors at work and the picture quality is better and they are easier on my eyes. I've been thinking of getting 2x S2715H monitors due to more real estate but wonder if I am really getting more real estate sine...
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    Why would

    I test benched two systems and the Haswell setup idled 2 watts higher that the IB setup. They both sat idle at the BIOS screen. Why would that be? The test setups were as follows: IB Setup: Gigabyte Z77N-Wifi Celeron G1610 Corsair 2GB DDR3 RAM (same RAM used in both systems) Random...
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    Seasonic X750 vs Corsair CX750M

    I presently have a CX750M performing flawlessly. Is there any reason to upgrade/side grade to a Seasonic X750?
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    RAID Card recommendations

    Currently looking for a low cost/low end RAID card that is low profile and can handle RAID 5 or RAID 10 for 4 drives with no more that 1TB volume size. I'm find with new or used. I've been leaning towards the NTEL/LSI SRCSASBB8I, LSI MegaRAID 9260-4i or the LSI SAS3081E-S. Thoughts or...
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    Multiple small hosts or one large one?

    Sp lately I have been thinking of taking my smaller hosts and selling them off for one larger host (that can handle greater than 32GB RAM) and just virtualize ESXi inside itself. This would also allows me to free up some space and decrease computer count. Am I off my rocker in thinking this or...
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    Thinking of going to an AIO cooler from air. Recommendations?

    I'm thinking of going to an AIO cooler from air. I currently use a Xigmatek cooler and I was thinking of switching over to an Antec Kuhler 620, Corsair H50 quiet or Corsair H60. Thoughts or opinions are appreciated.
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    Anyone ever have one of those days that makes you go "WTH!?!"

    /Rant On In short, one of our primary backup devices looks like it's beginning to go belly up. We've had little issues with it here and there but nothing too painful, just a nuisance. The most painful one (I think) is a slow copy rate of about 40MB/sec over 1GbE with large files. We all know...
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    Update Home Lab?

    So in short I have a chance to update my home lab from the SB architecture to Haswell Architecture. (Currently E3-1230 w/ X9SCM-F) I hardly tax the lab now but thought it might make sense it go ahead and update it. With kids in the near future coming into the picture and not being able to...
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    Resetting passwords and hosting question

    In short, the company I consult for is a solutions provider and offers hosting. Something we have noticed is that there is a high number of calls where people call into Helpdesk asking for their RDP password to be reset. Is there any financially viable programs out there that would allow the...
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    Need assistance with IOMeter

    For grins and giggles I decided to see what the IOPs were from a NAS I have and I'm getting some weird numbers. I'm getting numbers like 2K IOPS from a 6 disk SATA 7.2k RAID 5. I will start at ~600 IOPS then jumps to the 2K range and bounces around there. My hunch is that IOMeter is pulling...
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    Anyone near the Raleigh/RTP, NC area?

    Looking to see if anyone is near the Raleigh/RTP, NC area.
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    How much to charge?

    Occasionally I do some side work, but not much as my family/free time/hobbies are more important than a few extra bucks. A former work client same called me the other day and stated their SBS 2008 server was running slow, etc. I also handle any of their other little issues like cable runs...
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    Need SFTP Recommendations

    Recommendations for Windows or Linux is fine. Am I better off setting up my own SFTP server or just get a VPS?
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    Worth upgrading from SB i3m to i5m?

    Is it worth upgrading to an i5m SB processor over an i3 2310m? While I don't over use the current processor I didn't know if there was a big enough difference in the turbo boost and extra instruction sets of the i5m to justify the upgrade. Just looking for opinions and thoughts. Thanks.
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    Laptop Lab Opinions needed

    I need a quick opinion, do you think a 240GB SSD for just VMs should be small enough to create 2 ESXI sessions, aloung with about 8-10 VMs for lab purposes/VCP 5 labs? I think I would definitely need to thin provision them,
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    Sandisk Extreme 240GB - $145 AC EMCYTZT2188
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    ESXi Lab: Need suggestions on NIC count and layout

    So the short version is that I am thinking of the following: 2 NICs for iSCSI or NFS traffic setup in a round-robin fashion 1 NIC for VM traffic (2 would be ideal I think) 1 NIC for management traffic (I know I can combine the management traffic with the VM NIC but I'm not sure just yet if...
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    Samsung 256GB 830 Series - $199 shipped from the Egg end 7-23 Promo code: EMCYTZT1942 Enjoy!
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    DRS: e3-1230 and x3440 work together?

    I am just looking for a quick answer to help clear up my confusion. Will the E3-1230 and x3440 work together for DRS? Or should I build my second box with a c202 chipset and a e3-1230 xeon to match my c204 chipset server? I should be okay from what I can tell, but I wanted to check with the...
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    Home Lab: FreeNAS or QNAP/Synology?

    Long and short I am trying to complete my home lab for my VCP 5 cert and I was wondering if a QNAP/Synology NAS would be more "real world" like than a FreeNAS setup. All thoughts are welcome.
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    FreeNAS CPU: A4-3300 or Celeron G530?

    Everything being the same, which CPU would be better? The A4-3300, the Celeron G530 or it doesn't matter?
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    XenApp 6.5 with Citrix Recv. 3.1 disconnect issue

    Long story short, we have a XenApp 6.5 environment with Citrix Receiver 3.1 and the few test sites (WAN users) are getting random disconnects in the middle of them working on the system. The message is to the effect of "unable to connect to the server at this time". When they receive that we...
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    Newegg: Sandisk Ultra 120GB SSD - $89.99 Promo Code: EMCYTZT1589
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    How to get rid of the coax cable running across the floor?

    So evidentally when my place was built years ago the builders decided to place the TV jack on a wall that there is no way a TV would be placed there. I was looking at a wireless coax extender to place between the jack and the TV. Has anyone used one of these. If so, how is the reception and...
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    Where to start?

    Long story short I have been using VMWare workstation 7&8 for about 1.5-2 years and that started the virtualization bug. I started to work with it more around the work environment and now I am all in. I am in the near finishing stages of completing my home lab (or so I thing I am nearing...
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    Need a switch recommendation for test lab

    I'm looking for a 16 or 24 port switch that is rackmountable, allows trunking/LAG and VLAN setup. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.