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    Mtnduey health thread

    Not sure if all of you are aware of what's been going on with Mtnduey, but you might want to read this thread.
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    NVIDIA Unveils the DGX-1 HPC Server: 8 Teslas, 3U

    How long until F@H supports this beast of a GPU server? 8 P100 GPUs in a 3U server pulling 3200W. NVIDIA Unveils the DGX-1 HPC Server: 8 Teslas, 3U, Q2 2016
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    Titan Black Folding Throughput Trouble

    Hey guys, I removed the second GPU from this system, but the Titan Black is still performing like crap. I'm not sure on the PPD because says 0 PPD. I'm running nvidia 355.11 drivers and set-gpu-fan to increase the GPU fan. nvidia-smi says the GPU is running at 99% utilization, but...
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    Hey MGMCCALLEY....

    PPD Top 20: Time for some good, old mowing down! :D
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    Booyah! Two Nvidia Grid K2's

    I just received a new server with two E5-2690v3 CPUs and two Nvidia Grid K2 GPUs. Putting BOINC through its paces to burn it in! :D $ nvidia-smi Mon Mar 30 15:53:27 2015 +------------------------------------------------------+ | NVIDIA-SMI 340.29 Driver Version: 340.29 |...
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    Mysteries of NUMA Memory Management Revealed

    Here's an interesting article about how Red Hat integrated automatic NUMA management into RHEL 7: I wonder how something like this might affect the mainstream BOINC client without tear's NUMA patches.
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    Malaria@home errors I'm not sure what's going on. All my boxes are x86_64, but only the i686 application is in the projects directory on the error hosts. I cannot run "ldd" on the i686 app for some reason, so I'm not sure if...
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    Final F@H Hoorah - 3B Points

    I hit 3B points earlier today. Switching back to BOINC since BigAdv is going away in a few weeks and I don't think I could hit 4B by then. :D There's no way I'm catching MtnDuey either, darn it!
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    Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge EP QA8G ES LGA2011 2.0Ghz 6C/12HT HT 15M/L3 B0/Stepping

    I bought two of these CPUs hoping they would work in my SuperMicro X9DRH motherboard and they won't. I bought them from this listing. My loss is your gain. They are compatible with the following motherboards: Asrock x79 extreme4 Gigabyte X79 UD4P ASUS Rampage Extreme IV Formula ASUS X79...
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    Start Crunching with the [H] Today?

    Any chance we could get "Steve" to post something similar for BOINC crunching?
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    GIMPS and my fried GTX 560 Ti

    I think I fried my GTX 560 Ti 448-Core card. A home windoze 7 box running MISFIT to manage the GIMPS work units crashed last week and I just had time to diagnose. The system would no longer power up at all. I swapped out the video card for a piece-of-crap GT 420 and it booted right up. I...
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    SuperMicro IPMI Security Issue

    If you have SuperMicro motherboards with onboard IPMI (most 2P and 4P motherboards), please read this: I verified it is possible to retrieve the users and passwords from the IPMI device on my Intel 4P system...
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    Windows DC Nvidia issues

    I was planning to upgrade my home Windows boxes from low-end Nvidia cards (GT 240, GT 440) to higher-end GTX 560 Ti and GTX 580 GPUs to run GIMPS. I've had nothing but problems getting the 560 Ti running; if I swap the GT 440 back in, Windows behaves. Yesterday I did a fresh install of Win 7...
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    BOINC MilkyWay Nvidia Issue

    I configured a GTX 660 yesterday on a Linux x64 host. The MilkyWay 1.02 opencl_nvidia tasks complete and are validated. Every Separation (Modified Fit) v1.28 task fails and I would like to know why. I notice the GPU is only running 1 task at a time at about 65% utilization. I then found and...
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    musky and Grandpa are on notice!

    22 days until musky is mowed down. 36 days until Grandpa has the same fate and I hit 2B points. :D
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    Trade: My X5680's for your X5670/X5660/X5650

    EDIT: Disregard this post.
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    Calling dwdawg

    Mowed you recently. Hope it was painless. ;)
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    ATI R9 290X?

    Who's going to be the first to jump on this guy and determine what kind of PPD it will deliver? Interesting conclusion regarding gaming FPS vs. cost: I wonder how that will translate to PPD. AndyE, got any...
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    tear is on notice!

    In less than two days... :D
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    Stanford Stats Snafu

    Just an FYI if you're wondering about your stats and why they look horrible for yesterday.
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    Hello tkam!

    Nice to see you. :p EDIT: m33pm33p is a funny guy.
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    WTB: Xeon E5649, X5650, X5660, X5670, X5675 Socket 1366

    If the price is right, I'm interested in qty 1 through 4 of the above CPUs, extra spicy or not. The L5640's look nice, but I want to continue doing bigadv units. I have multiple dual-socket 1366 systems which cannot be overclocked but could use an upgrade from slower E5620's in order to...
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    EVGA Push?

