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    Gigabyte Technology GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3, LGA 1155
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    EVGA 650ti SSC 2GB Linux Gaming Review

    As promised I said I would do a 650ti Linux Gaming Review. This will be my first [H] review so yall go easy on me. This is really targeted at a budget gaming box so the hardware involved is not the most impressive. **EDIT** I'm also going to include a Windows 8 Pro review because I ended up...
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    Some advice on building a home server please

    *Mods please move to appropriate section* -dippin Howdy all, I've been doing some research on building a home server, and frankly it's a lot to consider. I'm curious to find out what you ladies and gentlemen are using at your homes. I'll try to break this down as simply as possible. OS...