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    High Precision Event Timer

    from doing a lot of research from times when I wake from sleep (on pc) and the system is sluggish, I found many references to turning this off for increased performance. See my sig. I have disabled this. What is the [H] Perspective on disabling this function. note I am running z68, there...
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    SLI ASUS 580's or wait for next Gen?

    Please help me make my decision. I'm looking at this card(s): I'm really tempted to go SLI for bf3, but when are they going to release the next gen card? Should I go SLI now? What would be the wait for nvidia's next gen and...
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    Options Question

    Where is the option to enable signatures in posts? I disabled this along time ago and now I can't find the option at all!?
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    ASUS gtx 580 directcu ii and what for SLI

    Should I stick with another ASUS card to keep the temps down to do SLI or go with a different brand. Considering I'll have to sell both eventually it may not matter to match brands. What I like about doing 2 of the direct cuii cards is that they run so cool, SLI won't turn my pc into a heat...
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    XFX 5870 Reference Card Question:

    Is this a reference card? It looks like the back of the card expels heat out into the room but I can't tell? Also, I can pick up a saphire for 399 even, should I pony the extra up for a double lifetime warranty and the XFX...
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    RMA Replacement for gtx280

    I had to rma my gtx 280 cause I would get pinkish/garbled color after log in and/or a blank screen or solid color screen and then it would lock up. Changing cards to a 9600gt fixed the problem, so I RMA'd my 280. Looking at EVGA site, I notice there aren't 280's listed for sale. What are...
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    Don't buy 'Superclocked' Cards: Proof

    My card is a EVGA gtx280. It isn't a superclocked card; but the CARD is clocked as a superclocked card (at 620 core etc.). I'm wondering, did someone return this and flash the bios or something (I doubt it as the box wasn't tampered with, but still...) so I called EVGA. "occasionally the...
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    My GTX280: Read if you have Heating Problems

    Hi, Some of you may have read my posts lately regarding aftermarket cooling for both the 4870 and the 260. I have had nothing but trouble with the 4870 regarding how HOT it gets and heating up my can read people making fun of my comments in the ATI forum in general attacking me...
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    Where's the Love for the 260?

    Seems everyone thinks the more expensive 280 is the way to go judging by the various polls, threads, & reviews out there; but it seems like the 260 is a very good value. Maybe because it's not as popular as the 4870, still I'm leaning toward the 260 but maybe I should just pony up and get the...
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    Way too Hot: Good Bye Next Gen

    Sorry guys, I'm just not Hard Enough, I guess, but I just can't do it...I got my 4870, and after a bunch of install crap, finally got things going; Crysis was nice at 30 fps but still dipped down in low twenties anyway....well,that's besides the point. The thing is this card, and I'm sure a...
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    ATI Video Card Tech Demo

    Where can I download the latest tech demo that shows off the 4870? the only one I could find was 'dangerous curves'; that's not for the 4870 though I think. Thanks!
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    BETA DRIVERS: 4870

    Where can I find these; I thought there was a 8.7 out.... Sheesh, I've been googling for 10 minutes and still can't find anything past 8.6 or hot fix...I sux.
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    4870 Aftermarket Cooling Options

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting this card but it's hard to go from 42C at idle with my 9600gt to 70i'sh at idle with a 4870 since my room gets so hot anyway. What is the preferred after market cooling gizmo most desired and easiest to install. I've always had a hard time getting the sheath...
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    4870 at Best Buy: When?

    I've got a small rebate for 10 bucks plus the monthly sale of 10% I'm just waiting for best buy to come up with this freakin' card. Seems like ATI just doesn't have enough to go around. Anyone know if BB will carry this card as I've talked with BB employees about availability and they know...
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    GTX 260/280: Noise is the Deal Killer

    Noone seems too upset about the various reviews out there that cite the high noise levels these cards produce at high utilization. Personally, for me this is a deal killer that will prevent me from buying initially and waiting until a better cooling solution is produced. I have the 9600gt with...
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    Good Overclock for 9600gt? (with Accelero S2)

    I've got my card maxxing around 60C with a 120fan strapped to my ECS Accelero S2 9600gt. The clocks are 740/1850/1050. Is this a good overclock for these cards, surprisingly I googled 9600gt overclocks and I'm not getting alot to go by. edit: whoops just got some errors, make that...
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    My 24" LCD Monitor Quest

    o.k., so I've been researching the entire front page of the hard "DISPLAY" threads for a monitor; and that's a lot to learn... I don't really need one as I run 2 19" ATM and that works fine, but I do want to get ready for true HD and like the resolution of 1900x1200 (I think it's 1080p, you...
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    32 bit to 64 bit VISTA

    so If I want to upgrade to 64 bit I have to go out and buy the whole product and clean install? Doesn't microsuck offer any sort of upgrade discount for those of us who have a 32 bit version of VISTA already? blah...
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    Crysis: 30-50fps HIGH config Looks Fab!

    Hi all, Despite me being a traditional dx10 advocator, I must admit in this game it's just not as good yet...funny, dx10 should be Faster...oh well. First set to all high, then move shadows to Medium. Play DX9 (I have vista so I have to select that). Then put this in your autoexec.cfg...
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    Crysis: Does the demo support Multicore or Not?

    I can't figure it out. I've run Perfmon (VISTA) and it clearly stresses only 1 core; I can't believe they released a demo that doesn't support multicore if the final game DOES? Does this make sense to anyone? I've read that multicore is disabled in the demo...why? I can only hope that my...
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    Should I defrag my RAID 1?

