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    best recent(ish) co-op games

    Thanks for linking to Co-Optimus guys! (that's my site) :)
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    Halo 2 Vista

    No, it was officially delayed until the 22nd by Microsoft. If anyone is interested in a review I wrote it up over on Evil Avatar.
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    New Vista beta drivers in the next few days

    That's cool. I wonder if they are going to fix the issue where the fan runs at high speed using Aero.
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    Socket 939 Alliance Recognition

    Wow. That's awesome. Good to see them recognizing a large consumer base (even in the hardcore market) is still out there.
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    Watch the AMDTI-Force/FX 12000 Sell on ebay

    If it had a flux capacitor, I'd be all over it.
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    Xbox360 wired controller and Vista x64 problem

    There's an updated driver available via Windows update. Make sure you snag that.
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    Microsoft Live Nowhere

    my guess is Live Anywhere will be announced at GDC in a few weeks.
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    Join the Alliance -- the Socket 939 Alliance!

    I'm in. I have 3200+ right now but I'm looking for a 4800+. If anyone can point me to where one is in stock for a decent price I'd appreciate it! :)
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    NVidia XP Drivers on Media Center

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    Gamefly... or should I say USPS?

    Getting to me...usually no. Getting back to them. Yes. I've had 2 games that were never received by them. No idea why.
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    Dell Back-to-school Notebook Giveaway

    blank for me too. First no no coupon?!? Those bastards.
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    Trusty Bell (jRPG Xbox 360)

    the best thing about this game is all the music is Chopin. In fact, I believe Chopin is part of the story somehow. Very cool!
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    So this is the "XBoy"

    It's a music player, not a gaming device. It was never going to play games...ever.
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    Help me make a Xbox live name!

    TheHardHupo HupoThePanda Pandalamadingdong Hupohopahomerang
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    Table Tennis

    I really don't see this working on the Wii because it's just so damn fast. I know I can't play TT in real life like what's happening in the game, which is basically what you'd be doing with the Wii! I'm really impressed with the game so far, I just wish it wasn't so damn hard to unlock the...
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    Faceplate Face-Off @ [H] Console

    There's also the Nyko Gameface option for the customizable. It's kinda cheap but they give you a ton of sheets with it to print on. I'm sticking with my Gears of War one for now. :)
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    Oblivion Collectors Ed. Coin

    Hope you don't mind Elios.... :) -bap
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    Raiden 3 on PC. Great fun but problem

    OH MAN. I didn't know they had Raiden 3! I LOVED Raiden 2. 70 bucks though. :(
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    BF2:MC xbox 360 - point in ranking up?

    In the multiplayer I don't think you gain weapon unlocks, but you do in the single player part of it.
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    Obliv quest help: Canvas the Castle

    Yeah, the rug thing got me too.
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    Ageia's PhysX Needs a Killer App @ [H] Enthusiast

    Completely underwhelmed by the cell factor video. It was just to chaotic and pointless looking. And the Ghost Recon video is a sham. The PhysX explosion looks exactly like it does on the 360...and I imagine that's how it'll look on PC as well. I've yet to see anything cool. They need to...
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    Oblivion - xbox vs pc

    Pretty much the same thing for me. Framerate for me is much more solid on the XBox as opposed to on my PC. Hopefully in 6 months I"ll upgrade the PC and switch over to that.
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    PlayStation 3 Games to Require Hard Drive

    Yes it would...unfortunately...Sony is dumb...this is all about Blu-Ray.
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    Xbox 360 Update: 3/03/06

    You mean the one coming from Rock Star right? :)
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    Program to see Voltage?

    My bios doesn't specifically tell me what voltage i'm running the memory at. I can only set it +.1 or +.2. Does anyone know of a program to let me know what I'm running at?
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    PSP with 8gb built in ??!!

    I think the quote is wrong. NAND memory is measured in Giga-bits. 16Gb chips are top right now.
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    Save $5, Geometry Wars Free for PC!

    Not bad. Something just doesn't feel quite right.
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    Eddie Bauer Outlet Sale + Extra 30% Off thru 20th

    Thanks man...I've been needing some new slippers!
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    Just wanted to mention I finally solved the issue. I had to use the Arconis True Image instead of Migrate Easy and it worked like a charm.
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    Any idea where I can get a CD version of that? WD site doesn't have it. I tried the Ultimate Boot CD which claims to have it, but it doesn't load off of it. :( What a friggin hassle this has been.
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    Thanks...I'll give that a try!
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    Can't even get into Safe mode it hangs at the same screen. I tried booting up in ERD Commander 2003 and I dont see anything in the event log. I guess I'm just going to have to start fresh with everything, unless someone has another idea.
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    OK, so I'm trying to go from my 80 WD IDE drive to a WD 250 GIG SATA drive. I use the Acronis Migrate Easy Trial to clone the drive over and resize the partitions. That part works fine. I set the Serial ATA drive to be the boot drive and remove the old WD drive. The computer boots up ok...
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    Halo 2 to be Vista only

    it's true. MS released a press release minutes ago. check it out.
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    Post Your 360 PlayStation

    Not sure what Steve did but my screen only cost around 45 bucks to build. Basically you just stretch blackout cloth over a frame of 1x3's. Blackout cloth is what is used to line curtains to keep the light out. Works like a charm.
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    Post Your 360 PlayStation

    Nope, got it off Ebay. There's a few different ones out therej, solid metal construction. Run about $20.
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    Post Your 360 PlayStation

    Here's some pics from my Theater Full size pics on my site.
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    The "Unofficial" Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved Thread!

    At'd think it's a simple flash game. But when you get to the hire levels and you see the sheer amount of enemies and physics involved on the screen at once it is pretty impressive. I counted no less than 2 trillion particles on the screen at once when I hit 2 million. ;)
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    Best turn-based RPG game...

    Dark Wizard for Sega CD. :)
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    The "Unofficial" Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved Thread!

    Good point, I'm sure as part of the XBox 360 team he is able to "jack into" the 360 itself and control the game with his mind rather than his fingers.