    Something to be worried about? They've been pushing 45M PPD since August 1. Our weekly PPD has fallen below 300M since mid-June (lots of folks have been cashing out, turning off rigs for the summer, etc).
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    Folding core_17 on AMD + Linux

    I'm not super familiar with GPU folding, but I was hoping I could try the AMD Catalyst 13.8 beta drivers with two HD 7970's on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS with the 7.3.6 Linux client. I have a simple configuration. My log file looks like this. Am I missing something simple or are they only giving out...
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    H8QGL and EPS12V Splitters?

    I received a SuperMicro 2U 2x1200W chassis from a forum member. It only has 2 EPS12V 8-pin connectors coming off the redundant power supplies, but my H8QGL motherboard requires three. I was thinking of using this chassis instead of the Blackhawk Ultra case once my board gets back from RMA...
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    E5-4650 pricing?

    I saw some extra spicy E5-4650 chips on eBay for $699. The seller is willing to discount down to $670 if I buy four. It appears from Google searches, these same chips might have been available for $599 in the past. I'm just wondering what folks have paid for these chips over the last few...
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    WTB: SuperMicro Chassis

    It seems the eBay guy selling inexpensive 2U chassis is out of stock. Did anyone pick some up and decide not to use them? I'm interested in the models with 1200W or 1400W power supplies. It doesn't have to be redundant, but that would be nice. It should support SuperMicro 4P motherboards...
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    gkar (4P G34) is down

    Darn it, gkar died over the weekend. When I found it, all the fans were running, no video, no keyboard. Power cycled at the P/S (hold power button for 10 seconds did nothing). Tries to come on, no video output. Re-enabled IPMI to see if it would tell me anything. IPMI thinks the m/b is...
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    Free LGA1366 CPUs for cost of shipment

    2 Xeon E5504 1 Xeon E5540 Working pulls. Another dual E5540 setup is good for about 33K PPD on 8084 WUs (as a point of reference).
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    Dual E5649 PPD?

    Has anyone successfully run bigadv on a dual E5649 system? I have one that is giving ECC errors even when I switch out the RAM. Not sure if I should reseat the CPUs and use some fresh thermal paste or what else could cause the known-good RAM to experience ECC errors. I went down to a single...
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    ChelseaOilman, watch your 6!

    Mowing to occur shortly... :D
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    Dual E5-2680 Low PPD?

    I turned up my first dual E5-2680 host and it's getting 252K PPD on 8101 (16:46TPF). I confirmed with turbostat that all 32 cores are running at 3.1GHz. I have it configured with 8 4GB 1333MHz sticks of ECC RAM. I thought I had seen quad E5-4650 systems hitting close to 1M PPD, so I...
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    Duplicate WUs?

    Yesterday I was looking at my monitor and I had four machines with duplicate WUs (two each with two different WUs). In the past, I've seen this once or twice and just left things alone and everything worked out (except for the possible missed points). Is there something I should...
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    FLECOM, Axiomatic...

    Coming up from behind... :D
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    HardFolding Stats?

    Ever since I switched to team 33, I've not been able to track any status using the website. When I login and click on F@H Statistics, it says "Stats Processing" and it has for weeks. Is this a known issue or am I the only one affected? I wanted to figure out how to generate...
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    fahinstall tweaks

    I had a couple of questions on the fahinstall script mentioned in musky's Ubuntu installation guide. 1. Why disable ASLR using kernel.randomize_va_space=0? Is this for stability or a few extra PPD? 2. Would the owners accept patches to make fahinstall less distribution specific? I...
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    4P G34 reboots spontaneously

    So last week I decided I wanted to try something new and I up'd the voltage to 1.225 on my SM GL board. I left the clock at 3500. Something went amiss over the weekend. I came in today to find the box running, but console unresponsive. I had to hard power it off and back on. It comes up for...
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    4P G34 Machine Check Reboot

    Hello all, I'm still tweaking my "new" GL motherboard with 4 spicy 6282 chips (natively 2.3GHz). I've had them clocked at 3.4GHz on 1.1875V for a few weeks pulling around 620K PPD on 8101 WU. I figured that since I've now got the VRMs sinked, I could try going further. This is on air...
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    Damaged VRM Capacitor on H8QGL?

    I was removing one of the stock aluminum VRM heatsinks and I think I damaged/destroyed a capacitor on the bottom of the motherboard. Can someone confirm? All four CPUs are still folding at 3.4GHz with 1.1875V with no problems (about 590K PPD). Is this single VRM out of commission and putting...
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    Dual E7-2870 Not Using all 40 Cores

    I mentioned this on IRC yesterday and I just found another system running Linux where the 8101 is only using 32 of 40 cores. The only way I could get more PPD out of similar systems was to install VMware ESXi and configure two virtual machines with half the CPUs. Is there any other way to get...