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    DVD and CDRW both stopped working

    Howdy Ok I just tried putting a CD game in to play and it did not start up as normal. I got to looking and both my DVD player and my CDRW are not working right. Both still have power to them and the treys will slide out fine so I can load Cd into them without a problem. Yet they will not...
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    Does Farcry really need 53.03 for nVidia cards ?

    I was going to try the demo tonight to see if I liked the game or not. But it says I have to use the 53.03 drivers and well I do not want to have to change to them only to change back to the newest ones again. So does it work with the newer drivers or only 53.03 ?
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    A Rat Pad question

    Howdy All I have a Rat Pad and I just love this thing. However it is starting to get some slick spots that are starting to bug me while playing games and stuff. Anything I can do about them ? Or do I just need to get another one when it gets to driving me nuts ? I figured it would last a lot...
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    I think I have a problem.

    Howdy All 2 days ago I started noticing my fans changing in pitch every now and then. I did not really think much about it till last night when it really started happening a LOT. So I started checking things and I have a feeling my power supply is going out on me. Checking MBM5 I see that my...
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    Would it be worth it ?

    Howdy all I been thinking about maybe getting myself a Abit NF7-S and switching out my ASUS A7V8X. Do you think I would see much better over clock on my CPU and just over all system ? I am not sure if it would be worth spending the extra unless I go ahead and upgrade other things at the same...
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    What will you do if ?

    Howdy All This is really for the ATI FanBoys I guess. What will you do in a few months or Weeks when ATI comes out with their new cards ? If they are faster than the NVIDIA cards I have no problem figuring out what you would do as you would go with the new ATI cards. But what will you do...
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    Why do they not use copper ?

    Reading the reviews on the new 6800 I started thinking. Why do they use Aluminum and not copper on graphic cards heat sinks ? They seem to keep getting bigger and bigger yet they stay with Aluminum instead of switching to copper like CPU heat sinks use. I am sure it could figure out a way to...
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    Should all retail boxes come with same software ?

    I got a MSI FX5900XT about a month or so ago. Today this site put up a new review on the card and I see that a lot more software was included in the box then I got with mine. The programs I am missing are as follows. 1.Virtual Drive 7 Professional Version and Restore It 3 Professional Version...
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    Windows Services

    Hello I am trying to get this computer running as fast as it can with what I have. Does anyone have a list of what can and can not be turned off in Windows Services ? I have turned off everything that I can think of that I know is ok to shut down. But a lot is still running when I click Ctrl...
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    Air circulation question

    In my case I have 5 case fans plus the PS fans. 2 coming in 2 going out and 1 coming in the side then the PS blowing out also. 2 of the intake fans the one in the side and one in front are tt2 smart fans. Now my problem is this. If I put on the side cover that has a fan in it my temperature...
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    AGP Fast Write on or off ?

    Howdy I was not sure if this should be on or off. I done a google search on it and find both on and off being said. So what do you all think, Do you have it on or off ? And why is it better that way ?
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    How do I see the temperature

    Howdy I have my MSI FX5900XT now installed and running great. However I can not figure out how to see the temp on it. From what I have read about this card and all the 5900 it has a built in temperature probe of some kind that should be showing me the temps of things. However I can not find...
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    Now do not laugh to hard at me :-)

    Howdy all Now this may seem like a funny question to some of you but I need to know. Tommow I am switching from a MSI gf 4 440 8x to a MSI FX 5900XT. Now my question is about the drivers. My card now is a MSI card and they have their own drivers. I have the newest one from them that would...
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    Mouse connection.

    Howdy This might be a dumb question but I really do not know the answer to it. Tonight I was talking to a buddy of mine as he is wanting to get a new mouse. I was telling him about how much I like my MX700. And he asked me something that I could not answer as I have no clue. A MX700 can...
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    Not sure if this is right place.

    Hello I am not sure where I should have posted this but it seemed to fit into this one best maybe. I see that I have changed from a newbie cheese to just a plain cheese :-) What made that happen ? I think it is the number of post and replies I have made. If that is the case at what numbers do...
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    Problem with Logitech MX700 and how I fixed it.

    Howdy All As I said in the title I have the MX700 mouse. I have had it over a year now and everything has been fine. Well about a month ago I was cleaning my desk and moving things around some. I left the base for the mouse where it always had been but moved some other things. Now About this...
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    How to ratpads work with Logitech MX700 ?

    Hello Yesterday I along with other things like a new vid card I ordered a ratpad. Has anyone used one with a MX700 ? If so do they work well with them ? From what I have read about them they should work great with optical mouse. But just thought I would ask here as I am sure someone has or...
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    Anyone seen these for sale anywhere ?

    Last night I seen this It says it can do 100 CFM that is a lot of moving air. I was wanting to give it a try but I can not find them for sale anyplace. Anyone seen them any where ?
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    Can someone tell me what this is ?

    I just checked at Windows update to see if any new updates was there. And under driver updates this one is listed. Advanced Micro Devices processor software update released on August 29 2001. Can someone tell me what this is ? If you click on the supported hardware it only has "AMD K7...
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    Little Desk for laptops

    Howdy all Just wanted to share this with people. I got my 2 girls laptops about a year ago and needed some mobil mini desk for them. I looked around online and seen the cooling ones that they have. I really did not see one that did what I wanted to do so here is what I done. I went to...
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    2 Qestions

    Humm 21 looks no replies. Come on people little help here :-)
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    Questions to help me decide.

    Hello The wife and I are talking about switching from film to digital camrea. I have spent hours looking online for a avg of how many pictures they get per MB. The reason I am asking is I am pricing out things and am not sure how big of a memory I want to buy. I want to be able to go on...
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    AMD processor laptops any better yet?

    I have both a AMD and Intel laptops and am very happy with both of them. The AMD is a XP2000M and the intel is the 2000 also but it is a reg desktop chip not a M. I would say they are very close in the speed in just about everything. Even when I run some game or something I will get the same FPS...