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    Hackers Pull Off $12,000 Bitcoin Heist

    Are you saying this is a pyramid scheme? Do you know what a pyramid scheme is? Do you know how bitcoins work?
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    Hawken PhysX Trailer

    I have two 580's and I think most PhysX is total shit. Completely out of place in most games. MIrrors Edge is probably the only good one.
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    Western Digital Red 3TB HDD

    Why were they only testing WD drives. I was hoping they'd put in a ST3000DM001 in there. I run four of those in RAID10, have been for about a year now. As far as I know, they are the fastest 3.5 drives around in transfer rates outside of enteprise stuff. I use them for video editing so It's nice...
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    GeForce 310.54 Beta Drivers

    I saw nearly perfect scaling in NS2 on my GTX580's. It's great. Though it has some microstutter.
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    Intel Unleashes New “Extreme” Desktop Processor and Motherboard

    For a second I thought this was a desktop 2011 Ivy Bridge. Right after I moved to a 3770k
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    PS3 System Update v4.30 Removes Folding@Home

    It says it discussed it with Stanford. If it were enough of an impact, I'm sure Stanford would have asked to keep it.
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    Minecraft Will Not be Certified for Windows 8

    He doesn't need an excuse to opt out of programming his game better.
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    How To Make A Raspberry Pi Supercomputer With LEGOs

    I don't mean anything special, just wiring up a line of connections to power them all off one adapter. Just basically someone who knows how to solder and strip is all I mean.
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    How To Make A Raspberry Pi Supercomputer With LEGOs

    I thought the same thing. But I hope they'll get atleast a hobbyist electrician to wire up a master source for it. Maybe a cheap 200watt PSU or something.
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    The 12 Most Dreaded Help Desk Requests

    We generally like to solve problems, not undo peoples mistakes.
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    Turn Smart Phone Images Into Real Photos

    What bothers me most isn't that they think that printing cellphone images to instagram is good (though certainly popular), but that the best method is to record it from a qHD screen from a backlit LCD.
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    Borderlands 2 PhysX Demo

    Honestly, density of particles doesn't make it worth it. It looks awful, the cloth, while... rippy doesn't fit at all. Even though I'm on nvidia I'd probably turn it off for a better experience.
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    Corsair Accelerator 30GB & 60GB Caching SSD Review @ [H]

    I think this would be great gift maybe for lower end computers and their users. Maybe even for a media PC or something. Just 30-60gb would make it feel snappier.
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    Olympics Are Using Wi-Fi Police

    I read that a couple hours ago. I'm more likely to believe something from reddit than the comments here on [H].
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    Nonfree DRM'd Games on GNU/Linux: Good or Bad?

    Then again, I don't use Linus so I don't have a really good handle on the community of Linux.
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    Nonfree DRM'd Games on GNU/Linux: Good or Bad?

    I've heard that this post by him isn't, "Give it to us for free" but more so, "Linux is built on the idea of freedom to do what we wish, having closed software harms that." I think he's making the point that valve making games for linux without the users able to modify with source code like...
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    Film Industry Making the Transition to Digital

    Also, to see how digital looks compared to film as far as color and range go, this is a good primer: Not amazingly indepth, but good for those who don't get the difference.
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    Film Industry Making the Transition to Digital

    Regardless of resolution, Film has fantastic dynamic range. And even the best digital cameras like the RED Epic, ScarletX, Arri Alexa, still have issues with overblown light sources or capturing detail in the highlights. Other thing is that film is a single sheet, digital is dealing with...
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    Planned Norco 4224 fileserver build, stuck on SAS controllers

    The price of a M1015 and the expander is perfectly fine for me. It looked like it would come to roughly $350 including possible shipping. Though as PigLover mentioned, I planned on possibly adding a separate chassis and expanding to more drives. But as I'm starting out with about 8x drives that...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    I heard that some people here sell these cards? In the other topic I made, I finally got a good understanding of the setup of the cards and I'm about to purchase one of these in the coming weeks. I'd like to bring my business to the forum :)
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    Planned Norco 4224 fileserver build, stuck on SAS controllers

