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    NFS vs ISCSI?

    I'd like to get a nas to store all my large files, and replace the internal disk with an SSD. I'm just trying to figure out what would be an elegant way... NFS- would I run into problems with stuff like the iPhoto (later aperature or lightroom) library? Anything else? ISCSI- how stable is...
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    dualcore opteron on A8V

    Can anyone confirm this combo works? Thinking of getting a 165 for the A8V.
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    moving data between java servlets

    I'm working on a web application made with java servlets and sql. It has data collected from forms and stored into the database. There is also a page with a listing of all the stored stuff, and a chance to view each entry separatly. I would also like to have the ability to edit each entry...
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    Help with css

    I'm trying to figure out an elegant way to make navigation for my website. Currently I have it working using a piece of an old thing I did a few years back. The old way uses tables, not stylesheets. old way new way Is there a way to get the stylesheet to place the links with gaps...
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    java - search hardisk for a type of file

    Are there any ready tools for this? I'm making a program that should search the hardisk for all files with a certain extension (fonts), and save a list of them for further use. Anyone know what the easiest way to get started would be?
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    Java - Using not installed font?

    Is it possible to use some random font on the hardisk for printing text with a java program? The idea would be to help out some graphic designer friends who can't find an easy way to organise and find (when needed) their fonts. I'd like to make a program that scans the hardisks and makes a...
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    creating a semi-secure web server

    What kind of things should I take into consideration when doing a complete overhall on my webserver? I've had it running a small messageboard for about two years now without problems. The messageboard uses mysql and php and the computer was based on some anchient redhat distro. I never had any...
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    Java - pausing the program for a moment

    I'm working on a program that needs to load some user information from the harddisk. When the program is opened up it checks to make sure the necassary files are on the disk, and if not found (first time?) it launches a separate class with fields to enter the needed info which saves them to...
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    java ServerSocket problems

    This problem has to be a pretty simple one, but I can't get it to work. I have a program that has a server accepting connections. I first made it single threaded, and in a moments ambition decided to make it multithreaded... I managed to get it working just fine, but now I noticed that it has to...
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    Java swing help needed

    I have a software project I'm doing for university, and I just can't figure out how I could get one part of the user-interface to work. The program consists of a server, and several clients that contact the server. The clients are actually people who want to take a break from work, and the...
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    searching for something with numbers

    I often try to search for something that includes numbers, and it seems it's not allowed here. If I try to search for "zalman AND 6000" it tells me 6000 is under 4 letters... Makes finding specific info hard.
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    notebook w international warrenty

    Anybody know if there are laptops sold in the states with international warrenty? They cost about double the price here in finland, and I have friends going to the states weekly. Somehow it would feel like a waste to get one from here...
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    centrino price-cut?

    Unless I'm mistaken, intel just lowered the prices for the pentium-m processors, and the chipset used for the centrino setup. How long would it normally take for the pricecut to start showing in retail products?