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    EVGA 670 FTW - Any recent issues?

    Looking to bite the bullet on an EVGA 670 FTW 2GB... have you guys had any issues with these recently, like the flickering or red screens I've read about in the past? I'm mostly curious about reliability and coil whine. Also for the two game coupon promotions currently running (Borderlands 2...
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    Civilization V + Steam activation

    Quick question: if I buy a retail copy of Civ 5, will I be able to just enter the key into Steam and never touch the disk? Being a Steamworks-integrated game, I assume it's true, but can anyone confirm? Thanks.
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    A few G500 questions

    1) Does it operate at a 500+ Hz polling rate straight out of the box with no driver tweaks or SetPoint installed? 2) How do the DPI buttons function without SetPoint? Are there preset DPI levels that they select, and if so, what are the values? 3) Is the main gray face textured or smooth like...
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    Linksys BEFSX41: Frequent IRC Disconnects

    I've just hooked up a brand new Linksys BEFSX41 router, and while everything seems to be in order, I'm getting server disconnects on my IRC client left and right, from multiple servers. Research hasn't gotten me far, with most people saying it's an age-old problem that was never fixed. There...
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    Dual Slot GPU Coolers: Exhaust Grill Removal?

    Have any of you cut out or removed the exhaust grill from the mounting bracket on your rear-exhausting GPU? What kind of results did you have in stock fan frequency and/or temperatures? With this HD 4890 at high RPM, I can't help but notice that the air sounds like it's having a tough time...
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    [X360/XBL] Rating Unreleased Games...

    ... Marketing teams 1, honesty 0. It's either that or thousands of gamers out there have inside reviewer connections that I don't. So many "bestest games evarer" that have never been played! My apologies, but it had to be said.
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    P45 + Yorkfield: some general OC questions

    I've been having a hell of a time nailing down the source of instability on this system. Core components are as follows: Q9550 (SLB8V, 1.22500 V default, Thermalright Ultima-90 + AS5 + 92 mm at 2400 r/min) Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P (version 1.6, FB BIOS, stock cooling) Corsair...
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    Sapphire HD 4890: 6pin + 8pin required?

    I just purchased a mundane HD 4890 from Sapphire, and was surprised to see not only a blue PCB, but a 6+8 set of power connectors instead of the 6+6 I was expecting. The surprising part was that the package only came with two 4-pin-Molex to 6-pin-PCIE adapters. This leads me to believe that...
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    Really quick 4890 question

    Can the tacky IHV logos be safely removed from the reference ATI cooler on the HD 4890? On most any reference ATI cooler? Are they just stickers? Simply: Thanks.
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    Workstation GPUs vs. Desktop GPUs

    In trying to help someone choose parts for a new system, I realized that I have no clue what physically differentiates a workstation-class GPU (e.g. Nvidia Quadro and ATI FireGL) from a desktop-class GPU, considering they share many components. Basically, what makes these cards better-suited...
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    Today's typical Brisbane overclocks?

    Brisbanes are very cheap these days and I've been considering picking up something like a 5400+ as a little upgrade over this current Windsor 3800+. My question is: how are today's Brisbanes overclocking? Have yields improved over the past six months? Roughly how high do today's chips get...
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    ATI + Doom 3 = Shadow Corruption?

    I've had this problem ever since Catalyst 8.6 or so on both XP and Vista. Running 9.1 right now on a clean Vista install. GPU is a BBA X1950XTX. Temperatures are well within limits, and this occurs with and without overclocks applied. In-game settings are all maxed out with 4x AA and vsync...
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    iPod classic vs. The Competition

    I'm currently looking for something to clean up the mess of CD-Rs in my car—something I can store my music library on. Having checked out the 120GB iPod classic, it seems like a good fit, but what compelling reasons are there to pick this one over competing products like the Zune120? I'm...
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    LCD "stained" pixels?

    Over the last month or so, I've noticed this rough line along the top edge of the monitor (Dell 2007WFP) While I haven't tried the monitor on another system yet, this "stained" line of sorts is always there and is mainly visible on light backgrounds. It is not a physical stain...
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    Quick PS3 output question

    Just a quick one: if I output video through HDMI, can I simultaneously output audio through the proprietary connector to the red/white RCA plugs? Or am I forced to use the on-board HDMI signal or Toslink connection?
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    Logitech Z-2300 woes

    Are my ears plugged beyond belief, or do these speakers honestly sound terrible?! I was at Fry's Electronics and decided to pick these up, figuring they were a safe purchase considering the price point, THX certification, and the fact that a friend of mine was extremely satisfied with his...
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    Xbox360 power supply replacement

    Have any of you successfully completed an Xbox360 PSU/brick replacement through Microsoft? If you have, what was the procedure? Was a replacement simply shipped to you, or was cross shipping required?
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    PS3 backwards compatibility settings

    What are all of the settings currently available for the PS3's backwards compatibility? Last I remember, there was simple upscaling and some sort of a smoothing filter, but that was it. Do we have anything for aspect ratios or color/brightness correction? Thanks.
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    ATITool artifact detection: inconsistency?