    I figured I'd simply get 8x 8087 since the Norco has internal MiniSAS 8087 connections on the 6 backplanes. Then I might as well use two 8087 to connect to the Expander. Unless you think that's pointless...
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    Planned Norco 4224 fileserver build, stuck on SAS controllers

    In that case, I would see 6Gbps per SAS cable, or would I technically be getting 24Gbps with all four SATA3 ports running. Again, I'm not a speed freak when it comes to "NAS" storage, but curious how that would work. I figure in my case, having 4 lanes is fine per expander since I'm only...
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    Planned Norco 4224 fileserver build, stuck on SAS controllers

    I assume I should ask these questions in the HP expander topic, but I see two HP SAS Expanders listed.
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    Planned Norco 4224 fileserver build, stuck on SAS controllers

    I've been going between FlexRaid, Unraid, and Stablebit Drive pooling since like december. FlexRaid has been what I've always ended up liking more. What is your issue with flexraid, if I may ask? I've seen the M1015 mentioned loads of times and I was about to buy one, but information on how...
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    Planned Norco 4224 fileserver build, stuck on SAS controllers

    Hello there, I've been researching SAS/Sata cards and expanders for months now, I'm been reading loads of topics in this section since January and finally decided to post a topic to ask my specific questions as I can't find a clear answer. I'm planning on building a pretty big fileserver...
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    Study: $37B Annually To Pre-Screen YouTube Videos

    I'm sure they do. Thankfully it won't happen. As a YT Partner, I would hate for YT to spend so much money on time for something that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. I wish Youtube setup a report copyright infringment tool to help their efforts. Let the population do the work...
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    Study: $37B Annually To Pre-Screen YouTube Videos

    I skimmed through the article and I was confused why he thought they actually screen all 72 hours per minute, but then I realize he's just doing the math as a thought experiment. YT doesn't screen the uploaded videos unless it's flagged or someone brings it to it's attention. The Copyright ID...
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    Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower

    I got mine on launch. It has many issues. But they got a lot of things right. Unfortunately, it's not kind to modding without loads of cosmetic touch ups. I like the case, but it's not for me.
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    Microsoft Plagued by Software Piracy

    These aren't free downloads. These are copies of their products that other people are selling illegally.
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    Heatmaps Reveal Exactly Where People Look?

    Is this simple male versus female or Men versus Women. I wonder if Gender plays a role.
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    Ultimate Video Game Set-Up

    I saw this on reddit, but not sure if it came from there.
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    The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition Performance & IQ Review @ [H]

    Also is there a reason you used normal resampling methods for the zoomed in images? I liked how you used to use point resize for a clearer image without image scaling effects.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Dual GPU Video Card Review @ [H]

    Anyone want to buy my 3GB 580's for maybe 350-375 each. I want a 690 :( Then I wish to watercool it, instead of two cards. And I'm on a single 30, so 2GB will work just dandy.
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    GeForce GTX 690 - Perfection Inside and Out @ [H]

    When I consider the GTX590, $1000 seems like a lot, but this is two full GK104's with a mere like 30mhz drop in clock. And considering I spent $1,200 on my dual MSI 580 Extremes, it's not as bad. I guess I simply have less disposable income recently too :p And why are people saying no card is...
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    Man, I'm ready to order three of these since they are glossy and everyone loves them. But since they are per pixel smaller than my 30", my 30" would be out of place.
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    To stop people from buying? To simply slow demand? Or is there some other reason.
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    Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun

    To confirm you, his accent is indeed fake.
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    I currently run a HP ZR30w. I don't mind large pixels and wanted something larger in 1440p, hence I was hoping something from korea offered that.
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    This is a wrong place to ask but with the influx of these popular korean monitors do they make 2560x1440 panels but larger than 27" I'd like to see 30-37" panels. : \
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    Opinions on Drobo FS versus ReadyNAS Ultra 4/6 or others

    Hey there, So my main PC is running a 4x3TB RAID10 for all my video work, but with my spare drives I wanted to setup a decent NAS system to host video and just another place to store files so I don't need to plug in my backup drives from my shelf if I need to retrieve anything. Ontop of that...