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    Capturing video output.

    Howdy, I need to capture video output from the video card to the monitor in an editable format. Basically I'm helping create some training videos for new software and would like to be able to make a video of someone using the software real-time and overlay some audio. We have the editing...
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    Public Service: Vista

    First, off it's *beta*. If you aren't familiar with what this means, do not download it. Seconds off, it's *beta*. If you think that means you can run it as your primary OS, do not download it. Third off, it's *beta*. I strongly recommend you don't even let it touch the HDD your primary OS...
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    Technet's new search...

    Blows chunks. I mean come on, I understand "eating you own dog food" buy you NEVER replace a functional product with... this... crap. I used to be able to find docs in a heartbeat. Now I'm using google to search for known technet docs. Example. I'm searching for this doc. I know the...
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    Viewing issue with Firefox and Gaming sub-forum

    When I view the gaming sub in FF I only see about 10 topics. In IE it opens just fine. The OS sub is OK in both. Checking out other subs and I'll report back. edit: it's roughly 1/2 the sub forums, video, mobo also don't display correctly.
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    World of Warcraft hackers using Sony BMG rootkit

    Article Want to cheat in your online game and not get caught? Just buy a Sony BMG copy protected CD. World of Warcraft hackers have confirmed that the hiding capabilities of Sony BMG's content protection software can make tools made for cheating in the online world impossible to detect...
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    Case recommendations.

    I am look to build a new rig in the next month or so and I'm needing a new case. This will be a completely new build, nothing from existing systems. I'm mainly interested in a case that has good cooling, is light (probably aluminum), windowed (I'll cut if needed, but should be window...
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    OpenOffice free software not obscure anymore. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Dawn C. Chmielewski Mercury News The project to develop a free alternative to the...
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    BF2 Unlocked weapons.

    OK With all the bajillion threads about the hack, I can't find the info I'm looking for. Is there a way to test the unlock weapons before I pick it once I hit 1K? Also, what is the progressive list of when you get the next weapons, I'v heard 10K is the next unlock, what about the ones...
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    How to: ask a question.

    :D :D :D
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    Search bug

    I noticed a few days ago when I searched for post under my user name (my method for tracking new posts in thread I have posted in) the icon for new posts in a thread (the red down arrow) shows for thread that don't have new posts. So when I search, I see maybe 15 recent threads (it only does...
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    Discussion: Size your windows XP page file.

    Please post discussions from the "How to: Size your windows XP page file." sticky here. This thread was created to keep the sticky as clean as possible, yet provide a place to discuss/debate the information found inside. Thank you.
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    GDI+ Detection tool

    God damn, NO I don't fucking want to read more about the GDI+tool. You don't fucking tell me the technical details/KB of every other fucking patch, now do you? Yet, 1, no 2, nope *3* fucking prompts about it when accessing windowsupdate. This when most other updates are labeled "critical update...
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    Worm + Spyware?

    Well, this is early in the discovery process, but here's what we're seeing. We have several machines, about 8 out of about 600 that are getting either massive spyware issues or sasser like 60 second shutdown warning windows. This all happened after we deployed a number of recent patches...
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    New Google Toolbar

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    MS Anti-Spy will be free

    "Just as spyware is something that we have to nip down today, we have decided that all licensed Windows users should have that protection at no charge," Gates said. Linky
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    FAQ requests.

    OK, we always seem to get the same questions over and over that have the same answer over and over. We need to get a FAQ setup and stickied. First I want to compile list of the questions and linked answer. I don't want this touch any "debatable" type questions (read, PF, services, whatever)...
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    Monitoring I/O on a single file in XP.

    Title says it all. Specifically I want to monitor pagefile.sys for activity in my nefarious attempt to defile it's use. :) Please recommend an app., and let me know of your experiences with it. Of course something cheap (read legally free) would be nice. Thanks in advance.
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    60 seconds between searches.

    Search for you; nothing. Now the baby jesus cries, wait 60 seconds. :D
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    How to: Size your windows XP page file.

    Think about the page file (PF) as "extra RAM." When you don't have enough RAM, the data is sent to the PF. There is a memory subsystem called Virtual Memory Management (VMM). Virtual Memory's (VM) *real* size is limited to RAM+PF. When processes load more data (commit charge) than is available...
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    Missing thread

    OK, I have searched high and low and I can't find a thread I wrote about page files. The title was something close to "ram vs. page file" in the OS forum. I wrote it not long before the forum upgrades/downtime. Any suggestions? Bury the missing as dead?
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    Operating Systems sub-forum only has 2 pages of history.

    It's getting a lot of traffic and stuff drops off quickly, it's busier than General Software, which has many pages of history. By design or mistake? Thanks.
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    How to: Upgrade your motherboard without reinstalling Windows.

    This article is written for Microsoft Windows XP, the information is still valid for Windows 2000 (all versions) but may vary slightly. When swapping out motherboards it's common practice to reinstall the OS (windows), because of a chipset incompatibility, this is unnecessary. There is a time...
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    BF:V or 1942

    OK, I tried to get my group of friends into 1942 when it came out, but that didn't happen. Now, for some reason, they are interested in it. With what I read when it first came out BF:V is poo. Because I know it's important, our machines average about a XP 2000+, 9500 pro and 512 ram. So my...
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    Escape in IE deletes data in field... why?

    OK, I'm sure this has happened to any forum junkie at one point. Your typing away, got a long post going, and hit escape (by accident, to clear a pop up that didn't take focus, whatever). OK, so you just lost your entire post. That sucks ass. So I have started to write some of my posts in...
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    .pdf to .doc converter

    Can someone recommend a good .pdf to .doc converter? It doesn't have to be free, but I would like to try it before I buy. Thanks in advance.