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  1. iFreilicht

    Flexible PCIe risers

    A lot of new case designs are using flexible PCIe risers, and for a good reason. They allow for flexibility when placing the GPU, enabling much more efficient layouts. There are many different risers out there, so I thought it would be helpful to have a thread where we can collect information...
  2. iFreilicht

    500W FlexATX PSU

    Introduction: The FSP500-50FSPT is a short FlexATX PSU rated at 500W power output and 80+ Platinum efficiency, made by FSP. As is typical with these PSUs, it is not available in retail stores and doesn't have any connectors for graphics cards. I want to change that, so we need to plan out a...
  3. iFreilicht

    The Seasonic SSP-300SUG fully modular 150mm FlexATX PSU

    Just received this unit today and thought I would take a look at it. It's the only 150mm long FlexATX PSU with full modularity, and at 300W it has enough power for an R9 Nano and a decent i7. The awesome thing about that is that you can make your own cable harness with perfect cable lengths...
  4. iFreilicht

    The HDPLEX Silicon flexible PCIe riser

    I received the HDPLEX Silicon riser (click "Package contents" for more pictures) today and boy what a great riser that is. This might be the one I've been looking for all this time. Here are my first impressions: Short facts: Costs about 1/3rd of the 3M riser, about the same as the LiHeat...
  5. iFreilicht

    EVGA Z97 Stinger WiFi daughterboard height

    Does anyone have the EVGA Z97 Stinger WiFi and could measure the height of the daughterboard next to the PCIe slot? That would be very helpful!
  6. iFreilicht

    The Freilite Brevis S - A <5L case with internal PSU

    Small poll: A GPU is not the only thing one might want to put into the GPU compartment, and I've recently made a change to allow for a fan swap. What would you put there? Latest update: First hinge and Front I/O prototype. Full update. Current status: First prototype has arrived, and while...
  7. iFreilicht

    Sketch of a <8L mITX cube with ATX PSU support.

    (Imagine the Top+Side cover to be perforated) This is just a draft, but I wanted to get the idea out, it was in my head for a week or so :D There are a lot of cube cases like the Jonsbo C2 that use the free space above the mainboard for the PSU, which of course has the inherent...
  8. iFreilicht

    A ~6L brickless LAN/Gaming/LRPC case concept.

    Pictures: (sorry I started using Inventor a week ago) Full album can be found here Blue: Mainboard, Green: GPU, Yellow: 2.5" storage, Red: PSU SPECS: (preliminary) Dimensions: 69(H)x342(D)x342(W) = 8.07L Motherboard support: mITX CPU cooler height: >50mm GPU length: 226mm...
  9. iFreilicht

    Is the form factor of slim slot-in drives standardised?

    Slim slot-in ODDs like this one( are pretty much the only way we can get optical drives in small cases without huge compromises. The ones I found seem to all be of the same size (128x129x12.7mm), and have the slot in the exact...