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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.; SOC or Clear Sky? Which to buy?

    I have and love COP.... which one should I buy next? Or would I more than likely like both? I am not leaning toward either at the moment. Any input would be appreciated! Happy Holidays! :cool:
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    Dead Space 2 - how to uninstall DLC?

    Need some help (again).... Does anyone know how to uninstall the DLC for DS2? Someone mentioned it in a thread somewhere, but I can't find it. I hate having everything at the beginning... it is too anticlimactic. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Deadspace 2.... Halp!! I am dyin'

    OK, I just started playing DS2 and I am really liking it. Except..... Sometimes you get annoying tooltips in a green box. I can't get them to shut no matter what I do. I am getting killed because I can't shut them off to use the stasis (when you first gtet it) and a nasty appears and kill...
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    Nice Portal Fan Film

    Sorry if this is a repost - I didn't see a dup. Check out this fan film: Very nice... may be even better than the HL2 films. Since I am on a forum, I guess I can be sexist and say that the chick is pretty hot IMO.... I am glad they...
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    Suggest Mouse that can bind one key to side buttons

    Folks, I have an Steelseries Akari Laser mouse and I am looking for a replacement. I like the mouse, but I just got Dead Space 2. In the game, side buttons are not supported (Really DS2?.... they couldn't have support for side buttons in game in 2011??? they even work in HL2...)...
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    Star Wars-COD4 Mod

    Folks, sorry if this is a duplicate thread... I searched (really I did...). Check this out: "BlackMonkeys Launches Star Wars: Galactic Warfare Mod for Call of Duty 4" I am not a Star Wars junkie, but this mod...
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    Blind guy plays Oddworld.... flawlessly...

    I wanted so share this with you [H] foks... This is truly inspirational: Seems like an awesome guy!
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    Looking for TV with Decent Sound

    Folks, I am in the market for a 40-46 inch TV with decent sounding speakers (I am trying to not have to purchase a sound system). I was looking at the Sony KDL46NX810 (TigerDirect has it on sale for about $1,300... a good deal), but all the reveiws I read say the sound quality is really...
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    In reponse to the "Dying PC Gaming" Threads...

    I thought about some recent threads when I read this. I was amused: he he he..... definitely the Best advice!
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    BF2 BC Mouse/KB Issues - Help!

    I just downloaded BF2 BC from Steam this weekend. The SP game (I am starting with it to learn the play mechanics) is fine when I start but when I remap the controls, the mouse view gets broken. I have read that moving jabberwocky.txt and pitoni.txt to the game folder fixes the mouse...
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    Nintendo's 3D Device - Unveiled!!!!

    OH BOY!!!!!:):):)
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    BC BF2 on sale on Steam

    Here $33.50 ain't bad.... will it run OK on my rig or like crapola? I am afraid my processor ain't up to snuff.:(
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    Need advice: New Processor

    I am kicking around the idea of upgrading my processor. My sig is below (for anyone who has "sig" turned off). I don't do anything terribly strenuous with my PC. Just some gaming and photoshopping. My price range is $200-$250. Thanks ahead of time! Core 2 Duo E6600 | ASUS-P5K...
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    MWF2/NAT/Verizon Fios...HELP!

    My NAT is Strict in MWF2 and I am trying to get it "open". I have Verizon FIOS. Disclaimer: forgive my noobishness on this subject :o What I know how to do: Open router software, get into port forwarding and add ports. What I don't know: How to save changes after adding ports...
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    Looking for reliable External HDD

    What the title says.... I am seeking a good reliable External HardDrive. I have had a Western Digital MyBook that failed, so I won't be getting another. Any suggestion are welcome.
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    Suggest a Video card - about $150

    A friend is looking to upgrade; he is looking for a GPU for about $150. I am thinking that the best bang for buck is a 5770. I am partial to XFX since I just got one and I like their warranty. I saw...
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    Need advice on 5850 - Manufacturers

    Folks, Excuse my noobishness.... I am looking to get a HD 5850 to replace my deceased 8800GTX. Newegg has them from the following manufacturers: HIS Gigabyte Sapphire XFX Diamond ASUS MSI PowerColor VisionTek Of these the 2 that stand out to me are the ASUS (and you get a free...
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    Help me decide on NVIDIA GPU - ~$300

    Happy Holidays, folks! My 8800 GTX has bit the dust, so I am looking for a new NVIDIA GPU for about $300. Please make some suggestions and let me know why you think a particular card would be good for me. Stablity is important, even more so than a great deal. I game with a 22 inch HP...
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    Help/advice.. 8800GTX may be dead...

