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  1. J

    Crappy Graphics with 7900GTX in F.E.A.R.

    Is anyone having problems with the geaphics like I am, I suspect the 84.25 drivers as the cause. I have done a complte format of my HD and installed everything fresh and no change and only with F.E.A.R. all other games work fine. I am going to try the official 84.21 drivers see if it helps...
  2. J

    COD2 Script error with 2 7800GT's in SLI mode

    COD2 Script errors on my new rig after upgrading to AMD3800X2 and SLI mobo (Asus and Gigabyte mobo's - returned bad Asus mobo today!!), with 2 7800GT's, all other games work fine, already tried 81.84 to 81.95 drivers same problem. Has anyone else had this problem, it works fine on my old 3400+...