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    G34 next chips Abu Dhabi with Piledriver

    There are some leaked benchmarks comparing the current AMD Llano 35W laptop APU against the next gen Trinity 35W chip with Piledriver cores. On the CPU side Trinity shows about a 5% increase in floating point and a 39% increase in integer performance. Both are operating at the same TDP with 32nm...
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    GTX 460 2Win A dual slot, dual GTX 460 card, I wonder what pricing will be. Cheaper than a GTX 580 and should get you ~22kppd. Can someone please put 4 of these together? Just for the pr0n?
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    Quad 1207

    Where can I get a quad socket board that can support four Opteron 8354 for cheap? It would be for folding@home so it wouldn't need fancy storage or network support, just the basics. I don't want to pay $600 but I figured since it is all basically EOL that someone must have them cheaper.
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    Sandy Bridge NDA Change

    Sandy Bridge official NDA lifted today Jan 2, 2011 at midnight, get reading reviews and report back with projected TPF's. I was going to go to bed early but now this. Why do the K versions include more GPU cores? No one will be able to use them on their P67 boards. P67 is the only way to...
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    WTB: X58 Motherboard

    Edit:musky helped me out
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    Lynnfield at 80C with Apogee GT

    I set up my loop today and my CPU block is giving my huge delta temps. Why so toasty? Loop: Res>DD-CPX1>MCR220>Apogee GT>MCW60>Res All 7/16 ID tubing with two 5/16 ID elbows on GPU My Xeon X3440 at 1.35V and 3.8Ghz is sitting in the low 80C under 8 threads of linX. My GPU is sitting idle at...
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    HWC AMD Radeon HD 6870 & HD 6850 Review Looks good, if only they could fold. EDIT: Didn't see the [H]OCP review was up, check that out too.
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    i7 860 or X3440

    Then i'll just delete my post