    I've been using ATITool 0.27 beta 4, and have noticed that it detects massive amounts of artifacts (invisible) shortly after having it scan for them—but not always. Right after installing a new GPU cooler, it went hours without artifacts, but right after the next reboot, it was back to...
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    SATA Cable Flexibility

    Just how flexible are SATA cables? To what lengths can I safely go in terms of cable management and bundling? I've never gotten a straight answer on this, so I've always been delicate, perhaps overly so. Is there anything to worry about regarding shielding and interference? Thanks.
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    Disc writing software?

    What disc writing software do you guys like for Windows XP? I'm talking basic functionality here. I'm looking to write files onto DVDs for storage, and would like to avoid bloated applications like Nero.
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    Little birthday to be recognized

    Yes, it's officially been one year since the last Windows XP X-Fi driver release on October 30, 2006. Great job, Creative. I can't stand what their monopoly has done to the sound card market :(
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    Orange Box - Retail and Steam

    Quick question: if someone buys a retail version of The Orange Box, can they simply register its key on Steam and have the content download the same way as Steam-purchased titles? Is there any distinction post-installation between a Steam-purchased copy and a retail copy?
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    Halo 3 Limited - potential packaging woes FUD or a real problem?
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    Thermalright HR-03 ramsink types

    I'm curious, what do you figure the real world temperature difference is between those memory chips cooled by the standard-sized ramsinks and those cooled by the flat types? Thanks
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    Quake 3 Video Project - Live II Fly

    I figured some of you might get a kick out of this... Some friends and I just finished up production on a Quake 3 trick jumping movie, Live II Fly. It is a sequel to our last production. Let me know what you think :)
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    AWDFLASH stalls at "Please Wait !"

    Upon trying a routine BIOS update, I had AWDFLASH pause indefinitely after receiving the .bin file. It just sits at "Please Wait !" The board is an Abit KN9 Ultra, the bios revision is 2.0, and I'm using their reccomended method with the DOS bootup floppy. Any ideas are welcome!
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    Digital Audio Interconnects - The Basics?

    Perhaps more a general audio topic than a computer audio topic, what are the advantages/disadvantages of the different types of digital interconnects? Coaxial, optical, HDMI? For instance, given the choice between coaxial and optical, which would be the better choice? :confused: Thanks.
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    Implications of 3D speeds at all times?

    A trend which started with the GeForce FX, just about every modern GPU has separate 2D and 3D clock speeds. My question is this: does this separation increase the card's lifespan? Would I be at risk running a Radeon X1950XTX at 3D speeds (or perhaps slightly higher) at all times? Is this...
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    Implications of single-channel?

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (65w Windsor) Abit KN9 Ultra (bios 1.6) Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4 (version 2.1) Having reached my wit's end with this motherboard/memory combination, I'm curious as to what the real world performance difference will be between single-channel and dual-channel memory...
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    Quick question regarding the HT link

    From what I understand, it's best to keep the HT link at or below 1,000mhz. Being at an HT multiplier of 4x right now along with 250FSB, I'm in a position where I'll have to drop the HT multiplier to 3x to continue raising the FSB, correct? And if so, just how detrimental will this be? Thanks.
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    X-Fi: muffled sound... sometimes?

    I've had a weird issue with an X-Fi XtremeMusic ever since I purchased it around two months ago. In some applications, it sounds wonderful, yet in others, it sounds like audio from a 15-year-old PC—almost as if it's being played back at a lower sampling rate than it should be. If I load up...
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    What in the HECK happened to my colors?!

    This is supposed to be a pure greyscale background: I assume if the picture looks normal for you guys, then it's my display that's gone bad. But if the greyscale looks filled with green, then I guess something else is wrong. This came fresh off a cold boot, too, so I don't think heat is...
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    X1950XTX error LEDs?

    Just finished assembly of a new system and it's failing to POST. I've noticed that the video card (BBA X1950XTX) has a couple LEDs right next to the PCIe power plug and one of them begins blinking upon powering the system on. It doesn't cease. Anyone know what this means? I highly doubt the...
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    To those with Lian Li PC-60 series cases:

    A real quickie here: Is there enough room to install 80x38mm fans with wire grilles in the front versus the stock 80x25mm fans? I'm hoping these won't impede on the hard drive enclosure. Thanks.
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    Running two fans off one 3-pin motherboard header

    Just a quick question here: Would I be able to run two of these fans off a single 3-pin motherboard header using a Y-splitter? The motherboard in question is an Abit KN9 Ultra. Thanks.
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    Dead drive? (I think so)

    So I ordered a 300GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA hard drive, installed it, and was immediately greeted with an intermitant "chirping" sound. After some difficulty getting the drive detected, I found the system falling into sporadic hard locks while attempting to format. There was random...
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    Need for Speed: Most Wanted - corrupt shadow rendering?

    From what I've read, this seems to be a somewhat common problem. Basically, the shadows aren't being rendered properly and I'm not sure why. This happens when AA is enabled or disabled. The following shot was taken with all in-game visual settings maximized, including AA. I'm using an...
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    GTR Demo 2 - Has anyone got this to work?

    I have tried nearly everything to get the 2nd GTR demo to work! Every time I try to run it, one of two things happens: 1. I get a black screen, then get kicked back to the desktop with an unhelpful error message; 2. I get a black screen, then it minimizes and asks if I want to replace one of...
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    Half-Life 2 Speed Run

    i hope this isn't a repost, but i just watched this and it was great entertainment for a few hours :D