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    GTX 460 Price Jack

    Was just looking at NewEgg and it looks like I should have bought a card a while back. Evidently people realize the performance of these cards they are slowly jacking up the prices of all of them. Seems like $250.00 is going to be the norm soon for all the 1gb versions irregardless of...
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    1920x1200 through DVI/HDMI Vista x64

    Wondering how many other people suffer from the issue that I do. OS reports 1920x1200 60hz while clicking through my monitor menus it shows 1600x1200. Tried every DVI/HDMI cable imaginable over the last two years (since Vista x64 came out). None would fix the issue. Tried the nv_disp.ini...
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    MSI GTX 260 OC

    Just ordered from NewEgg. Priced @ $299.99, I couldn't pass it up.
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    Actual real PS3 fix for GTA IV freeze

    Don't know where the random sites got their info for the PS3 fixes but it's all bogus. Especially the info telling you to delete all your save games I have a feeling some jack ass created this info so all the PS3 players would lose their precious game progress. You never have to delete your...