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    Time Sync from primary DC

    Our time has been off for quite some time. Finally got around to resyncing the primary DC, and that looks to be good now. What is the best approach to get all users/systems updated? I want to push out this updated time. A reboot doesent do it cmd command that I already forgot did do...
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    Build gone bad

    Well put together a system last night. For the most part everything worked well. Only strange thing I noticed was 1 time last night i turned it on, and it went right off. Everything after that was fine, installed vista. Got tired and went to bed. This morning, all the pc does is turn on for...
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    Quick easy question

    In the process of putting together a new system, and I noticed my Gigabyte motherboard does not come with the little paper o-rings that go between the screw and the things that you put on the motherboard (spacers to keep mobo above the case) How could they not include these, do you not need...
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    Java Swing GUI -General Question

    ok heres a question for you Java guys. I have been getting a little more in depth with writing GUI for my java apps. I recently googled upon Netbeans, where it reminds me of dreamweaver in the sense of what it can do for GUI. To clarify, as im sure most of you know, dreamweaver basically...
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    Rushed Build for parents. Please look over

    Parents pc died, very old anyways. Building them a new one. Put this together in a few mins. Will be ordering later tonight. Please let me know if 1) The parts work together 2) If its a good build 3) If i should change anything Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3250310AS 250GB 7200...
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    Quick Questions

    Getting a Samsung 40inch 1080p lcd tv soon. Plan on having a dvi to hdmi cable hooked up from my 8800. What will the bluray-hd-dvd rips look like on my tv? What quality can it be compared to? It wont be playing in 720 or 1080p right? Also, is this what most people are doing when using a...
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    HD TV Questions

    Not sure if this belongs here, but I did make my way over to the av forums, and did not know where to begin. Anyways, I am simply just looking for some advice/input on what I plan on purchasing soon. I plan on buying a Samsung 46 inch tv, 1080p. I see there are about 3-4 models of what I...
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    PC is turning on and off by itself after windows update. URGENT

    So heres the deal. 5 month old pc that I built was running fine, figured I would run windows update. Had 1 network adapter driver update, and the rest were the ones from microsoft this past week. Computer froze while trying to restart after installing those updates, and now when I turn it on...
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    Seagate External with two partitions? Whats the problem?

    So heres the deal. I just purchased a 500 gig Seagate external hd. Since my dvd player supports usb, (only fat32), I simply would like to create a partition on the external of about 25 gigs that is fat 32. The rest would be NTFS, like it is now. I am having no luck getting this to work...
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    Home Network Problem

    My girlfriends house is setup with a wrt54g (not sure of the model but its the one with more options, has more yellow lights on front) Anyways, out of nowhere she and her roommates complained that they lost internet. I narrowed it down to the router. I noticed when the router it plugged in...
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    Java Help

    Alright heres the deal. Use to know some Java but its been a while and now its coming back to haunt me. BTW: I am aware that you guys dont give out answers for programs to students. Im looking for help, someone who can let me know what im doing wrong. So calm down before you jump down my...
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    Time To Upgrade : Suggestions Welcome

    Been out of the pc loop for a while now...very basic questions. Planning on building myself a pc very soon, would just like to know what is the norm right now? Got about 1000 to spend (do not need a monitor) Heard of the intel core 2 (somthing like that) Is that the intel that everyone is...
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    Easy Question for you Guru's--XP & Vista on same hardrive

    Is this possible? To have both Winxp and WinVista on the same harddrive? I attempted to do so by installing xp on a seperate partition, but xp now only boots up. Vista was default. Is there a setting where I can make it so i choose what operating system i want to boot up in the beggining...
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    Installed Alcohol, now computer wont boot.. HELP

    Hi, im in need of some major help. Computer was running fine, installed alcohol 120, told me to restart to finish installation, and now windows wont load. It stops as soon as i turn it on at the bios screen telling me there are two of my processors, and there is an asterick by the first one...
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    Shutting off. Cant reformat. Stuck. Please Help

    Trying to reformat the computer. When I turn it on, it runs from 2 seconds from anywhere up to half way through the process of deleting the old partition. Sometimes it stutters when I try to turn it back on as soon as it shuts off. Main problem is that the computer is shutting off...
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    Pc turned off during windows instal. Cant Reformat Now

    Installed a new hardrive, and during the windows installation, i hit the power switch and the computer turned off. Now when i try to reinstall windows and start clean, it wont let me. It wont boot from cd. Any help?
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    Desktop died...some help please!

    This desktop was working fine..then all of a sudden it stopped loading icons on desktop, then i restarted the pc, and everythimg i would try to log in to xp, it would restart the computer. Now when i turn the pc on, the monitor stays black. I then decided to reformatt because i was going to...
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    Building New System..Please Look Over

    Im building a new system for a friend of mine, and would apprechiate if anyone looked it over for me, make sure everything is compatible and looks good. Also if you have any reccomendations, please let me know. Also, i would like to stick with Intel, and keep the 6600gt because he is not a...
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    Need help picking out heatsink and fan

    My friends pc is running extremly hot due to his lack of AC,,,,(case temp was at 93 at one point) So i want to add some extra case fans and a heatsink and fan. (Hes using stock right now) Can someone tell me what heatsink to get, noise is not really an issue, and how does the whole...
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    Would this be a good trade? Alienware Laptop for Desktop

    I was thinking of getting rid my alienware laptop...and came across this offer. AMD64 3500+ socket 939 -1gb PC3200 (Kingston 512mb Stick and Patriot 512mb stick) -Sapphire X800XT Pci-Express -Gigabyte motherboard with nForce4 chipset -1x SATA Western Digital 80gb 7200rpm HDD -Linkworld...
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    300 Dollar Upgrade, Your Opinions Please

    My system now p4 3.0 @3.2 (2) 512 pc3200 Asus P4S800-MX 6800GT Maxtor 120 gig 7200rpm Im looking to upgrade my system now that i have around 300 bucks. i will be getting more soon (probably around another 200-300) I would like to know what I should upgrade. Is it worth getting rid...
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    Wrong Dell (urgent)

    I wanted to add more memory to a dell system. It has a stick of 256 Infineon PC 2100U DDR 266 CL2 I ordered this from newegg. Its pqi 512mb DDR 266 CL2.5 PC2100U What is the CL 2 and CL 2.5 Also on the stick orig...
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    Cheap Place for ethernet

    Where can i find some ethernet cable for a good price? I checked newegg, but i do not think they have it. Maybe like a 25 foot Thanks
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    Linksys Problem!!!!!

    I have my own cs source server that u use to ping 25-30. This last two weeks, i am pinging about 120 constantly. As soon as i unplug router, and hook up strait to my opt online, my ping goes back to the 20s. So i know it is the router, but what could of caused this change??? I updated...
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    SBC Yahoo Dsl with Linksys wrt54g

    I have to set up a linksys router for my sisters computer. I know nothing about them when it comes to dsl. It is sbc yahoo dsl, and i thought it would go easy, but dident. I connected the router, reset everything, and the main computer downstairs can not get on (sisters computer is going to...