    I'm using Auslogics disk defrag, btw. I've researched this a bit and I'm unclear if it's good and/or beneficial to defrag a RAID 1 volume. I've actually read that it's bad to do so. Any thoughts?
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    Sleep and 'monitor won't turn on'; VISTA

    My monitor will not wake up from sleep. I've read everything you can about sleep, it does work in that I have S3 sleep working correctly, and I can wake it up. However, my monitors (I have dual monitors) won't wake up; Now, I had this working before with the same setup, different drivers. I'm...
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    Using SP1 Beta for VISTA: Anyone Else?

    Post discoveries and such here; I've installed sp1 beta (anyone can) and I do think I like it so far. VISTA feels very snappy, and I have a tweaked system to begin with. So far so good... Here's how: Go here to start
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    IP35 Beta Bios

    I went and installed the beta 1.6 bios for my ip35 pro, but I can't find any info on it/changes etc. So far so good, except my temps are way lower than they actually are, they read 32C for the cpu but EVEREST reads my cores at 45-43-44-47 which is probably the same as coretemp would say. Weird...
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    g0 not correctly identified in Everest? Pics!

    What's up with this? It seems only cpu-Z can identify the correct microcode revision of my (supposedly) purchased g0 q6600. I got the q6600 at Club IT and it was guaranteed to be a g0. In fact, the packaging attests to the fact: But here is the latest ed. of cpu-Z which I think...
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    IP35 Pro RAID 1 Setup

    Hi, The manual for the ip35PRO doesn't even mention RAID; so I'm asking here. I'll have a 75 gig Raptor as my main drive, 2 500 gig WD 16mb cache drives in RAID 1 and 1 320 gig (old) drive for storage. I plan to: 1. Flash Bios 2. Enable Raid in bios 3. Setup Raid Config (control-I)...
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    x38 and HSF of today

    Will todays' slot 775 compatible HSF's such as the ultima-90 (hot on my list) fit the X38 chipset no problem? I'm thinking about buying the ultima now and just holding on till the mobo is released....I don't know why...maybe try it on my current rig or get a q6600 to tide me over with my...
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    With all the threads and misinformation out there I thought I'd better make a new thread for those gamers like me very upset that AA doesn't work in BIOSHOCK. As found out by Blacklash in another thread: QFT!! I'm very happy about this, it almost deserves a new thread, maybe I'll make one...
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    MB Temps and 8800 gts

    My mb temps are higher than ever, getting up to 50C after 10 minutes of orthos using PC PROBE II, however; I'm thinking this is because my 8800gts which runs hotter than crap is right there next to it and I"m not sure where the diode is that takes the MB temp. Regardless, my system is stable...
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    What's the latest generation CPU for Asus Deluxe mb?

    I'm using BIOS 1004; will I be able to upgrade to penryn when it comes out on this board or will it require new board (and new ddr3 probably, ?_) If I can't go Penryn, what will be the latest ver. of quad core I'll be able to upgrade with the system in my sig? Thanks!
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    DV is back for 8800 series! (digital vibrance)

    Since noone here has posted this, and I consider it great news, I guess I will. DV now with the new beta drivers: Original Thread
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    Invalid Display Mode (lost planet dx10 demo)

    Hi, I installed the dx10 ver. of lost planet demo but it won't run, it says invalid display mode: 1280x720. My monitors run at 1280 x 1024 but I can change my resolution to the required resolution and I still get the same error. What's the dealio?
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    158.22 WHQL Released (vista) Seems to have good feedback so far, especially for smoother aero response and better video play...if you're into installing another set of drivers (I always am!).
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    New Riva Tuner (VISTA FAN control back!)

    Here's the goody bitness: Minor bugfixes: * Fixed abnormal negative thermal diode temperature readings on G72 graphics processors in NVThermalDiode plugin. * Fixed PCI DeviceID control features for G8x GPU family in NVStrap driver. * Fixed hardwired PCI DeviceID detection...
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    Question about Nvidia CP File Ver. Information

    I have installed the latest nvidia drivers, but when I go into system information (from control panel, click 'help' then system information) I see the NVIDIA Control Panel Container versions are different than the 3d settings, dispaly, and vid & televisoion versions. The latter are all...
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    How to span a image as desktop over dual monitors?!

    Ok, I have plenty of dual monitor images for my 2 19" 1280x1024 displays, but the only way I can make them span both monitors properly (as 1 image) is to "set as wallpaper" from the maximum size image AT THE WEBSITE. When I save the files, and then try to set them as wallpaper, I get the...
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    X-FI, VISTA, and fully functional Creative Software Don't know if any of you have tried this but I did (uninstall creative x-fi software, burn the PAX iso and install from the audio folder on that) and the sound quality and fully functionality of creatives software is available on VISTA! The sound is alot better...
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    How to create new .docx by Right Clicking (vista)

    I could do this by default in xp after office was installed, I could right click and have the option to create a 'New Word Doc'. In vista that option isn't there with word 2007 and I haven't been able to google anything about how to enable this. Any help here would be greatly...
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    P5B-Deluxe wi-fi and Penryn

    will this board support intels next gen Penryn cores with the latest BIOS?
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    Really dumb VISTA Question (driver Version inf)

    HOW can I verify the driver version of my nvidia drivers without drilling down into the driver properties of the display driver in hardware manager where the driver doesn't even look the same as what I installed. Used to be it would be on the display properties front page, now I have no idea...