    Need some advice/feedback…. About 15 minutes into gaming, my screen turned psychedelic and froze. I could only cold boot. On reboot, my LCD screen was blank, but I could tell that Vista(32) had booted normally. I connected an old CRT and it worked fine (using a serial adapter). I...
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    Help Me decide.MWF2 or Borderlands

    Pretty much what the title says. I know there are issues with both of these titles, but I am itchin' for something new. I am a huge MWF1 fan, but also a huge Diablo 2 fan (the similarities between Borderlands and D2 intrigue me). I would love to hear from folks who own both of these...
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    Bottom Worst PC Games (Metacritic)

    I was bored and reading all the bitchin' about PC games, so I thought I would take a look at the worst of the lot.... these are the bottom scores from Metacritic. I am really thinking about finding a copy of "Hooters Road Trip," though...;). What was killing me is that instead of saying "Hated...
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    NOD32 changes my Resolution.... help!

    I recently upgraded to NOD32 4.0 (the best Virus protection for the money IMO...). Since then when I boot up everything is fine, but when NOD loads, it reduces my resolution to the lowest possbile setting. It is nothing catastrophic but it's annoying. This did not happen with the old version...
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    Need advice: Lite Weight Headphones

    I recently got a Slacker Radio Portable Unit (the 4 GB one), cheap from Buy.Com ($50). I am pretty happy with the player, but the earbuds that came with it are lacking (they seem to distort at times, too... not sure if this is a Slacker Issue or the buds, but I blame the buds...). So...
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    Dead Space-Map Extra Mouse Buttons?

    I just got Dead Space and I really love the game! Don't understand all the hate at all.... it is a blast! Anyway, the one thing that disappoints me is that I can't get the extra buttons (side buttons) to map to anything. I fell like it is a waste of two buttons that could make things much...
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    Hilarious! FPS Disorder

    This just about killed me :D.... sorry if this is old news There is supposedely an RPG disorder video, but I couldn't find it.
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    Need a basic Audio Recording App

    I am trying to transfer cassette tapes to digital (.wav files). I need a really basic app that will allow me to choose the input - I want to use RCA plugs (they are supported by my sound card). I have an old version of Sound Forge, but it doesn't allow you to choose the input source. I...
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    Freezes on Boot after Vista SP2 Update

    I have Vista 32-bit Home Premium. I never had a problem until I upgraded to SP2. Now, my PC freezes on bootup (at splash screen with the progress bar). Of course, this does not occur all the time, but it is annoying. I created a restore point before the upgrade, but afterward, all the old...
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    Toshiba Lappy - Yeah or Nay?

    Folks, I am looking for an inexpensive laptop ($500 range). I have seen some Toshibas selling for pretty good prices, but I am leery since I don't know anyone who has one. Someone I work with says that they are renowned for having keyboard issues, but that is hearsay. Anyone out there...
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    I don't want to live.... please, killl me

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    Suggest a good 3rd Person Shooter

    Hey all.... Pretty much, what the title says. I was going to get Gears of War, but it is really hard to find (brand new) at decent price (less than $40). What other titles are good ones? I am looking for something with lots of action. Thanks!
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    Razer Deathadder $43 Free Shipping -

    Razer Deathadder $43 Free Shipping - This oughta make somebody out there happy.... :)
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    ASUS P5K and OCZ RAM - Compatible?

    I want to update my RAM to 4GB (yes, I will upgrade to Vista 64, later). I saw a great deal on OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) at New Egg and I bit (it is on the way). Now I am having second thoughts because I am not sure this RAM will play nice...
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    Need advice on new RAM

    Folks, I am going to go with Vista 64 and upgrade my RAM. Right now, I have CORSAIR 2GB Xtreme PC2-6400. 6400 (800 mhz) is the fastest RAM my MOBO supports. I am going to go with 4 more GB, eventually going to 8. Although the Corsair RAM works OK, I have read about it getting RMA'd...
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    4 GB with 32-bit OS

    Folks, I am sure a similar question has already been posed, but a search didn't answer my specific question. So.... I want to get 4 GB of RAM, but am wondering if Vista 32 can actually use it. I came across this article...
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    This game looks like it might have promise..... (it's supposed to come out in April) :cool: I really like some of the ideas and...
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    EVGA Precision 1.3.3 Noob Question

    Folks, I have just updated my NVidia drivers to 180.48. I have an EVGA 8800GTX, so I have downloaded EVGA Precision 1.3.3 as suggested in other threads. My question is, do I need to do anything else? Do I need to tweak Precision anywhere so it is optimized? Sorry for my...
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    L4D Noob Questions

    First, please excuse my ignorance about this L4D (and my ignorance in general!;)) How long are the games? What happens if a player leaves early... are the replaced with another player or a bot? Can you play without a complete team? Are you assigned to a character or can you...
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    Timeshift for $6.75 at Amazon
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    "The Suffering" for PC - Freebie

    Wasn't sure whether to put this in [H]otdeals or here....;11846564;/fileinfo.html Never played this, but it got decent scores on Metacritic (for what it is worth). Looks pretty twisted! :eek::D FYI: This is a pretty hefty download at...
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    Crysis Warhead - DRM really that bad?

    Is the DRM used to install Warhead really that awful? See user reviews at Amazon: Is it true you can't uninstall parts of the program? And can...